How can you make the difference between a reputable replica store and one that is faking itHow can you tell if companies such as are trustworthy or just very skillful at pretending to be a reliable source of high quality imitation pursesThere are a few indicators for the reputability of a fake purses company and you will find all of them below.

I am very fond of online stores that seem to be aware of how important it is to have a nice looking website. Luckily, is one of these companies. It has a very fresh, clean and modern webpage. Its appealing design reveals a wide sliding banner that features some of the latest designs, a very simple menu bar and a white background. This online store is a plain as it gets, but in a good way. Its basic appearance is balanced by the high usability and elegant details.

The company sells bags, belts and shoes. Obviously, its collection is very diverse and it manages to include numerous famous designers, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Hermes and Prada. Many others are available in the menu bar, and each brand is nicely divided into sub-collections. When you roll the cursor over one of the categories, you see a large list of sub-collections unfold. From here, you can very easily start browsing the desired products.

Each collection features many different models, some of the bestselling designs to ever be launched on the market. Also, these are very numerous, but there is no advanced filter to retrieve just the replicas that meet your budget and design requirements. The only thing we can do is to sort the items by price or by name and go through all of them until we find the most suitable ones.

Most replica bags available at are very affordable. A large part of the purses cost about $160-$250. The ones that are pricier are the larger luggage bags and these cost about $300-$500 depending on the size, number of zippers and pockets. From my point of view, these imitations have very decent prices considering their quality and design accuracy.

The description page of these replica bags is very nicely constructed. It is a very comprehensive, and it represents a detailed presentation of the most important particularities, functions, materials and aesthetic embellishments of these knockoffs. All of them are very well organized and explained as to offer a clean and reliable description of the quality available for these imitation purses.

On the bottom of the page it says that the accepted payment methods are Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, but on the Payment page it says that it can process only Visa, Mastercard and Western Union, where Western Union orders get a 15% discount. Only that, after checking out, the Order Form shows two options: Card Payment Option 1 and Card Payment Option 2 without saying what each one means. This is very unprofessional and I feel that not respecting the statements you make on the website about the available payment options is a clear sign that your company cannot be trusted.

If the order is over $89 then the store can offer free delivery by registered mail and in this case the estimated delivery time is 15-30 business days. That is a lot of time to be waiting for a replica bag thinking whether you will ever going to receive it and if it is the quality is good or not. If the order is less than $89 then the shipping fee is $20. If you want to speed up the delivery and receive the order by UPS in 4 to 10 days then you can pay an extra charge of $25. This will ensure the speedy and safe delivery of your order as well as a tracking number for it so you can follow its progress online.

It seems that the company offers a 60 days refund and replacement warranty. The only accepted reasons are quality defects. If you are not happy with some aesthetic details of the replica then the company will not accept your return. Furthermore, all return fees must be paid by the customer. The refund will be issued using the same payment method as for the initial transaction. There is no word about offering a repairs warranty and before ordering a replica bag from this company, I recommend that you check with them what happens if the bag breaks after the first 60 days.

The images are very clear and of very high quality, but each replica has only one or maximum two pictures. These do not have a watermark and show only the front side of the bag and the inside. I like the fact that you can zoom in on the photo and see the finer details. Still, this does not compensate for the fact that it does not have more pictures showing the different sides of the bags, as well as the various interior compartments, zippers and tags.

The company fails to pass as a reputable and professional retailer of high end designer replica handbags and this is mainly because of the poor customer service it has. A reliable store knows the value of customer service and it invests time and effort into supplying a customer care department that is available by phone, email and live chat. These communication channels are essential for keeping an open and close relationship with your customer and potential shoppers. The website does not have a contact phone number, a company email address or a chat button. It only offers the option of sending a message using the Contact Form available on the website or sending an email at a very unprofessional Gmail account.

When you are dealing with online replica merchants, it is very easy to be fooled by a pretty looking website, low prices, beautiful pictures and the promise of free delivery. Usually, only upon a close look you discover that the free shipping means a slow delivery time, the beautiful pictures show only a side of the bag, but not the numerous other angles, and the pretty looking website is meant to compensate the lack of customer service, the incoherent payment policy and the unfair return guarantee. Before you order, pay attention to all the details and this will protect you from all the possible risks of ordering a replica online.