My Designer Handbag Wishlist for 2017

Hi dolls!

Hope your 2017 has been rolling well so far. Mine has been rolling beautifully so far, and I hope this is the year where we as a world see some more peace, and less pain out there! My New Years resolution aside from trying to get healthier, is to have an even more fashionable year than 2016, so I thought Id start off my first post of the year with a wish list for bags this year!

These are the top six bags I am hoping to score this year (either as replicas or authenticwhatever I can find/afford). Im looking forward to sharing more reviews with everyone this year. Take a look at my wish list below and let me know in the comments what bags you are hoping to personally score this year, and how your keeping up with your New Years resolution so far.

  1. Louis Vuitton Vosges MM

On the Louis Vuitton site this is what they say about the bag: The Vosges bag presents a supple yet structured shape. Its refined design will enhance every elegant silhouette. The Rose Fizzy Braided detail is a playful hint to the Couture spirit of the House and the contrast of colors adds a luminous touch to the bold Kaki bag.

I LOVE this bag. I generally love the Empreinte leather collection from LV, and the color and style of this particular bag give a very romantic vibe off to me so Im hoping to add this bag to my collection in 2017.

2. Cline Luggage Phantom in Medium

Fashion week is always so exciting because of all the new designs we get to see from all of our favorite designers. The second I laid my eyes on this Cline Phantom Luggage from their 2017 Spring collection I instantly fell in love. Those diamond shaped cut outs really make the bag stand out, and I really love how much of a statement piece this bag is. Fingers crossed a good replica manufacturer reproduces this bag!

3. Yves Saint Laurent Monogram Shoulder Bag

I love the lines on this bag, and also the red! Yes another red bagbut hey Im trying to be adventurous this year and red is my go to color! I especially love the contrast between the gold hardware and the red leather.

4. Hermes Kelly 32cm

Ive always wanted the Kelly pictured above in that exact leather and hardware color combo. This is the year Im hoping my dreams will come true!

5. Chloe Drew Bag

The Chloe Drew bag has been on my wishlist since 2016 (unfortunately I never snagged it last year), but its a new year, and this is the year Im hoping to make this bag mine! I especially love the suede/smooth calfskin leather comboit is adorable! It fits in with the general hippy-chic look that is so popular now, and I think it would be wonderful to wear out casually while running my daily errands!

6. Mulberry Bayswater

I love the practical yet sophisticated look of this bag. I have yet to own any Mulberry bag so Im hoping to get my feet wet into this brand this year with one of their most popular bags a.k.a the Bayswater!