There is a New Bags Site on the World Wide Web which awaits us to discover its fabulous designer replica handbags, an online store which allures us with the most lavishing imitations. This e-shop may turn out to be just the right merchant for styling up this seasons wardrobe so lets check it out!

The design of is pretty simplistic with its white and red color scheme, basic menu bars and clean look. The accent isnt on numerous flashy and crowded promotional banners. It only has one center banner and the rest of the space on the Homepage is filled with tidy and well organized sponsored products. Browsing and shopping on this website seems to be quite easy and smooth as everything is kept to a minimum. All the unnecessary distractions have been intentionally left out. Now, ladies, everything we have to do is to enjoy this luxurious shopping spree.

The upper menu bar is perfectly integrated in the design of the website and it is also quite simple and easy to use. It only includes three brands: Miu Miu, Mulberry and Hermes while the left side menu bar lists far more designer names. The collection is pretty inclusive and it features the worlds most famous handbags manufacturers. Furthermore, each brand reveals a large number of available designs and, to be more exact, a couple hundreds. Browsing through all these products may turn out to be a real test of endurance as not all the categories are divided into sub-collections and there is no way of filtering or searching for the desired styles. You basically need to browse them page by page.

I find these purses a little bit too pricey. Indeed, the prices vary depending on the design, fabric and size of the bag, but, still, the less expensive ones are $200 while the costly models are almost $550. This high price for a replica purse would justify only if the quality of the product was truly outstanding. Of course, this can be confirmed only upon the actual receipt of the package. Until then we have to give it the benefit of the doubt.

The product description page is very informative and, clearly, very carefully planned. It summarizes all the important specifications of each replica bag. Details such as size, color, fabric, handles, logos, zip and hardware are mentioned and described with quite comprehensive terms. Still, the lining seems to be the only part that was left out for most if these high quality purses. Also, everything written in the description matches the product we see in the photos.

The unbelievable part about this website is that it doesnt have links to the informative pages such as Payment, Shipping, Return/ Exchange and other similar pages. It only includes links to the products. No matter how hard you search you will not find this type of information nowhere on this store. Regarding the accepted payment methods, the bottom of the page shows the logos for Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, American Express and Discover, but this is not entirely true. When placing an order, after Reviewing and Confirming it you are redirected to the payment form page where only Visa is available.? This whole policy regarding the secrecy of its accepted payment options makes me doubt that your credit card information is actually secure with this merchant. I wouldnt trust it with my Visa details.

Also when placing a test order online I have noticed that the shipping fee is $0. I have tried selecting several countries and for each one the delivery costs were $0. The downside is that the webpage doesnt say anything about the shipping companies used to dispatch the items, if there is a tracking number available and how much time does it take to receive the purchase. Again, not stating this on your online store makes your customers doubt your legitimacy.

The pictures are very good. There are numerous photos posted for every single bag and the clarity of the images is quite high. The photographer has made sure to capture every angle, detail and particularity of each product and to present it as nicely as possible. The images show sturdy real leather, finely crafted hardware and perfectly replicated logos and tags. Judging just by these pictures you are convinced that when ordering from you will be receiving the highest possible quality for an imitation designer handbag. The photos manage to prove that the quality of the purses is one superior to most replica companies present on the market.

The Contact Us page provides us with a contact form and additionally informs us that we can also send our inquiries to the customer service department using the email address [email protected] I am not very keen on companies that do not provide a phone number and that do not have an email address with a domain part matching the websites address. When using a Hotmail account the company shows that it isnt professional enough and also not dedicated to investing in the security of the information emailed by their customers. is one of the few Internet based replica companies that provides such nicely made photos of its products, photos that manage to expose an unbelievably high quality for its imitation handbags. Despite all this, I wouldnt recommend to anyone placing an order here until he manages to communicate with the Customer Care department to confirm that it does provide a return and exchange policy, that it offers secure payment choices and the details regarding its delivery policy.

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