Handbags Comment: Impossible to order Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

I really wanted to hold a mini hermes birkin bag and it was very difficult to find the special model I want on the internet. I asked the seller if it was possible to be shipped to Iran but no response. I created an account on their site to order, I experienced bugs 5 times. Ive sent an e mail to the website in order to fix the payment bug,still no response. Finally I had to try to pay directly with the check out with paypal and it worked. I received a confirmation mail from paypal and too a few minutes after.However, 30 minutes later,I received the refund of my paypal transaction without explanation at all. It was enough for me, I gave up my order with them.

Thats pretty strange.I havent ordered from this site as I always have the problem with opening their website.Other girls might have to be careful if you have the similar misfortune.


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