For a stylish city gal heaven is where all her favorite designer handbags are. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermes, Gucci and Chanel are just a few of the brands that amaze us every season with extremely gorgeous new purses. But no matter how much we love these luxury products, most often these are too expensive for a regular paycheck. As an alternative, there are hundreds of replica handbags online stores that offer very beautiful imitations at a fraction of what the original item costs. is one of the online shops where you can indulge yourself with your favorite purses. But before getting carried away, lets see if it is the right place for ordering replica bags online.

The homepage of is a little bit too overwhelming. The color scheme is white and dark red- colors that are defining for the LV brand. There are also numerous promotional banners and sponsored products. The actual visual problem is with the numerous promotional banners in all sizes and colors that are included on the page. These create the impression of a very unprofessional website that is incredibly difficult to use and browse.

The menu is located on the top of the page and it has a very simple design. It is slim, colored in a brownish-red and it includes buttons only for the most popular brands available. Judging just by the menu, it seems like this company does not offer that many replica bags names, but once you click on one of them a new page loads where you have the full list of brands. The offer is pretty inclusive and diversified, but Louis Vuitton seems to be its main category as it includes over 1,600 different models. Unfortunately, browsing this category will turn out to be an impossible task as there is no Advanced Search available. The brand is only divided into sub-categories.

These replica bags are decent priced. For instance, the wallets cost no more than $100, the small bags like clutches are about $100-$150, the medium size purses are $150- $250 and the larger products cost over $250. The prices are influenced by size, materials, complexity and popularity of the design.

You dont have to be an expert to realize that the pictures posted on this website are not taken in the companys studio. The quality of the images is terrible. Plus, these are obviously taken from numerous different sources. From product to product, the quality of the image, the background and the photographic style varies. Some photos have a white background while others use a carpet, a table, a curtain, flowers or books as dcor. This only makes me think that the merchant is highly unprofessional and that you cant believe that what is shown in the images is what will actually be delivered to you. offers 3 payment choices to all of its customers. These options are announced from the shopping cart where it says that when you pay by Western Union you get a Free LV Mini Pochette Trunk Bags, when you pay with Moneygram you get a Free LV Mini Pochette Trunk Bags and, naturally, for card payments there is no offer available. While you are still on the shopping cart page, you are asked to select the desired payment method. Funny thing, I tried selecting credit card and it did not work. It kept asking me to choose a payment method; Only Western Union and Money Gram could be selected. Also, it did not say which credit card types are supported.

The company is able to deliver your package to any country in the world for a flat rate shipping fee of $20. The delivery company used for dispatching the order is EMS and the estimated delivery time is about 7-14 business days. A tracking number is available for following the status of your package. Unfortunately, on the site there was no option for Express delivery like UPS, FEDEX or TNT. For me, 7-14 business days feels like a lot of time for waiting for your replica bags order.

Every time you are considering buying a product online you first need to check the stores return policy. You need to be sure that in the event you are not fully satisfied with the purchase you can at least send it back for a full refund. Luckily, offers a 14 days refund guarantee, but this policy has its ups and downs. For instance, they will accept the order if you simply do not like it, but all the return costs must be paid by you and there is also a $30 restocking fee. It doesnt say a thing about having a repairs warranty or anything that would protect the satisfaction of your purchase after the first 14 days run out. isnt the kind of replica bags online store that knows how to ensure customer satisfaction. I say this because in this line of business, communication is everything. If you cant get a hold of the company that sold you a product then how can you fix whatever problems you may have with itUnfortunately, this merchant does not offer phone, email or chat services. You can contact its representatives only by sending a message through a form included in the Contact Us page.

As with all fake purse e-stores, you cant get everything right. There are pros and there are cons. In this case, allures us with decent prices, a large collection of replica bags, special promotions and a 14 days refund guarantee. Sadly, the negative sides are too many to be ignored- product pictures copied from numerous other sources, not working card payments and expensive return policy.