is a classy, simple and fine looking website that delights us from the first moment we set our eyes on it. Its design is impeccable and definitely very appealing for any woman who is passionate about expensive designer handbags. So, ladies, be prepared to feast yourselves with ones of the most beautiful replica purses you have seen so far. Hermes, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci or FendiYou name it! This online store is determined to style you up with the latest designer handbags.

The top menu bar seems to provide only six brands, but after clicking on any one of them, a left side list of available brands appears and it reveals over a dozen of other luxury designers. From what I have noticed every one of these brands is divided into sub-collections which allow an easier browsing along the very impressive number of purses provided by this replica seller.? Sadly, there is no filter or advanced search option to display just the price range or type of designs that interest you. You just have to navigate through the whole collection.

Surprisingly, the prices are in GBP. As there is no way to filter the items by price, after browsing the collections for more than 10 minutes I have concluded that the smaller and simpler designs start at 70 GBP while the complicated and larger ones can cost up to 250 GBP. The description page for each one of these replica handbags reveals an amateur language very far from how any UK based company would express the characteristics of its products. Still, it manages to summarize the essentials of its purses and to provide a clear picture of the quality you will be getting when purchasing one these items. provides a 7-9 days worldwide delivery by EMS. Please note that the order processing time is at least two days for in stock orders. If your item is not available, even though the website showed it as being in stock when you placed the order, you will be contacted ASAP so you can choose another product. Of course, all packages are shipped with a tracking number and the delivery is guaranteed. Are you curious to know what the shipping charges areWell, despite the fact that on all the product description pages it says that the delivery is FREE worldwide; you will discover that this is not actually true. At checkout, you will be informed that the shipping fee is about $30 for most major countries.

You will surely notice that on the bottom of the homepage there is a wide list of icons with the available payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Carte Bleu, Western Union and Paypal. Well, this is another lie. The only payment option it supports is Visa. This too will be discovered only upon checkout when you are requested to fill in your Visa card information. This is a very questionable payment policy and I am a little bit reluctant towards trusting a company that intentionally misleads us.

The company provides a refund and an exchange policy which applies to any of its replica designer handbags. If you have received an item from this company and you are not happy with it then you need to contact customer service immediately and ask for the return details. Additionally, you can choose between a refund and an exchange. However, it does not say within how many days from the delivery you have the right to return the products. Also, it does not say if it provides a repair warranty.

My first impulse was to praise the quality of the photos and the attention towards showing all the essential details of the handbags. This was until I noticed the different names watermarked on the pictures, names that do not match with the name of the company. Mainly, there are two different names stamped on the photographs of the purses and these names are and I wasnt able to find on none of these pictures. So in spite of the statement present on all product description pages, the photos were not taken in the studio of and most probably do not belong to this company.

What I can tell you for sure is that wants us to believe that it provides actual customer service, but what you will absolutely not be able to find on this website is a way to directly and instantly contact the company. On the homepage there is a live chat button which does not work. It redirects you to the Contact Us page where no telephone number is listed. It only includes an email address and a Contact Form. Furthermore, the email account is a Gmail one, [email protected], which looks highly unprofessional and does not provide any type of security regarding its content. is an online store which carries a wide selection of high end replica designer handbags. At a first glance it looks like the perfect place where to shop for beautiful and luxurious purses, but it may actually be one of the many replica merchants that will not deliver what it promises. Without a reliable customer service, clear return and warranty policy and alternative payment methods, its customers may end up regretting their purchases. So if you dont know anyone who has bought from this website or if you have never received a response from their customer service department then you might want to reconsider ordering from this company.