Replicas of high quality are all we need from an online fake bags store. Always, before trusting a merchant with our money we start dissecting the e-market to confirm if it is able to provide us with this degree of quality. Is able to supply us with outstanding designer pursesRead more to find out!

For an online replica bags store, has the perfect look. It shows off a very tidy and elegant layout with a white background and large colorful banners. I especially like the fact that you can drag the images from the sliding banner and jump to the next ones. On the lower part of the homepage there is a listing with the new additions and the discounted products. Everything is nicely placed and its clear to me that the whole design has been carefully planned, tested and corrected as to meet even the most demanding aesthetic requirements.

The company doesnt sell just bags. It also offers replica watches. Precisely because of this, the top menu bar was not over-crowded with brand names; instead it contains more functional and inclusive categories such as Watches, Bags, Top Brands, Special and By Collection. Browsing through all the items is easy. For finding your dream bag you simply need to start the search from the main top menu bar. So what are you waiting forJust name your favorite luxury bag and start browsing through all these beautiful imitation purses!

The bags collection is very large and diverse. This replica merchant sells only the best of the best, luxury brands that are on every major catwalk in the world. Surely, any self-respected fashionista will adore the wide pallet of imitation purses available here. Each brand is divided by functionality. For example, Gucci is organized into Wallet, Tavel Cases, Messenger Bags, Hobo Bags and Tote Bags. Also, under this very thorough classification there is an Advanced Search bar that allows you to sort the items by Gender, Color, Material, Size and Style. With all these complex sorting functions, finding the perfect replica purse is a real piece of cake.

The prices for these bags range between $70 and $400. The wallets and the small clutches cost less than $100 while the larger and more complex designs are over $200. I find these prices very fair and in concordance with the prices provided by most of the online replica merchants.

The company usually needs less than 3 business days to prepare the order for shipping. If the order is over $350 then the delivery is free of charge. All the packages are sent with EMS, DHL or UPS and a tracking number is provided.? The delivery with EMS takes about 7-14 business days while with DHL or UPS it will only take 5-8 business days. Also, the merchant assures us that almost 100% of their packages get through customs safely. I am a little bit skeptical about the accuracy of this percentage. And lastly, if the item is not received then they will investigate the issue and eventually send a replacement. provides a 10 days return policy. You can request a return or replacement only if the bag meets the following criteria: it is different than what was shown on the website, it is defective, you have received a totally different item or no item at all.

The description page is poorly made as it only presents the basic specifications for each model. Here, we are only informed of the gender, color, material and size of the purse. Important information such as the hardware, pockets, inside lining, closing system and tags are not mentioned. states that it is able to process payments by Visa, Master Card, JCB, American express, Western Union and Bank Transfer. All orders paid with Western Union and Bank Transfer benefit from a 15% discount. To test the accuracy of this statement I have added a few bags to the shopping cart and checked out. In the order form there are only three payment methods: Mastercard, Visa and Western Union. JCB, AMEX and Bank Wire are not supported. I am highly disappointed by the fact that they lied about the accepted payment options, but I am also surprised to see that they are indeed able to process Mastercard. Lately, such merchants are very rare on the market of replica products.

Of course, all the fees involved with returning a product will be paid by the customer; if initial shipping charges were paid then these are not refundable. Only the cost of the replica will be reimbursed using the same form of payment as the one used to pay for the item.

The pictures posted on the website are from two different sources. I say this because some are of medium quality, have a grayish background, the top handles are held upwards with the help of a very thin, but visible thread and the long detachable belts are placed inside of a cheap plastic bag. The other types of photos are of a superior clarity with a white background, impeccable from any angle.? What all these have in common is the incorrect store name watermarked on all the pictures:

In the bottom side of the page there is the Customer Service working hours and I have also noticed that they are opened on Saturday and Sunday. Judging by this, I seriously believed that the company is able to provide some professional communication channels such as phone or live chat. Unfortunately, my expectations are very far from reality. can only be reached by email at a very unprofessional and unsecure Gmail account: [email protected] The only logical conclusion is that almost in all cases, appearances can be deceiving. seems like the perfect place for buying a beautiful replica designer bag, but as any fake bags merchant it has its downsides. The website looks professional and secure, the collection is very inclusive, the prices are affordable, the delivery is fast and a 10 days return policy is available. Till now everything sounds terrific. We start doubting its liability when we see that there is no description for the products, the pictures seem to be copied from other websites, it lies about being able to accept JCB, AMEX and Bank Wire payments, returning a product involves very high costs and the customer service is hard to reach.