Pursevalley.cn Handbags: So bad Replica Hermes Handbags Site

Pursevalley.cn Handbags Comment

Pursevalley.cn Handbags Comment

So after sharing my friend Amandas bag horror story the other day, I just had to add my own most recent replica handbags debacle. Perhaps a purse that literally smells too bad to wear is worse than what I got (so poor Amanda!), but I have to tell you about my, then now infamous, un-wearable Hermes Birkin in azure blue. What a disaster, very very bad!

So it did not smell like a dead farm animal, but when you order your dream bag 4 weeks in advance of your long awaited vacation (to Aspen!) and it arrives too flawed to wear, two days before you`re supposed to leave, and your future husband does not understand why u are flipping outthings get a little testy.? Soft-spoken Mariela starts to show her inner fire! And she fights back.

Dear Ladies, let this be a lesson about Pursevalley.cn and lousy?replica Hermes bags websites. I bought myself a new replica Hermes Birkin at a relatively high price and got an undeniably low quality purse. Here is a close up. What is wrong with this photo

Pursevalley.cn Handbags Comment

Pursevalley.cn Handbags Comment

1. First of all, the key element of any replica bag is the logo and insignia. You simply can not make a mistake on the name. This handbag lacks the famed Made in France phrase that should be just below Paris. Not only that but the font is so bad.

2. When I first got this bag and pulled it out of the box, I was charmed instantly by the quality of the leather on the outside. They really had it, and the blue was marvelous. The trouble is the tone changes throughout the bag and the inside is far lower quality than the outside front. Looks like they put all the energy into first impressions!

3. What the heck is wrong with this metal plating around the lock. It is scratched! I can not wear it like this, there is no way.

4. And for the final queue, I noticed an offensive addition on the site. I paid over $480 for this bag, which as I said, is a lot for a replica and you can do better, but I thought I would take a chance on getting a really high quality purse. Well, days after I bought mine they put it on special for 45% off! If they can afford to give it away for that must of a discount what do you think that says about the original price I paid

I am sending it back, and they are going to refund my money or else! It is as simple as that! But still, I mean, I really, really wanted the gorgeous blue replica Hermes Birkin for my vacation.

Please replica Hermes handbags websites, take a closer look at the bags you are sending to your customers! Is that too much to ask for


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