Replicaseshop is one of the online sellers of replica handbags that does not impress me with its looks. Honestly, its appearance seems pretty amateur, but with a nice glam touch. Its whole design is based on a white and black color scheme with grayish embellishments. Another thing I have noticed right from the start is the motto from the top left side of the home page saying Lucky Replicas.? Basically, the main idea is that youre in luck because you wont find purses like these ones anywhere else. Well, thats what they all say so lets check it out!

The collection is very selective and it only includes a few of the famous handbags brands available on the market. Ladies, here you will find only the most reputable purse designers. Frankly, this is probably for the best as it does ease very much a gals shopping session. Even though there is no way to filter the products, browsing the items is quite smooth due to the very thorough classification. For example, brands that include numerous subcategories such as Gucci, Hermes and Louis Vuitton are divided into easy to browse collections. In a jiffy and with just a few clicks you will always find what you were looking for.

The prices of these replicas are pretty reasonable and vary depending on the fabric, design and brand of the bag. Most items cost about $200, but for some of the Hermes Birkin models you may have to pay close to $400. In my opinion, it is a fair price for a well-made replica designer handbag.

What I have notice while browsing through these imitation purses is that most of them do not have a proper description. You are only informed that each product comes with a serial and model number, a care booklet, a dust bag, cards and tags; and it also states the size of the bag. It doesnt say anything about the type of fabric used or about the quality of the hardware. I find this lack of information as a highly unprofessional approach and a total disregard towards the needs of its customers.

So lets say you have found your dream bag on, how do you pay for itThe supported payment methods are Western Union, Visa, Mastercard, and JCB. The interesting part is that the company advises us to use Visa or JCB as Mastercard has a high rate of refusals, and additionally it recommends to its customers to choose Western Union as payment method as outside North America most card payments are rejected. ??Bottom line, they prefer Western Union.

Depending on how much time you are prepared to wait for your order to arrive, you can choose to have it shipped with EMS which takes about 5-10 business days or with DHL/UPS which both take about 3-7 business days. I dont know how you get to choose the type of Delivery Company for your package considering that shipping is free to most major countries. My guess is that all orders are actually shipped with the cheapest method available which is EMS and, obviously, from China.

We all know that when youre shopping online there is a high chance that you wont be getting what you have pictured. So what do you do if you dont like the replica handbag you have purchased from Replicaseshop.comThe company claims to offer a 7 days return policy, but also informs us that a $30 handling and shipping fee will be deducted from the refunded amount. Also, highly important: contact the seller before you return it! Otherwise you may have the surprise of finding out that your return has been refused.

The photos are very good and clear. All items are photographed from all angles as to show the accuracy of the design. Parts such as the handles, zippers, pockets, bottom and inside are carefully presented with the obvious purpose of showing how accurate and beautiful these replica handbags really are. Additionally, you also have the option of enlarging the photos and viewing more distinctively all the important details of each product.

I wasnt able to find a phone number or an email address on this website. I have turned it upside down in the search of some actual contact information, but none was found. The only way of getting a hold of this company is through a contact form. I dont find this type of communication method quite reliable and, at least from my point of view, it raises a serious question mark regarding the liability of this company. is an online seller of designer replica handbags that allures us with an impressive collection of beautiful purses that would steal the heart of any style-conscious woman. Here you will find only the most prestigious brands in the world at a quite decent price. Whenever you are in the search of an exquisite handbag you can always check out this great online collection.

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