So, ladies, where do we find the best replica pursesHow do we locate those beautiful imitation handbags that take our breath away without completely emptying our pocketsI came across a new online store of designer bags and I invite you to discover together if it has what it takes to become our number one source of luxury replica purses.

First of all, when you try to access it redirects you to is an Internet handbags store that seems to have a nice and soft design, with white, grayish and red accents. The whole layout, color scheme and banners are coherent and manage to put together a pretty lovely appearance. It has just the right look for appealing to the uncontrollable fashion sense of any purse passionate woman while maintaining the basis for a professional and formal online store.

The company features only the best of the best: Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Gucci, Hermes, Miu Miu, Burberry, Fendi Versace and DG. With just nine available brands I guess it is safe to say that the collection is actually not that rich.? At least, this makes the whole shopping session a lot shorter and easier. You either find what you were looking for or you dont! It would have really been this easy if the website had worked correctly.

On the numerous different occasions I tried to browse this online store I have experienced serious problems regarding the very long loading times. Furthermore, the pictures did not load every time I tried to access a category or a product page. Sometimes the images would load instantly and sometimes it wouldnt load at all. It was like a lottery. I was very disappointed by this. How are you supposed to buy something online when the website isnt working properlyI mean, you cant even see the pictures of what you are trying to buy! I really hope they are doing something for fixing this problem.

All categories are divided into sub-collections to make it easier for us to find the model we are looking to buy. ?Still, on the website there is no filter or advanced search option to sort the items according to our preferences. After going through the categories and reviewing the prices, I have concluded that these vary from $100 up to $250 depending on the fabric, size and design of the bag. According to the descriptions, makes its bags from PU, canvas or real leather. Naturally, the leather ones are the more expensive products from the menu.

On the bottom of the homepage you can see countless of logos for card payments, one for Western Union and another one for Paypal even though on the FAQ page it says that the only accepted payment options are Visa and Mastercard. At this point I was very skeptical about the whole payment policy and I needed to see on my own which method was really supported on the Order Form. It turns out that after you Check Out from the Shopping Cart you only have one option of paying for your purchase and this option is Visa. I honestly feel very hesitant about entering my card details on a replica online store and wouldnt recommend anyone doing something like this.

Orders are being shipped with EMS or DHL. Additionally, the company claims to provide FREE worldwide delivery. Well, this is not true. On the Order Form you are asked if you prefer to have your package delivered with EMS for $20 or with DHL for $30. The usual order processing time is 1-2 days and the delivery time varies on the destination country. Orders sent to Europe take about 5-7 business days to arrive while orders sent to USA, Australia and other major countries take 10 business days.

Refunds are accepted within the first 14 days from the delivery no questions asked. So if you are not happy with the items you have purchased then immediately contact customer service and make sure you send it back before those first 14 days are up. Please note, the return costs are the customers responsibility and the refund will be issued only after the returned package is received. And most important, the initial shipping costs are not refundable. An exchange can be processed only if the merchandise is defective or damaged in which case you also must return it within the first 14 days from the delivery and face all the shipping costs associated with this. What I absolutely do not like is the fact that it doesnt say anything about a repairs warranty and frankly I think that if the item breaks after two weeks of receiving it then you are stuck with it.

The pictures are of high quality as on some of them you can even see scratches, glue or other imperfections. There is no point in arguing this; the clarity of these images is indeed very good. The problem is that on the photos listed by for its bags you will find the following watermarks:, or None says or This only shows that the images were copied from other sites and that these are not of the merchandise being sold here. To be honest, I seriously doubt the legitimacy of this website: aka

The company can be contacted by Contact Form and by email at [email protected] It doesnt provide a contact phone number or a live chat option. Additionally, it claims to provide around the clock customer care, still it adds that emails are usually answered in about 24 hours.

We all know that buying replicas online can be very tricky. Maybe, risky is a better word for it. There are a lot of scams out there and we need to be careful. After reviewing all its policies, its website, pictures and services I must say that doesnt inspire me any confidence. I just dont feel that I can trust a company that uses copied products photos, has serious issues regarding the functionality and responsiveness of its website, lies about its accepted payment options and about providing FREE delivery, doesnt offer a repairs warranty or reliable customer services. MY advice is to stay away from this company.