bagsreplicastore Handbags Comment: Too Many Items Out Of Stock Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

Hey Mariela,have you heard of bagsreplicastore.comI really want to complain about this website.I think they might have not updated their site for a long time since all the bag I want were not in stock,and their customer service was impatient,they would not answer my emails until the next day.Now it has been almost a week since I have made my order with them.The worst thing is that they wont tell me that the Dior bag I ordered was not in stock until they charged me almost $300 through my credit card.Now I want to cancel my order,but they have not reply my emails for a few days.I will contact my bank if I still have not heard any news from them on this Friday.

You reminds me of the experience from this site.A few years ago,I also came accross with them,but luckily,I contacted them whether the items I want were in stock before I made my order.Though items were not available,I havent lost my money on this site.


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