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Dear,Mariela,I want to tell you my experience with you.

Okay so lets start from the beging . First of all i have bought bags and other replica items from china using credit card before from another site. Never had any issues. Anyway of corse i found fmthis website and i got very excited high quality bags so they say.. I went on youtube to see what people had to say about the bags i seen NO?bad comments!?

People comparing the bags etc anyway after a couple of months of watching the comments I decided to go ahead and give it a shot today. I decided to make an order over 500.I try to pay by credit card.But this website said it had been denied,when my bank said it had not.I try to pay for many times,and this website always tell me fail,I a litttle bit confused,as the communication with them is not good.

So after several emails,I decide to cancel my order,as I found the customer service people were all very?hard to understand and said everything in a very snarky, rude manner.

Thanks for your kind sharing with us.As we always say that the service is very important,such rude manner,just let people stay away from you.


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