Chanel Real VS Replica Identification Guide

Can you tell which is real and which is fakeKeep in mind the lighting makes the bags colors look slightly different but both are equally black in person!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to do a quick post sharing what to look for when shopping for a Chanel handbag to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck when shopping for an authentic or fake new, or used, or replica purse. Firstly Id like to start off by saying Chanel is a very hard to find replica as the parent company actively seeks out any replica sellers who sell their products (and when you see the superfakes you will understand why) as they want to stop the devaluation train for Chanel. This is completely fair and I would do the same if I were Chanel as well.

I do however want to start with a few gripes I have with them, as a Chanel purse lover. Firstly dear Chanel why do you no longer coat your hardware with 24k goldAs a serious Chanel lover and collector I can say that there is a significant decline in quality within the Chanel brand over the years as they seemed to have lowered their production standards. I highly recommend well kept vintage bags that have the gold coating as these bags are in my opinion from a Chanel era in which quality was at the top of their priorities. Anyways enough chit chat. This guide is meant to give you a glimpse at a comparison between an authentic and replica Chanel with tips for spotting fake bags which have been very poorly constructed.

One thing I would like to say before providing this information is that Chanel replica manufacturers have been getting increasingly accurate to the point that I have heard many stories about fake Chanels being returned to authentic boutiques, which is really scary if you are dropping a couple of thousands on what you hope will be a real bag. Overall remember to be vigilant even if shopping in an authentic boutique! Take a look at the guide, and I hope it helps everyone out there!

When looking at the first photo I am sure a lot of people were confusedarent both bags realWell they arent. These pictures feature a superfake Chanel being compared to an authentic so the subtleties are more minute and harder to spot, but I thought it would be worth showing! I will do another guide soon that outlines the really bad Chanel fakes I encourage you to burn if you see in person, on the spot, since they totally misconstrue the beauty of the originals, and are a total disgrace to Miss Cocos designs.

The replica looks a bit more puffy since it is newer compared to the used jumbo pictured right. Overly puffy bags are a sign of a fake Chanel however this comes down to the number of stitches! All Chanel bags (authentic and superfake) look a bit more puffy (but not overly) when new because they havent been subjected to the use and abuse of being worn on a daily basis! Ill add a picture of the superfake Chanel jumbo once it has reached a point of use comparable to the authentic bag on the right!

A shot of the bottom of the bags. Make sure if you are shopping for a jumbo that there is a stitch down the middle otherwise you are dealing with a terrible fake.

The interior Cs are very important! In very poor Chanel replicas you will see very strange stitching that is either too skinny or too fat. The bag on the right is an authentic Chanels stitching while the bag on the left is a superfake that gets it close enough (the cameras angle for the photo makes it look a little strange however).

Depending on the production period of the bag a lighter or darker interior can be expected. What you should pay attention to inside the flap is the leather qualityif it seems fake or non-genuine leather then you are dealing with a bad replica my friends.

The interior hologram sticker is always a give away with a replica. Make sure to really pay attention to this if shopping on auction sites for a used authentic purse as the Chinese models usually have a standard number (10218184) that they use. However I have heard of cases of custom stickers being printed so once again be vigilant!

The hardware on the right is that of an authentic bag. The one on the left is the hardware of the superfake. As you can see both are equally well done. The heaviness of the hardware is a key giveaway to the authenticity of the bag. Once again many vintage pieces are coated with real gold for authentic Chanels, however their newer lines are not, and no replicas are coated with gold.

The fashionphile ad I used to compare the replica and authentic. As you can see the bag is going for $5250 on fashionphile, while the supefake cost 1/10th of that.

Overall I hope this guide is helpful and makes everyone a wiser shopper when looking for Chanel whether it be online or in person as you are looking to drop down a lot of money on these beauties so make sure it is worth it!

My Designer Handbag Wishlist for 2017

Hi dolls!

Hope your 2017 has been rolling well so far. Mine has been rolling beautifully so far, and I hope this is the year where we as a world see some more peace, and less pain out there! My New Years resolution aside from trying to get healthier, is to have an even more fashionable year than 2016, so I thought Id start off my first post of the year with a wish list for bags this year!

These are the top six bags I am hoping to score this year (either as replicas or authenticwhatever I can find/afford). Im looking forward to sharing more reviews with everyone this year. Take a look at my wish list below and let me know in the comments what bags you are hoping to personally score this year, and how your keeping up with your New Years resolution so far.

  1. Louis Vuitton Vosges MM

On the Louis Vuitton site this is what they say about the bag: The Vosges bag presents a supple yet structured shape. Its refined design will enhance every elegant silhouette. The Rose Fizzy Braided detail is a playful hint to the Couture spirit of the House and the contrast of colors adds a luminous touch to the bold Kaki bag.

I LOVE this bag. I generally love the Empreinte leather collection from LV, and the color and style of this particular bag give a very romantic vibe off to me so Im hoping to add this bag to my collection in 2017.

2. Cline Luggage Phantom in Medium

Fashion week is always so exciting because of all the new designs we get to see from all of our favorite designers. The second I laid my eyes on this Cline Phantom Luggage from their 2017 Spring collection I instantly fell in love. Those diamond shaped cut outs really make the bag stand out, and I really love how much of a statement piece this bag is. Fingers crossed a good replica manufacturer reproduces this bag!

3. Yves Saint Laurent Monogram Shoulder Bag

I love the lines on this bag, and also the red! Yes another red bagbut hey Im trying to be adventurous this year and red is my go to color! I especially love the contrast between the gold hardware and the red leather.

4. Hermes Kelly 32cm

Ive always wanted the Kelly pictured above in that exact leather and hardware color combo. This is the year Im hoping my dreams will come true!

5. Chloe Drew Bag

The Chloe Drew bag has been on my wishlist since 2016 (unfortunately I never snagged it last year), but its a new year, and this is the year Im hoping to make this bag mine! I especially love the suede/smooth calfskin leather comboit is adorable! It fits in with the general hippy-chic look that is so popular now, and I think it would be wonderful to wear out casually while running my daily errands!

6. Mulberry Bayswater

I love the practical yet sophisticated look of this bag. I have yet to own any Mulberry bag so Im hoping to get my feet wet into this brand this year with one of their most popular bags a.k.a the Bayswater!

Girl Crush: Gigi Hadids Designer Bags

Im sure youve all seen the Hadid sisters (Bella Gigi) all over social media, and I have to say I am a fan of their exotic looks! But Im even more so a fan of their beautiful designer bags they carry around while looking stunning in the process of doing so. Below Ive put together some of my favorite bags that Gigis been spotted wearing. Take a look and let me know what you think of her bags in the comments below!

Love Gigis Prada Saffiano tote here!

What do you think of the feather pom pom accessoryI personally love it especially when its been paired with a croc YSL bag like here.

I love this YSL shoulder bag! It is on my 2017 wishlist!

Hermes can do nobody any wrong. Love the vibrant blue color pictured right especially.

Marc Jacobs is a great brand because it is more affordable as an authentic bag, and this particular model is beautiful!

Ive always been a fan of the Proenza Schouler PS1, and Gigi is rocking it hard here!

Goyard St Louis Tote Replica Review

Hello everyone!

This is the first review of a five part series outlining my Summer 17 haul (to read my sneak peak article click here), and the first bag I will be reviewing based on popular demand is the Goyard St. Louis tote which I got from here. The Goyard St. Louis tote is highly sought after, and unlike many other brand (ahem ahem LV) you arent likely to spot them out and about as much. This is what really attracted me to the Goyard St. Louis tote because its nice to have a bag that is undercover luxury. The Goyard St. Louis tote really reminds me of the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, and I like to liken them as cousins that are similar yet very different. The Louis Vuitton Neverfull in the classic Monogram print is very in your facethe brand LVs initials are splattered all over the bag.

The Goyard St. Louis tote on the other hand is much more demure, and the print is optical-illusion-esque with small logo brand imprints all over. Like the Neverfull the Goyard St. Louis is very functional and versatile offering a LOT of space, and a neat little pouch on the interior to keep your small stuff in. The bag has gorgeously soft leather finishings. Now as a replica bag, I will say that I have not seen many good copies of the Goyard St. Louis. There are a lot of mediocre replicas out there but they arent made with the same care and usually something about the pattern tends to be off. However, as usual, I ordered a counter quality copy of the bag which means that these small things are taken into consideration by the manufacturers and this is what make the bag look pretty much identical to the original.

Anyways I will let the pictures speak for themselves (they are worth a thousand words after all), and have a peak below to see them for yourself. Let me know how good of a fake you think it is and if you can spot anything off about the bag in the comments.

Purse Review From Designer Discreet!

I ordered a Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Damier Azur from the famous Designer Discreet. I love the tagline of their site, Shh They Cant Tell because it really is true. I have been carrying around my Neverfull for approximitely a year now, and I have had nothing but compliments.

UPDATE: Their new website link is:

I find it very funny when people get their panties all up in knots because they find out someone is carrying a fake. Seriouslywho caresI also have an authentic Eva in Damier Ebene, and honestly the differences between the two are extremely minor. I feel like the only negative stigma attached to replicas is that of not being able to afford the real thing. To be honest I think that people who are paying thousands for an authentic just to reassure and remind themselves that they can afford it should have a negative stigma attached to them as well.

Anyways back to my handbag.. I love it and my mom actually bought me an authentic Speedy in Damier Azur collection for my graduation from university (4 years of HARD WORK). Does this make me hypocriticalNo I dont think so because there are certain moments for splurging and certain moments for saving. Anyways my mom doesnt even realize that replicas are a market which exist (she only buys one authentic bag on her birthday every year), otherwise I would have told her to save her money as I could have gotten 5 Louis Vuittons from Designer Discreet for the price she paid for my Speedy.

Overall I am extremely happy I have found a wonderful source for replica handbags which patina just like the authentic Louis Vuittons, and look forward to continuing to wear my handbag.

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Celine Replica Bags: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

When it comes to buying CELINE replica bags you have to be very careful since they are extremely popular at the moment! You could easily fall for what I call replica ugly which is as low as you can go when it comes to buying a fake bag, let alone a fake CELINE. Replica ugly basically refers to the deep waters of fake that nobody wants to be swimming in especially when these bags dont sell for cheap online (yes even for a fake!). This article will explore the three different qualities and I will review my personal CELINE replica bags showing you how I fell for a mediocre replica and eventually how I ended up finding the best quality of CELINE in the black nano I purchased which I am still in love with till this day! First of all Id like to note that the CELINE nano is my favorite CELINE model after the trio because it is so petite and functional, and I am personally in a stage in my life where less is more and I think my purse choices are beginning to reflect this personal philosophy.

Anyways lets get back on point. The ugly replica as you can see is pictured first and when you compare it to the third picture a.k.a the good CELINE replica you will shocked and astonished to hear that some people pay for that ugly replica and even consider wearing it. The bag is COMPLETELY off. Everything from the zipper placement, to the dimensions, to the handles, to the logo are done extremely poorly. It can hardly be considered a bare bones replica bag and I think you can guess just as well as I can why that is. I will have to say that when you hear people dissing fakes, it is the ugly replicas that they are most likely referencing as these bags are a shame to the original design and to bag making in general. I think that if you are going to buy a replica you should purchase one that at least respects the original design or dont even buy it at all as it will quite frankly turn out to be a waste of your money. Ok so I had to do some googling to come across the ugly replica and it is not part of my personal collection but I think right off the bat anyone with any knowledge of CELINE will be able to point out the flaws. First the loose handles completely defy the original CELINE design which is so structured. Secondly the logo has been maximized and looks terrible. The zipper on the bag has been placed too high and makes the bag lose the original CELINE symmetry which adds to the beauty of the bag in my opinion.

The second bag pictured was indeed one I purchased on my own and although it is not an ugly replica it is just a mediocre one and shows that even if you think you know designer bags, you have to be careful with their replica equivalents as there are so many details you need to pay attention to. The second bag is a lot better than the first but the quality of the leather (which is something you have to see in person) is generally poor overall as it has a half plastic feel to it, making me personally doubt whether it is real leather at all. Additionally the dimensions of the handbag are off by a bit (it is supposed to be a nano) and if you can see it has more of a rectangular shape to it than a square shape. This bag is what most replica sites sell and they are good enough to dupe most people into thinking they are authentic CELINEs an expert would be still able to spot the bag as a fake. I have posted detailed photos below for you to take a look at to see all the details, and what the manufacturers missed in making it.

Front view of the bag. This bag is probably around 80% similar to the original CELINE.

The bottom of the handbag has pegs which a CELINE nano is not supposed to have since it is the tiniest model!

The bag is of the bag is ok, but you can see the shiny sheen on the leather here which makes the bag look really fake.

At least they got the stamp on the replica bag right!

As you can see there is an overall unfinished look the the purse!

The interior stamp is very off compared to the original CELINE design. The good CELINE nano replica I reviewed had an accurate interior stamp.

Although I do not care too much about the interior of a replica bag I want the quality of the materials to be good. this bag had a plastic lining on the inside which was not very good compared to the genuine leather lining of the good nano replica pictured before.

The hardware was a bit clunky and large compared to the good CELINE replica and the authentic version of the nano as well, although at least they go the stamp on it!

Finally the third bag pictured is the good replica and honestly compared to an authentic CELINE replica it is very hard to tell the difference between the two. Everything from the leather to the interior are on key and right off the bat you can see that the square shape of the CELINE nano is accurately represented in this replica bag. If you want to see a detailed comparison between the third bag and an original CELINE in my original review of the purse you can??click here.

Overall the moral of the story is that you have to be careful when shopping for not only CELINE replica purses, but generally all replica purses online as it is easy to end up wasting your money on a poor excuse for a bag! There are good CELINE replicas out there, you just need to make sure you know how to spot one and spend your money right the first time!

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FOLLOW ME ON BLOGLOVIN BY CLICKING HERE! is a classy, simple and fine looking website that delights us from the first moment we set our eyes on it. Its design is impeccable and definitely very appealing for any woman who is passionate about expensive designer handbags. So, ladies, be prepared to feast yourselves with ones of the most beautiful replica purses you have seen so far. Hermes, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci or FendiYou name it! This online store is determined to style you up with the latest designer handbags.

The top menu bar seems to provide only six brands, but after clicking on any one of them, a left side list of available brands appears and it reveals over a dozen of other luxury designers. From what I have noticed every one of these brands is divided into sub-collections which allow an easier browsing along the very impressive number of purses provided by this replica seller.? Sadly, there is no filter or advanced search option to display just the price range or type of designs that interest you. You just have to navigate through the whole collection.

Surprisingly, the prices are in GBP. As there is no way to filter the items by price, after browsing the collections for more than 10 minutes I have concluded that the smaller and simpler designs start at 70 GBP while the complicated and larger ones can cost up to 250 GBP. The description page for each one of these replica handbags reveals an amateur language very far from how any UK based company would express the characteristics of its products. Still, it manages to summarize the essentials of its purses and to provide a clear picture of the quality you will be getting when purchasing one these items. provides a 7-9 days worldwide delivery by EMS. Please note that the order processing time is at least two days for in stock orders. If your item is not available, even though the website showed it as being in stock when you placed the order, you will be contacted ASAP so you can choose another product. Of course, all packages are shipped with a tracking number and the delivery is guaranteed. Are you curious to know what the shipping charges areWell, despite the fact that on all the product description pages it says that the delivery is FREE worldwide; you will discover that this is not actually true. At checkout, you will be informed that the shipping fee is about $30 for most major countries.

You will surely notice that on the bottom of the homepage there is a wide list of icons with the available payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Carte Bleu, Western Union and Paypal. Well, this is another lie. The only payment option it supports is Visa. This too will be discovered only upon checkout when you are requested to fill in your Visa card information. This is a very questionable payment policy and I am a little bit reluctant towards trusting a company that intentionally misleads us.

The company provides a refund and an exchange policy which applies to any of its replica designer handbags. If you have received an item from this company and you are not happy with it then you need to contact customer service immediately and ask for the return details. Additionally, you can choose between a refund and an exchange. However, it does not say within how many days from the delivery you have the right to return the products. Also, it does not say if it provides a repair warranty.

My first impulse was to praise the quality of the photos and the attention towards showing all the essential details of the handbags. This was until I noticed the different names watermarked on the pictures, names that do not match with the name of the company. Mainly, there are two different names stamped on the photographs of the purses and these names are and I wasnt able to find on none of these pictures. So in spite of the statement present on all product description pages, the photos were not taken in the studio of and most probably do not belong to this company.

What I can tell you for sure is that wants us to believe that it provides actual customer service, but what you will absolutely not be able to find on this website is a way to directly and instantly contact the company. On the homepage there is a live chat button which does not work. It redirects you to the Contact Us page where no telephone number is listed. It only includes an email address and a Contact Form. Furthermore, the email account is a Gmail one, [email protected], which looks highly unprofessional and does not provide any type of security regarding its content. is an online store which carries a wide selection of high end replica designer handbags. At a first glance it looks like the perfect place where to shop for beautiful and luxurious purses, but it may actually be one of the many replica merchants that will not deliver what it promises. Without a reliable customer service, clear return and warranty policy and alternative payment methods, its customers may end up regretting their purchases. So if you dont know anyone who has bought from this website or if you have never received a response from their customer service department then you might want to reconsider ordering from this company.


This store is closed

Where do we turn to when we are looking for beautiful crafted replica handbags ?PurseValley is one of the most complex websites I have seen so far. It manages to blend perfectly its numerous banners, menus and interactive features without looking too over-crowded. You can tell that the whole design is thoroughly planned and organized by true professionals. I usually do not like websites that are stuffed with countless banners and promotional incentives, but this one is so nicely done that I simply cannot find any flaws in its design.

The main menu is on the top of the page and it includes four large categories: Handbags, Watches, Shoes and Jewelry. Each one of these four tabs unveils a sub-menu of available brands. For the Bags there is a considerable list of famous names that vary from the trendy Mulberry designs up to the high end and exclusive Hermes purses.? Without a doubt, the merchant has included on his site only the most popular brands in the world. The collection is neither exaggeratedly wide nor poor. It has enough to make you wanna start some serious purse shopping.

As I was saying before, everything is neatly organized including the products. The brands are divided into sub-categories which bear the same name as the original collections. This allows us to find the desired handbags a lot easier and faster.? For example, for Louis Vuitton we can choose from the following collections: Monogram, Damier Ebene, Damier Azur, Epi Leather, Mahina and many others. Additionally, on the left side there is an Advanced Search bar that helps us filter the purses by color, material, gender, shape cut, type, size and price. We basically have all the right tools to find the perfect bag in no time!

There are items such as the wallets, phones and Ipads cases that cost less than $100, but the bags usually range between $150 and $500. The price depends very much on the type of fabric, the size and design of the bag. There are some luggage items that cost about $450-$700. These are more expensive because of their considerable sizes, craftsmanship work and hardware details. Here, at, you will find both affordable products perfect for everyday wear as well as lavishing designs that cost a little bit over the markets average price, but considering the quality and finesse of these designs it is totally worth it.

Just as everything else till now, the products description page is also carefully planned and written. It starts with a unique description of each product and it continues by listing very thoroughly all the details, features, fabrics, logos and hardware particularity. The size, gender and included papers are also mentioned. What I find very interesting and useful is the fact that in the very bottom of the page there is a Product Questions section where any website visitors can write a question and it will be answered by the staff.

The accepted payment methods are Western Union, credit card, Bank Wire and Web Money. It seems that every type of payment supported by this company comes with a discount or fee. More precisely, for credit card payments there is a 2.9% processing fee that will be added to the order total, for Web Money there is a 10% discount while for Western Union and Bank Wire there is a 20% discount. I like the fact that it presents all the advantages and disadvantages of each payment option it provides.

As mentioned earlier, the Payment page says that it can process card payments, but it doesnt inform us which credit card companies are supported.? Only after Checking Out of the Shopping Cart we see that the two available card options are Visa and JCB. Additionally, on the same Payment page the merchant claims to accept WebMony payments, but this options isnt included in the Order Form under Payment Information. These small errors should be reviewed and corrected as they tend to mislead potential customers.

PurseValley sends orders only with international express carriers and all packages are assigned a tracking number. This tracking number helps both the customer and the company? trace the package and follow its shipping progress as well as confirm the delivery.? It takes up to 5 days to prepare an order for shipping and the actual delivery takes about 7-15 days. The delivery isnt free and the costs depend on the delivery country and on the items included in your order. These shipping costs are automatically calculated by the website upon Check Out.

If you are not happy with the merchandise then you have the option of contacting Customer Service within 14 days to arrange sending the items back before the first 30 days of receipt are up. You will be entitled to a refund or exchange according to your needs and wishes. Furthermore, the customer can choose the type of method he prefers to be used for issuing the refund, and the available options are: Western Union, Bank Transfer and Credit Card.

The downside of the return policy is that all returned products are charged a $30 restocking fee and all shipping costs are the customers responsibility. I do not find these fees as being fair for the customer especially when the reason for returning an item is not being happy with the quality or a manufacturing defect. The website clearly states that all returns are subject to these fees.

The product pictures are very beautiful, clear and explicit. There are at least ten images for each item and every single one of them shows a very specific and important detail of that bag. Clearly, the photographs are property of as these are fully covered by the companys watermark. There is no way of editing them in the hope that maybe one can use them on a different website.

The company provides customer service by email, phone and live chat from 8:00- Midnight EST, Monday to Friday. I have contacted the Customer Care department by chat to inquire about the repairs warranty and I was attended by a very polite operator who informed me that they do not do repairs. They replace all the products within the first 6 months. I was pleasantly impressed by both the customer services and by the replacement warranty. is in all ways a professional and reliable supplier of replica handbags. Its website is nicely designed and incredibly easy to use, there are numerous?payment methods, the shipping and return policies are oriented towards providing customer satisfaction, and last, but not least, its product pictures and customer services are excellent.

Cheapmkbagstore is meant for those who are familiar and in love with the beautiful handbags designed by Michael Kors, but also for those who simply adore the uniqueness of classic American purses regardless of their name tag. And, indeed, Michael Kors is one of the best designers within the USA and one of the few in the world who can recreate the stylishness and cosmopolitanism of the classic American bag.

The design of the website suggests that iconic American vintage look that we all know and love. In an appealing way it simulates the elegance and style of classic movie stars. It is like with any replica bag you order from this store you also receive a secret kit that will turn you into a glamorous and sophisticated appearance.?? The webpage is not very complex and it features just the right dosage of tabs, banners, interactive features and sponsored products. It manages to keep an overall elegant and professional look and, after all, this is the thing that matters most.

The main upper menu presents the basic and most important sections of the website: Home, All Category, All Arrivals, New Arrivals and Contact Us. You have probably noticed that it should say All Categories instead of All Category- an error which shows the lack of elemental English knowledge or the absence of any interest towards reviewing and correcting their webpage. Either way, it slowly starts the shattering process for the image of this company. Further on, when you roll the mouse over the All Category button it reveals a slide down product menu including all the available Michael Kors bags collections. There are numerous categories and each one includes a large number of beautiful replica purses that will surely steal the hearts of many fashionistas out there.

These imitation Michael Kors handbags are actually very affordable. After reviewing almost all the collections I have noticed that the price range is somewhere between $80 and $90. This is quite cheap for a luxury replica purse. Also, while browsing the categories I was disappointed to see that there is no way to filter or search through the items. If you are looking for something in particular then you will just have to go through all the products until you find it.

The actual deception was to discover that the description page of almost every product contained randomly pasted information that had nothing to do with what we were shown in the photos. For example, the color did not match with the one in the images, the handles were a totally different style, the number and type of pockets were always off and if the description said it had a logo charm then the photos displayed a bag that did not feature this type of detail. This really makes you wonder how your product will look like when you order from this company.

On the payment page the company states that it accepts card payments, Paypal and Western Union. Still it doesnt say what type of credit card companies it can process so I just had to place a test order to find out. The thing is that after Checkout it says that it supports Visa, Mastercard, JCB and AMEX. No other payment options are provided, such as Paypal or Western Union. Additionally, after clicking on the Review and Confirm button, the payment form page does not load. I have tried it three times and I wasnt able to access that page. It must be just a temporary error as there is no other payment choice and by choosing credit card is the only way of submitting an order on this website.

All packages are shipped with EMS and a tracking number is provided. It takes about 3 business days to prepare the items for dispatch and the delivery time is about 7 business days. The best part is that all orders are ensured during shipping for their full purchase amount. Furthermore, the delivery is free worldwide. The shipping policy sounds quite fair considering the fact that all packages are ensured during delivery and that there is no shipping fee.

The return and exchange policy is a little bit too abusive from my point of view. This is because the company states it cannot process returns or exchanges if the customer does not like the items, basically if he is not satisfied with them. Then what is the point of an exchange and return policyIn the essence, you can only send the products back if these are faulty. In this case, you, the customer will have to support the shipping and handling charges plus the 5% restocking fee that will be deducted from the refunded amount. This means that you end up losing quite a considerable amount of money, plus time and nerves. Is it really worth it

The pictures are quite good and clear, but the low side is that the website only lists 2-3 photos per items. Some products, such as the clutches, only have the main photo. Given the fact that the number of images is kept to a minimum, there are only a few details you can confirm when looking at the pictures. Most photos only show the front and the inside lining while only a few expose the side part and bottom of the bag. You can also enlarge the photos to observe the particularities of each product.

The company can be contacted only through a Contact Form included on the website. There is no other contact information available. This is one of things that make me question the liability of any online company. You know a company is serious about its business only when it puts every effort in easing the access of its customers to the customer care department. is one of the many online replica merchants of designer handbags that appeals to our sense of fashion with glamorous designs to which we simply cannot resist. The Pros I was able to find about its business and products were: the affordable prices and the free worldwide delivery with insurance and a tracking number. Unfortunately the Cons are more than expected: incorrect descriptions, payment processing errors, not accepting to refund or exchange an order when the customer does not like the products and the absence of an effective contact channel. My conclusion is that buying from may turn out to be a pretty risky decision.

If you were just thinking of enriching your replica purse collection with a new addition then you might just fall in love with the beautiful fake handbags available at This online replica merchant is prepared to steal our hearts with its glamorous designs and affordable prices.

It was about time we found the one and only Replica bags home, the online outlet store where bestselling imitation luxury purses are in their own element. The website looks pretty good. It has an elegant and chic look with nice pastel tones that keep its design very girly and stylish. I really do like it. Right on the center of the page it has a very large banner with three gorgeous LV Alma models, plus an up to 40% discount and free shipping offers. If you scroll down the page you see the new additions displayed with considerably large images. Everything about this online replica store states that it was designed to sell good quality fake bags and, honestly, who could say no to that

Even though the main top menu displays only seven of the available brands, sells considerably more than that.? To confirm this you simply have to click on one of the menus buttons and it will direct you to the full collection. There are literally, over three dozen brands being sold here at and with such a wide selection of replica bags, its no wonder they picked out this website name. So what are you looking forBalenciaga, Jimmy Choo, LV, Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Miu Miu, Cartier or ChanelThey have it all!

Depending on the model, materials and size, the prices for these replica purses vary from $200 up to $400. The prices are acceptable and in line with the average price available on the market of fake bags.

Most packages shipped internationally are being sent with EMS, UPS and TNT. The usual delivery time depends on the destination country. For example, packages sent to North America and Asia take about 5-7 business days to arrive while to other parts of the world it may take up to 10-14 business days. You also must take into considerations the 1-2 business days order processing time. All packages are shipped with a tracking number and this will be emailed to you as soon as the order is dispatched. Different countries have different delivery fees. Most major countries have free shipping, while others cost about $18-$38. Make sure you confirm the delivery fee plan for your country before going through with your order. provides a 7 days return policy. You are encouraged to contact the company within the first 7 days from the delivery and report any dissatisfaction you might have regarding the products you have received. They can either refund or exchange the bag, but please note that the full return shipping costs are your responsibility. Also, if you request a refund then a 35% restocking fee will be deducted from the refunded amount. This is the biggest restocking fee I have heard of so far. It seems outrageously big.

Once you have set your budget you will discover that it is very difficult to find the products within your price range as the items are not listed by price nor they have a filter or advanced search option. The only good thing is that at least each category is divided into sub-collections, still for some larger sub-categories it will be quite a challenge browsing through its hundreds of replica bags.

The description page is not so great either. In 2-6 lines you are informed that these are AAA grade replicas, about the color of the product which obviously is also visible from the pictures, that they are using good quality leather and anti-rust metals, about its size and that it comes with a dust bag and authenticity cards. There are no specifics about its interior and exterior tags, pockets, zippers, stitching or studs.

Supposedly, the accepted payment options are Visa, Mastercard and Western Union or this is what it says on their website. Also, Western Union payments benefit from a 20% discount. Pretty tempting, isnt itUnfortuately, Mastercard- one of the most used credit card types- is not actually supported. If you intend to order a replica purse from ReplicaBagsHome then you need to own a Visa or choose the Western Union option which is a pretty risky choice for a first time order.

These replica handbags have about 7-10 pictures showing various different angles and put a big accent on the details of the hardware, lining, tags, pockets, belts and flaps. The quality of each image is pretty good and it also gives you the option of enlarging it. The very big issue with these photos is that they are watermarked with different websites names. Some pictures carry the name of while others say Without a doubt these were copied from different websites, websites that no longer function because they were closed by Chanel Co.

The company doesnt have a phone number available, but it can be reached by contact form, by email address at [email protected] or even by MSN at [email protected] The website has a live chat button on the website which is always offline. I have entered the website several days and at different hours, but it was never online so I could speak directly to a representative. I was only able to leave an offline message and they were supposed to get back with me. I did this more than a week ago, but there is still no response from Customer Service. appears to be a professional replica handbags merchant with a very big and divers collection of fake purses. Any woman who adores luxury designer handbag and is dedicated to spending her money effectively is definitely going to love the models available here. The prices are very affordable, the products come with a 7 days return policy and the delivery is fast. The downsides are the low responsiveness of the customer service, the 35% restocking fee and the product pictures that seem to have been copied from different sources.