All online replica companies praise themselves as having good bags and Higoodbags.com is no exception. Especially because of this, we, educated e-shoppers have to turn its products, policies and services up-side down until we are positive that Higoodbags.com is a trustworthy supplier of high quality replica handbags.

I do not know if someone took even five minutes to think about a coherent image, message and design for Higoodbags.com. The whole appearance looks cheap and unprofessional. There are banners with Asian writing on them, surely Chinese, and the logo is an Eco sign with something in the middle that resembles to a bottle, bullet or even worse.? Judging just by its design I really cannot say that it does any favors to its products. I think it is a cheap looking website and they should really do something to make it look more professional.

The left side menu bar is quite simple and it lists only eleven brands. Indeed, these are ones of the most loved brands in the world and, probably, the replica companies that everyone is looking to buy. From my point of view, the collection isnt that inclusive. Furthermore, it doesnt list Chanel which is one of the most sought-after bags manufacturers. Also, there is no filter or Advanced Search option on the site so you can sort the products. This is because there are only a few dozen items per collection, just Miu Miu and Prada have a couple hundred products or more and need to be divided into sub-categories.

The prices for the bags are about $200-$300. This is basically the average price on the market available for replica handbags. The products are advertised as being made from genuine real leather and if this is actually true then, indeed, the prices of these purses are fair. The description is a reinforcement of the fact that the products are correctly priced. Each detail is clearly explained as for anyone- expert or not- to understand the quality and design particularities of these items. Fabric, handles, strap, hardware, logos, snap buttons, pockets, lining and sizes. Everything is stated so you know exactly what you are getting.

On the Payment page there are- on the very top- large logos of the accepted payment methods and these are: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Western Union and Bank of China(surely Bank Wire). Additionally, in the bulky text included on this page it also says Money Gram. As I was curious to see which one of these many options is actually supported I placed a test order. Surprise, surprise! Only Visa is available after Check Out. And people wonder why no one ever trusts replica websites.

Higoodbags.com will need about three business days to prepare your order for shipping. All packages are shipped with EMS, UPS and DHL and a tracking number is provided. The usual delivery time is 5-8 business days, but if by any case your order does not arrive after more than 45 days then they will reship it free of charge. Also, on the Shipping page the company claims to charge a $25 shipping fee for each item you order, still when I tried to submit an order I was charged $30 per bag. This is another incoherence in their policies which discourages me badly from trusting this replica merchant.

The company only accepts returns if you receive an incorrect item or a defective one. Reasons such as not happy with the quality are not accepted for exchanges or replacements. The good part is that there is a 30 days return policy. This means that, in case the bag breaks, you have almost a month to test it and figure out its quality and actual product value. Very important: shipping costs and a 5% restocking fee are not refundable so you should consider these costs before deciding to return an item. There are many additional costs and hassle involved with returning a bag to China so think very well before getting caught up in something that you might end up really regretting later.

The pictures are simply awful. There is only one image per handbag and that image is of very poor quality. Looking at over a dozen products I have found: blurry pictures, pictures with other website names or chines email addresses or even pictures that do not match the description. Clicking on a photo will only open it in another tab. It will not open a picture gallery for that purse. I was very disappointed of this serious lack of interest towards providing photos of its real merchandise. This only raises some serious questions. Does it actually have a stockIs it a legitimate companyOr is it just a fraud who has gathered information from the Internet to mix and match it in the hope that it will look like an actual online store

The only way of contacting the company is through the means of a Contact Form available on the website or by email at [email protected] The use of only these two communication channels and not of a phone number or a chat option shows a low liability and attention towards customer satisfaction. I strongly advice you that before placing an order on this online store you first contact Customer Service and you make sure they answer every question you have.

Higoodbags.com is your typical Chinese replica company. It shows off with an impressive collection of beautiful expensive designer replica handbags in order to get your attention and make you blind to other important aspects such as the incoherence of its payment policy, the considerable shipping costs, the disadvantageous return policy, the obviously copied product photos, unreliable customer service and doubtful trustworthiness. I honestly do not recommend that you submit an order on this website unless you actually know people who have bought handbags from here and they were in all ways satisfied with their purchases.

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