Admit it, ladies! When it comes to our passion for fashion and style, handbags have a very special place in our wardrobe. These super-chic accessories have the unique ability of totally transforming our look while offering sophisticated solutions for carrying all our daily essentials. Its no wonder that women are so fascinated by the idea of owning luxury purses. We want refinement, quality and a breath-taking design, and these are usually the key characteristics of a designer bag. The only thing that stands between us and our dream bag is the ridiculously high price.

Fortunately, the Internet is full with offers for very authentic looking luxury replica bags at very affordable prices. As long as you invest a little time into research you can get your very own Louis Vuitton, Prada or Hermes purse with just a couple hundred dollars. For instance, Pursevip.com is one of the online stores that promise to offer superior quality, authentic looking design and affordable prices to all those women out there who are in the search of the perfect fake designer handbag. But words are no guarantee so we must find out by ourselves if the company is really that good so follow me as I review Pursevip.com

First of all, the website looks very good. It is that kind of page that is very airy, elegant and friendly without trying too much. It has a simple white background, a wide sliding banner, a plain white top menu bar and a few sponsored products in the bottom of the page. Normally, from the beginning you are tempted to believe that this is a professional company and a very good source for beautiful handbags. Plus, the simplicity of the site enhances its usability.

Pursevip.com doesnt carry just fake bags. This store has many other types of accessories in its collection- both for women and men. Some of its important product categories are bags, wallets, shoes and belts. With just 11 available designer brands, the company manages to offer us a very diversified and inclusive collection of luxury accessories. Here, you have pretty much everything you need for complementing your style with elegance and sophistication.

Each brand category is organized into sub-categories, such as Women Handbags, Women Wallets, Men Bags, Men Wallets, and each one of these sub-categories is divided into collections that carry the same name as the original ones- Monogram Canvas, Damier Canvas, Monogram Vernis. Plus, there is a simple search filter that allows you to sort the products by Category and Price. All these make it so much easier for us to find the style of bag which interests us.

I consider the price of these replica bags a little bit high than the average price available on the market. For example, the wallets cost about $100-$150. This is a pretty staggering price for just a wallet. There are numerous other stores where you can buy a bag with this money. On a different note, the purses here cost about $160-$500. The handbags range from $160 to $300 while the travel bags are priced at $300-$500.

The website has very nice product pictures for all its fake handbags. The images are very clear and beautiful, but there are only 2 additional photos per knockoff. I consider that it would have been nice if it had more additional pictures so we can see all the important design details of these luxury fake purses.

Pursevip.com ships packages to any country in the world. And there are two shipping options available- Free Shipping with regular mail and a 10 to 25 business days delivery or Standard shipping with EMS for $25 and a 4 to 10 business days shipping time. I, for one, prefer to pay the $25 and get the package sooner than get free delivery and wait a month or more to get something that I have already paid for.

Regarding the available payment methods, the company takes credit card payments by Visa, Mastercard and JCB. I have to admit that I always prefer to pay with my card when I buy stuff online, but I just dont feel that secure about ordering from a company that takes only card payments and no alternative methods, like Western Union or Bank Wire.

Pursevip.com offers a 30 days money back guarantee for all its replica handbags. There are only a few companies out there that offer such an extended return time so we really got to appreciate this policy. In 30 days you have a lot of time to inspect the product and see if it is what you were expecting or not. If it isnt then you should contact the company and request the return details so you can send it back for a refund or exchange.

Unfortunately, this replica handbags online store does not know what good customer service is all about. A self-respecting company should attend the needs of its customers by phone, email and chat. This site does not offer any of these communication options. It only has a Contact Form on its page from where you can send your questions and wait until it replies.

Pursevip.com is one of those fake purse sites that impresses with a professional design, a large and diversified range of products, a 30 days money back guarantee and free world wide delivery. Still, there are some reasons of concern when it comes to its products and services, like the poor customer services, the limited array of payment options and the slightly higher prices.