What do you do when you want to make it obvious that you are selling replicasThats easy! You name your store Yes, thats right, girls. There really is a fake handbags website out there named like that. Talk about lack of imagination! Still, when it comes to buying our favorite designer purse online, there are many things we should consider, things that go beyond the companys name and promises. This is why today I want to review and determine just how trustworthy it is and what type of quality and services he offers. Keep reading to find out!

I will start with the design of the website. This is very important because it tells us how friendly the site is for those potential customers who enter the page for the first time, just as the structure of the site determines its usability. A quick look on the homepage unveils a very elegant, feminine and airy website. The color scheme is gray white with orange color accents. This gives it a very pleasant look that is appealing for any women interested in style and fashion. Unquestionably, the page is very friendly and easy to use.

At the top of the page there is a simple white menu bar which includes a couple of the most popular designers and a button for All Brands. There are about 30 luxury names available in this collection so I guess it is safe to say that caries an impressive range of fake luxury bags. The real challenge is to browse through these products. You cant search for a specific style by using an advanced filter or search option. The replica purses brands are indeed organized into collections, but there is no way to sort them.

The prices feel a little bit higher than the ones available on other replica bags online stores. For instance, the wallets cost about $120-$180. Thats a lot! Usually, a replica designer wallet costs $60-$90. These prices are twice times more. Also, the regular bags have prices that range between $250 and $400. Indeed, when it comes to better quality I am always prepared to pay a higher price, but this store has yet to prove me that it does offer that superior level of quality. Lets take things further and see what these knockoffs are really worth.

The product pictures are a mess, actually a huge mess. Not only that there are at least 3 different types of styles for the photos- thus meaning that the images are from 3 different sources-, but for most of the bags there are no additional pictures, there is only the main one, and some have blurry images where you cant see a thing. Instead of proving that the quality of these fake purses is good and the company is professional, the photos manage to shatter our trust. accepts payment by Visa, Mastercard and by Western Union. All orders that are paid with Western Union enjoy a 15% discount. I know when you hear about the discount you feel completed to pay this way, but it is not the most recommended way. Even though, Western Union is a worldwide used money transfer option, it implies some serious commissions and it is not as safe and reliable as card payment. As you probably know, your bank monitors each transaction you make and if anything goes wrong you can count on them to make things right.

No matter where you want the package to be delivered, there will be a flat rate shipping fee of $35 that must be paid. Comparing this delivery charge with what other companies ask for most major countries, I must say that it feels a little bit hefty. The packages are dispatched with EMS and the estimated delivery time is about 7-10 working days. Yes, a tracking number is provided, but this shipping price is almost as much as what DHL, FEDEX or UPS charge for a 2-3 days delivery. offers a 7 days refund guarantee and a 15 days exchange policy. If you got a replica bag from this store and you are not completely happy with it then do not lose time and contact the company to request the return info before the above mentioned number of days run out. All the costs generated by the process of returning the goods are not refundable. You have to pay for those. Plus, if you request a refund then the company will deduct a 5% fee and not reimburse the initial shipping fee. Another thing that I do not like is the fact that it does not say on the site if a repairs warranty is available.

The only available options for contacting is by sending an email to an Outlook account or by messaging them through the Contact Form. I dont find these two options very professional. From my point of view, any self-respecting online store must be reachable by phone and by chat. If these two options arent available then how can we solve the urgent matters concerning the replica purchaseSome of the things regarding the payment or delivery process need to be fixed on the spot and not 2 or 3 days later. has a very beautiful and friendly website, it offers delivery all around the globe, takes both card and Western Union payments, and offers a return policy, but in so many other aspects it fails to convince us that it is wise to buy one of its replica bags. And these aspects are- the high prices, the expensive shipping rates, the costly return conditions and the unprofessional customer services.