Its all about the brand. When we shop a new handbag for our style and carrying needs, we first check out the brand written on the product and after this we consider the rest. These days, a luxury designer purse is what every fashionista desires. It is the ultimate accessory for completing a super sophisticated look. Unfortunately, not all of us are rich so it is almost impossible to own such an expensive and extravagant item. Thankfully, the replica purses industry is more offering and diversified than ever. It has pretty much everything you could possibly need to look gorgeously stylish. knows that brands count. Obviously. And it has prepared for us a very impressive selection of uber- popular designer bags at very tempting prices. Judging by the homepage, the company knows how to impress. The site is simple, but feminine. It has a nice balance between airy, breezy sections and clustered and dark colored ones. The layout is perfect. On top of the page there is the menu bar which features buttons for its best-selling brands, like Michael Kors, Hermes, Prada, Dior and so on. There are only 6 buttons that direct you to very large and varied categories where you will pretty much find your desired model. In the left side of the page there is also a longer list of available brands. Of course, you cant have a homepage without a wide banner and this site has a very nice sliding banner with 2 elegant images of Louis Vuitton bags. In the lower part of the screen there are a couple of images with sponsored products. And this is basically the homepage. It is fresh, sophisticated and intuitive.

I do not like the fact that the company doesnt organize its categories into collections. This would have helped us locate the style of bag that interests us. There isnt even an Advanced Search option or a basic price filter. The categories are quite large, but you just need to browse every single one of them page by page until you find the bag you were looking for.

Regarding the prices, these arent very high. After going through most of the categories I could conclude that the smaller handbags cost about $150-$250, the medium ones about $250 to $300 and the larger ones about $350. This is acceptable if the quality is that good as the company promises. After all, lets not forget that the original purses cost a couple thousand dollars. Getting the same look and feel for a fraction of the price seems like a piece of cake for me.

I was shocked to see that this company has product photos that were copied from the original Hermes website. Probably, many other brands categories include pictures taken from the original catalogs. The Hermes knockoffs are just some of the ones that still bear the authentic watermark. I just cant accept this. I cant understand how a replica merchant can expect to convince potential customers to buy its product when it doesnt even have its own product pictures. Instead, it uses photos copied from the original designer website. I, for one, wouldnt order knockoffs from such a store. is able to process credit card payments, such as Visa, Mastercard and JCB. This is good news for those who own one of these cards, but obvious very bad news for those who do not. Unfortunately, the company does not offer alternatives to the above mentioned methods. I advise you to contact the store before you order and ask if they are able to offer you the choice of paying with something like Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Wire.

You have to admit that there is nothing more rewarding than reading on a website that it offers free worldwide delivery. Yes, youve guessed it! This merchant is able to deliver your order to any country in the world free of charge. The packages are usually shipped with EMS or regular mail and the estimated delivery time is 7-14 business days. They will also email you the tracking number when the order gets shipped out so you can follow the progress of the shipment online. If you feel that this option is too slow for you then you can ask the store if they have a faster one available and pay extra for it. offers a 7 days return policy. Within the first 7 days from the delivery, if you decide that you dont want to keep the product, you are advised to contact the company and ask for the return details. You can choose to have the order refunded or replaced. It does not say a thing about restocking fees, but obviously you will have to pay for all the return shipping fees. Also, I did not read anything about a repairs warranty. I dont know what happens if the replica bag breaks after the first 7 days.

I was very disappointed to see that the website does not offer actual customer service. Indeed it has a chat button, but this does not do a thing. When you click on it, it directs you to the Contact Us page where you only have a Contact Us form. There is no phone number, email address or any other option of contacting its representatives.

I know how difficult it can be to find a reputable and decent replica purses online store, but unfortunately I honestly do not think that is such a good idea. Even though it has a wide collection of fake bags, affordable prices, free worldwide delivery, a 7 days return policy, I simply cannot ignore the fact that it does not have its own product pictures and a repairs warranty.

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