If you are the kind of gal who dreams of wearing the latest Louis Vuitton creations then you will just love This replica bags online store has the most inclusive collection of Fake LV purses. Check it out! is all about Louis Vuitton. It has everything a LV fan would ever dream of buying: Women Handbags, Men Handbags, Wallets, Scarves, Belts and Travel Bags. All of them bear the Louis Vuitton name! Those of you, who are in love with this very famous and fashionable designer, will also recognize its logo and floral motifs as the main theme for the websites background. This brownish online replica store copies the entire look of the Louis Vuitton brand and transposes it into what I would call a pretty elegant and appealing e-shop of fake designer handbags.

Right from the start you are welcomed to this webpage with the very big and imposing text posted on the top left side: Welcome To Our Louis Vuitton Online Store!. I must say that it is a very easy to use and friendly site that displays its essentials by using a simple and inviting top side menu bar that features all the important product categories. From here you can start browsing for the type of replica bag that interests you. Each category is divided into sub-collections that have the same name as the original Louis Vuitton Collections. For example, the women handbags are organized into: Damier Azul Canvas, Epi Leather, Monogram Canvas, Mahina Leather and so on.

The prices of these replica handbags are very affordable. The wallets cost about $100-$130 while the handbags are $150-$300. Even the travel bags do not exceed $300. If the quality is really as good as they say and if the bags are actually made from genuine leather then these fake purses are definitely worth their price.

I like the fact that each replica handbag has a very detailed and informative description. Each particularity is stated with rich details. The detachable strap, the handles, the zip closures, the cowhide trims, the interior lining and even the bottom studs are all mentioned and explained so that everyone can understand from what materials these are made, and also what functionality and markings they have. Each description serves its purpose of clearly describing the quality you will be getting if you order from this replica bags store.

The company offers free worldwide delivery by EMS. Normally, packages shipped out with EMS take about 5-7 business days to arrive so if you prefer a faster shipping option then you can choose UPS and pay an additional $30 charge. With UPS it will only take 3-4 business days to receive your order. Of course, all packages are shipped with a tracking number that will be emailed to you as soon as the order is dispatched. has a very wide collection of Louis Vuitton replicas as the products range from Scarves to Bags, but the selection is not that large. For most sub-categories there are less than a hundred models so you really do not have that many options to choose from. Still, considering the fact that the website does not have a price filter or an advanced search then this may turn out to be a good thing. It sells only the most popular replica handbags. You decide which one is appealing for you, and you either order it or not. Either way, you dont waste time browsing for hours! claims to accept the following payment methods: credit cards, Paypal and Western Union. Here there is a slight incoherence as in the Order Form you only have the choice of paying by credit card: Visa and Mastercard. Usually, I would be really glad to find a fake bags store that can process Mastercard payments, but this smells a little bit fishy to me as you are asked to enter your card details twice. Once in the Order Form which is an unsecure Internet page and secondly in the Payment processing page which is indeed an https page.

It seems that there are no returns or exchanges allowed unless you have received the wrong product. You cannot ship an item back just because you do not like it or because you have changed your mind. If you qualify for a return then you must ship the replica bag back within the first 5 business days from the delivery. The product needs to be in perfect conditions and unworn, and also sent with all the boxes and accessories. There is nothing stated about this, but I think it is only safe to assume that after the first 5 days any repairs or replacements are out of the question.

Not all the replica bags listed on have additional product pictures. Most of the purses only have the main photo. No other detailed images are available which is strange as all products have the same style of photographs with the same white background and the same clarity. Also, none of the images has a watermark with the companys name or logo. Most likely, is just a reseller and the photos are provided by its supplier and as we all know suppliers change so you dont actually know if what you see in the pictures is what you will receive.

This is the first time I am glad that there is no Live Chat button on a webpage. At least this merchant isnt faking a service it cant provide. The only way of getting a hold of this company is by Contact Form and by using a Gmail account: [email protected] Clearly, this replica websites doesnt know a thing about Customer Care, otherwise it wouldnt be using such an unreliable ad and unsecure email account for communicating with its customers. may look like a reliable and trustworthy replica store, but it actually is very far from this appearance. The first thing that should convince you to stay away is the fact that it does not accept refunds or exchanges unless they have sent the wrong product. Next there are the very worrying aspects of not having a repairs policy, that it asks you to submit your credit card details on an unsecure Internet page, and the lack of a responsive customer service.

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