Women love the great feeling they have when wearing a new designer handbag, but as any luxury item it doesnt come cheap. It costs almost a fortune and the best possible solution for anyone who values her money is to purchase a replica. This being said, we must find the most reputable merchants and while adventuring ourselves in this quest we also stop to review

The website has a pretty nice design, quite elegant and modern. Still, the big glossy pictures, perfectly chosen color scheme and sleekly appearance cannot mask the discrete mistakes, such as writing in the menu bar HERME instead of HERMES or the fact that the Search box covers a big part of the Contact Us button. It is all in the details. Even replica merchants arent spared from the negatives of not paying attention to this very important aspect.

The upper menu bar shows only four available brands, but as expected after you click on one of them, you will see on the generated page that on the left side there is quite a long list of designers. Some of the most famous purses brands are available on this online store. Additionally, each category is divided in sub-collections to help you find faster and easier the model you were looking for. It is a real shame that it does not have an option to filter the items by price because the selection is quite large and if you are limited to a certain amount of money then you will have to go through all the products regardless how relevant it is for you.

The prices of these bags vary from $80 to $320 depending on the fabric and design of the product. Basically, here you will find purses for any budget. Just so you know what you are buying, each item has a clear and inclusive description stating the size, fabric, inside/outside details, markings and hardware. This helps you greatly to understand the quality of the purse and what to expect from it. It also serves as a good guiding mark when comparing these products with similar ones from the same merchant or even from a different one.

There is no information on the website saying what type of payments it supports. The only reference it has is on the bottom of the homepage where we can see the logos for Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and JCB. Because of this I have placed a test order to see what payment options I am given. Surprisingly enough, the only available payment choice was Visa. This makes me doubt the legitimacy of the company. Why cant it just state the fact that it only takes VisaBeing transparent about your business will always help you gain customers not the other way around.

The company ships packages with EMS and the delivery is free worldwide. Furthermore, your package will reach its destination in about 7-14 business days and the order processing time is of 3 days. Of course, all orders are shipped with a tracking number which can be used to follow the progress of the shipment. So considering the fact that the delivery is free, everything else about the shipping policy sounds pretty fair to me.

All orders enjoy a 15 days return and exchange policy. This means that within the first 15 days from the delivery you have the right to send the item back if you are not happy with it, but please note that for this you first need to contact Customer Service and request the appropriate return details. Also, the costs of returning the items plus a restocking fee of 15% will be supported by the customer. Another important thing is that the refund will be issued 2 weeks after the merchant receives your returned package. So before deciding to send a product back you should really put in balance the Pros and Cons to see if it is worth the hassle.

The pictures available for these replica handbags are quite good. The quality of the image isnt very impressive, but overall the numerous photos showing the various angles and parts of the bags manage to summarize the important specifications of the purses. You can see the front, inside, bottom, handles, pockets and hardware of the products. Basically, everything that is important. The downside is that you cannot enlarge the images. Oh, I almost forgot! The name watermarked on the pictures is which is the name of another functional replica bags website. This means has stolen the photos and we cannot trust that when purchasing something from this store we will actually receive it.

The Customer Service is also a hokes. The chat button redirects you to the Contact Us page where the only available contact information is their email address, [email protected] The fact that it does not provide a reliable contact channel and that everything about its customer support is shady and not trustworthy makes you wonder what will really happen if you receive a faulty item or if you do not receive a product at all. is an online replica seller of designer handbags that provides a wide range of luxury models perfect to suit the needs of any woman passionate for fashionable purses. The reason why I doubt its liability and the existence of its business is that its pictures are copied from another store and it does not offer a reachable Customer Service. This being said I do not recommend it to anyone unless you have some friends who have bought and received products from this store.