Cheapmkbagstore is meant for those who are familiar and in love with the beautiful handbags designed by Michael Kors, but also for those who simply adore the uniqueness of classic American purses regardless of their name tag. And, indeed, Michael Kors is one of the best designers within the USA and one of the few in the world who can recreate the stylishness and cosmopolitanism of the classic American bag.

The design of the website suggests that iconic American vintage look that we all know and love. In an appealing way it simulates the elegance and style of classic movie stars. It is like with any replica bag you order from this store you also receive a secret kit that will turn you into a glamorous and sophisticated appearance.?? The webpage is not very complex and it features just the right dosage of tabs, banners, interactive features and sponsored products. It manages to keep an overall elegant and professional look and, after all, this is the thing that matters most.

The main upper menu presents the basic and most important sections of the website: Home, All Category, All Arrivals, New Arrivals and Contact Us. You have probably noticed that it should say All Categories instead of All Category- an error which shows the lack of elemental English knowledge or the absence of any interest towards reviewing and correcting their webpage. Either way, it slowly starts the shattering process for the image of this company. Further on, when you roll the mouse over the All Category button it reveals a slide down product menu including all the available Michael Kors bags collections. There are numerous categories and each one includes a large number of beautiful replica purses that will surely steal the hearts of many fashionistas out there.

These imitation Michael Kors handbags are actually very affordable. After reviewing almost all the collections I have noticed that the price range is somewhere between $80 and $90. This is quite cheap for a luxury replica purse. Also, while browsing the categories I was disappointed to see that there is no way to filter or search through the items. If you are looking for something in particular then you will just have to go through all the products until you find it.

The actual deception was to discover that the description page of almost every product contained randomly pasted information that had nothing to do with what we were shown in the photos. For example, the color did not match with the one in the images, the handles were a totally different style, the number and type of pockets were always off and if the description said it had a logo charm then the photos displayed a bag that did not feature this type of detail. This really makes you wonder how your product will look like when you order from this company.

On the payment page the company states that it accepts card payments, Paypal and Western Union. Still it doesnt say what type of credit card companies it can process so I just had to place a test order to find out. The thing is that after Checkout it says that it supports Visa, Mastercard, JCB and AMEX. No other payment options are provided, such as Paypal or Western Union. Additionally, after clicking on the Review and Confirm button, the payment form page does not load. I have tried it three times and I wasnt able to access that page. It must be just a temporary error as there is no other payment choice and by choosing credit card is the only way of submitting an order on this website.

All packages are shipped with EMS and a tracking number is provided. It takes about 3 business days to prepare the items for dispatch and the delivery time is about 7 business days. The best part is that all orders are ensured during shipping for their full purchase amount. Furthermore, the delivery is free worldwide. The shipping policy sounds quite fair considering the fact that all packages are ensured during delivery and that there is no shipping fee.

The return and exchange policy is a little bit too abusive from my point of view. This is because the company states it cannot process returns or exchanges if the customer does not like the items, basically if he is not satisfied with them. Then what is the point of an exchange and return policyIn the essence, you can only send the products back if these are faulty. In this case, you, the customer will have to support the shipping and handling charges plus the 5% restocking fee that will be deducted from the refunded amount. This means that you end up losing quite a considerable amount of money, plus time and nerves. Is it really worth it

The pictures are quite good and clear, but the low side is that the website only lists 2-3 photos per items. Some products, such as the clutches, only have the main photo. Given the fact that the number of images is kept to a minimum, there are only a few details you can confirm when looking at the pictures. Most photos only show the front and the inside lining while only a few expose the side part and bottom of the bag. You can also enlarge the photos to observe the particularities of each product.

The company can be contacted only through a Contact Form included on the website. There is no other contact information available. This is one of things that make me question the liability of any online company. You know a company is serious about its business only when it puts every effort in easing the access of its customers to the customer care department. is one of the many online replica merchants of designer handbags that appeals to our sense of fashion with glamorous designs to which we simply cannot resist. The Pros I was able to find about its business and products were: the affordable prices and the free worldwide delivery with insurance and a tracking number. Unfortunately the Cons are more than expected: incorrect descriptions, payment processing errors, not accepting to refund or exchange an order when the customer does not like the products and the absence of an effective contact channel. My conclusion is that buying from may turn out to be a pretty risky decision.