2015topluxurybags Handbags Comment:Bad Bags And Worse Service

2015topluxurybags.com Handbags Comment

2015topluxurybags.com Handbags Comment

Here is the comment from another customet. ?I am glad?and moved?to receive such a detailed and sincere comment, but disappointed in what poor Aveline was put through by 2015topluxurybags.com , a website that is just decreasing ?in credibility and reliability these days, because there are ?too many unhappy shopping experiences like this one. The item?is not satisfying and just want to get a refund.


I just want to apologize to send you the pictures a little bit late.
Here are the 2 photos for the Tivoli GM and Multicolore wallet I bought from 2015topluxurybags.com before a few weeks.

2015topluxurybags.com Handbags Comment

2015topluxurybags.com Handbags Comment

2015topluxurybags.com Handbags Comment

2015topluxurybags.com Handbags Comment

As u can see for the Tivoli, the pleated centre isnt symmetric,rightI just do not want to take such a unperfect item outside.
The Multicolore Insolite wallet is nearly pretty?but? there is no LV stamp inside the wallet .As a replica item, the logo is really important.It makes the attractivity of the wallet goes down.

About the Quality: I think??the pictures entirly show the qulity and every detail of the item.They ?not meet my expectation at all or I think I am ?one of the unlucky customerswho received unsatisfied?customer service and bagsLeather is really?though.not soft. Additionally, the real bag do not as same as what their website photos show.

So that , I wanted to return the two items I bought from them and ask a refund, I do not want to spend to much money on these not pretty items. I thought even though I make an exchange, but their products are never good enough,it is a risk to make an exchange.?I prefer to lose a bit of my money because the ?bank may charge some of my money if I want a refund. I must say the refund process was really slow. ?They have now received the returned items but still have not do the refund for me .its been 3 weeks now since I sending back the items I bought from them.

One of the sales representative from the online chat??was helpful, but the other sales cuatomer service was rude?and thst just made me felt unpleasant.

Shipping: it took 7 days for my item to be shipped, every time I asked for a status, they said it is in the stock and for the quality control,that is obviously not true,because I still receive the awful bags. ?One of the sales person?was rude and actually said, You wanted to receive a perfect order right . From the day my order was shipped out , I finally received them in only 4 days, so the shipping company was kind of efficient.

Packaging: it was okay of ?packaging, not really well, but okay because ?the bags did not damaged during the shipment.

Summary: not a chance I will buy from this disappoiting website??again, because the return shipping cost me $57 and that ?I prefer a refund they refuse to compensate the shipping cost even though the bag quality is not good is not my fault. They also said that they would charge me a 10% restocking fee since I prefer a refund, I just lost??the shipping fee and restocking fee totally 100usd around. I am really disappoited.

What is more, ?I placed my first order with PV last week (Artsy Monogram, Eugenie wallet and Zippy coin purse) and could not wait to receive them. I really hope the bags are of good quality and looks like what the site photograph shows.

Let me know if u need more information Mariela.
And sorry forgot to mention my name :Sarah Smith, ?just call me Sarah is okay . Im a fan of your blog. You posted lots of useful and helpful comment.


Wow. That`s just unbelievable Sarah. ?I really do not understand how the custoner behaved so rude like that way. ?Besides, and how can they ship bag quality products and claimed they have so-called quality control
Thanks so much or the detailed ?comment based on your personal shopping experience. Yes, I remember you from Facebook. Of course! You post the loveliest comments. I just love your support and I hope you can also share your story about your bags purchase.


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