If you are the kind of gal who dreams of wearing the latest Louis Vuitton creations then you will just love This replica bags online store has the most inclusive collection of Fake LV purses. Check it out! is all about Louis Vuitton. It has everything a LV fan would ever dream of buying: Women Handbags, Men Handbags, Wallets, Scarves, Belts and Travel Bags. All of them bear the Louis Vuitton name! Those of you, who are in love with this very famous and fashionable designer, will also recognize its logo and floral motifs as the main theme for the websites background. This brownish online replica store copies the entire look of the Louis Vuitton brand and transposes it into what I would call a pretty elegant and appealing e-shop of fake designer handbags.

Right from the start you are welcomed to this webpage with the very big and imposing text posted on the top left side: Welcome To Our Louis Vuitton Online Store!. I must say that it is a very easy to use and friendly site that displays its essentials by using a simple and inviting top side menu bar that features all the important product categories. From here you can start browsing for the type of replica bag that interests you. Each category is divided into sub-collections that have the same name as the original Louis Vuitton Collections. For example, the women handbags are organized into: Damier Azul Canvas, Epi Leather, Monogram Canvas, Mahina Leather and so on.

The prices of these replica handbags are very affordable. The wallets cost about $100-$130 while the handbags are $150-$300. Even the travel bags do not exceed $300. If the quality is really as good as they say and if the bags are actually made from genuine leather then these fake purses are definitely worth their price.

I like the fact that each replica handbag has a very detailed and informative description. Each particularity is stated with rich details. The detachable strap, the handles, the zip closures, the cowhide trims, the interior lining and even the bottom studs are all mentioned and explained so that everyone can understand from what materials these are made, and also what functionality and markings they have. Each description serves its purpose of clearly describing the quality you will be getting if you order from this replica bags store.

The company offers free worldwide delivery by EMS. Normally, packages shipped out with EMS take about 5-7 business days to arrive so if you prefer a faster shipping option then you can choose UPS and pay an additional $30 charge. With UPS it will only take 3-4 business days to receive your order. Of course, all packages are shipped with a tracking number that will be emailed to you as soon as the order is dispatched. has a very wide collection of Louis Vuitton replicas as the products range from Scarves to Bags, but the selection is not that large. For most sub-categories there are less than a hundred models so you really do not have that many options to choose from. Still, considering the fact that the website does not have a price filter or an advanced search then this may turn out to be a good thing. It sells only the most popular replica handbags. You decide which one is appealing for you, and you either order it or not. Either way, you dont waste time browsing for hours! claims to accept the following payment methods: credit cards, Paypal and Western Union. Here there is a slight incoherence as in the Order Form you only have the choice of paying by credit card: Visa and Mastercard. Usually, I would be really glad to find a fake bags store that can process Mastercard payments, but this smells a little bit fishy to me as you are asked to enter your card details twice. Once in the Order Form which is an unsecure Internet page and secondly in the Payment processing page which is indeed an https page.

It seems that there are no returns or exchanges allowed unless you have received the wrong product. You cannot ship an item back just because you do not like it or because you have changed your mind. If you qualify for a return then you must ship the replica bag back within the first 5 business days from the delivery. The product needs to be in perfect conditions and unworn, and also sent with all the boxes and accessories. There is nothing stated about this, but I think it is only safe to assume that after the first 5 days any repairs or replacements are out of the question.

Not all the replica bags listed on have additional product pictures. Most of the purses only have the main photo. No other detailed images are available which is strange as all products have the same style of photographs with the same white background and the same clarity. Also, none of the images has a watermark with the companys name or logo. Most likely, is just a reseller and the photos are provided by its supplier and as we all know suppliers change so you dont actually know if what you see in the pictures is what you will receive.

This is the first time I am glad that there is no Live Chat button on a webpage. At least this merchant isnt faking a service it cant provide. The only way of getting a hold of this company is by Contact Form and by using a Gmail account: [email protected] Clearly, this replica websites doesnt know a thing about Customer Care, otherwise it wouldnt be using such an unreliable ad and unsecure email account for communicating with its customers. may look like a reliable and trustworthy replica store, but it actually is very far from this appearance. The first thing that should convince you to stay away is the fact that it does not accept refunds or exchanges unless they have sent the wrong product. Next there are the very worrying aspects of not having a repairs policy, that it asks you to submit your credit card details on an unsecure Internet page, and the lack of a responsive customer service.


How can you make the difference between a reputable replica store and one that is faking itHow can you tell if companies such as are trustworthy or just very skillful at pretending to be a reliable source of high quality imitation pursesThere are a few indicators for the reputability of a fake purses company and you will find all of them below.

I am very fond of online stores that seem to be aware of how important it is to have a nice looking website. Luckily, is one of these companies. It has a very fresh, clean and modern webpage. Its appealing design reveals a wide sliding banner that features some of the latest designs, a very simple menu bar and a white background. This online store is a plain as it gets, but in a good way. Its basic appearance is balanced by the high usability and elegant details.

The company sells bags, belts and shoes. Obviously, its collection is very diverse and it manages to include numerous famous designers, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Hermes and Prada. Many others are available in the menu bar, and each brand is nicely divided into sub-collections. When you roll the cursor over one of the categories, you see a large list of sub-collections unfold. From here, you can very easily start browsing the desired products.

Each collection features many different models, some of the bestselling designs to ever be launched on the market. Also, these are very numerous, but there is no advanced filter to retrieve just the replicas that meet your budget and design requirements. The only thing we can do is to sort the items by price or by name and go through all of them until we find the most suitable ones.

Most replica bags available at are very affordable. A large part of the purses cost about $160-$250. The ones that are pricier are the larger luggage bags and these cost about $300-$500 depending on the size, number of zippers and pockets. From my point of view, these imitations have very decent prices considering their quality and design accuracy.

The description page of these replica bags is very nicely constructed. It is a very comprehensive, and it represents a detailed presentation of the most important particularities, functions, materials and aesthetic embellishments of these knockoffs. All of them are very well organized and explained as to offer a clean and reliable description of the quality available for these imitation purses.

On the bottom of the page it says that the accepted payment methods are Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, but on the Payment page it says that it can process only Visa, Mastercard and Western Union, where Western Union orders get a 15% discount. Only that, after checking out, the Order Form shows two options: Card Payment Option 1 and Card Payment Option 2 without saying what each one means. This is very unprofessional and I feel that not respecting the statements you make on the website about the available payment options is a clear sign that your company cannot be trusted.

If the order is over $89 then the store can offer free delivery by registered mail and in this case the estimated delivery time is 15-30 business days. That is a lot of time to be waiting for a replica bag thinking whether you will ever going to receive it and if it is the quality is good or not. If the order is less than $89 then the shipping fee is $20. If you want to speed up the delivery and receive the order by UPS in 4 to 10 days then you can pay an extra charge of $25. This will ensure the speedy and safe delivery of your order as well as a tracking number for it so you can follow its progress online.

It seems that the company offers a 60 days refund and replacement warranty. The only accepted reasons are quality defects. If you are not happy with some aesthetic details of the replica then the company will not accept your return. Furthermore, all return fees must be paid by the customer. The refund will be issued using the same payment method as for the initial transaction. There is no word about offering a repairs warranty and before ordering a replica bag from this company, I recommend that you check with them what happens if the bag breaks after the first 60 days.

The images are very clear and of very high quality, but each replica has only one or maximum two pictures. These do not have a watermark and show only the front side of the bag and the inside. I like the fact that you can zoom in on the photo and see the finer details. Still, this does not compensate for the fact that it does not have more pictures showing the different sides of the bags, as well as the various interior compartments, zippers and tags.

The company fails to pass as a reputable and professional retailer of high end designer replica handbags and this is mainly because of the poor customer service it has. A reliable store knows the value of customer service and it invests time and effort into supplying a customer care department that is available by phone, email and live chat. These communication channels are essential for keeping an open and close relationship with your customer and potential shoppers. The website does not have a contact phone number, a company email address or a chat button. It only offers the option of sending a message using the Contact Form available on the website or sending an email at a very unprofessional Gmail account.

When you are dealing with online replica merchants, it is very easy to be fooled by a pretty looking website, low prices, beautiful pictures and the promise of free delivery. Usually, only upon a close look you discover that the free shipping means a slow delivery time, the beautiful pictures show only a side of the bag, but not the numerous other angles, and the pretty looking website is meant to compensate the lack of customer service, the incoherent payment policy and the unfair return guarantee. Before you order, pay attention to all the details and this will protect you from all the possible risks of ordering a replica online.

Shopping for your dream replica handbags isnt as easy as one would think. This is mostly because there are so many companies out there that want to impress you with the largest collection, the lowest prices and the most customer orientated policies. But are these stores that reputable and trustworthyWell, for starters, we will take and find out everything there is to know about its products and services.

The design of the website is pretty dull. It has that iconic black background that we are used seeing at replica watches stores, beautiful sliding banner and a simple menu. It doesnt impress in any way and it doesnt look too professional or elegant either. But I got to hand it to it. It is very easy to use and intuitive.

Judging just by the menu bar which includes only 7 brands, we could say that the collection is quite limited. The truth is that this store offers more designers but these can be seen in the left side of the page after you click on one of the buttons from the menu. Also, the company doesnt sell just replica handbags. It also carries shoes, belts and wallets. It has everything you need for styling up your outfits. I like the fact that the categories are nicely organized into sub-collections. Each sub-collection is named after the original collection. This helps us to easily find the desired style of bag. Unfortunately, the site does not include an Advanced Search option and the number of items included in each sub-category is really impressive. There are almost 10 pages of replica models for each collection. Browsing through all of them can be a real challenge.

These replica handbags arent at all pricey. The price depends very much on the size of the product. For example, the smaller clutches and the wallets cost between 50 GBP and 80 GBP. Yes, all the prices are in GBP. It seems that the company targets UK customers or it wants to give the impression that it is based in UK. My guess is that it is based in China as all the other replica purses companies. The normal sized handbags listed on the website cost about 100 GBP-150 GBP while the large travel bags cost 200 GBP-350 GBP.

The pictures included on the website for each replica bag are very nice and professional pictures. These are quite clear and are have a white background. There is also the possibility of enlarging the images which allows you to see all the small details and markings. The only thing is that there are only 2-3 photos for each replica purse- with the front and inside of the product. I prefer companies that know how important it is to take detailed photos of their bags and show every possible angle. This helps the customer make an informed decision. On the other hand, the product description is very well written, informative and rich in specific technical information. It tells you everything you need to know about the quality of these knockoffs.

My opinion is that it is preferable to place an order on a website that is able to take a large number of different payment methods. Why is thisBecause it shows how reputable and professional the store really is. It tells us that it invests all its efforts into making sure that we can enjoy the freedom of choosing the most appropriate payment option, and that it cares about our satisfaction. accepts only Visa cards. No other card types or alternative money transfers are available. I do not encourage customers to order from this website unless they have strong recommendations for the companys reputability or they manage to contact Customer Service and discuss all their questions with the agents. ships packages to any country in the world and it provides free delivery. This is really wonderful news! We all love to order stuff online without paying for delivery. The company claims to use the most reliable carriers, such as EMS, DHL, FEDEX or TNT. The usual delivery time is 3-5 business days to Europe and USA, and 5-7 business days to South America. Of course, all the packages receive a tracking number so you can see at any moment where your package is and there is a lost package policy which ensures the safe delivery of your order.

The store guarantees the satisfaction of your order with a 14 days return policy. You have 14 days from the delivery day to contact the store and request the information for sending the product back for a refund or exchange. Please note, there are some costs involved with this process. These costs are: the $20-$40 shipping and handling fee and the return shipping fees. These need to be paid by the customer. Also, the merchant offers a 180 days free return warranty.

Dont be disappointed when you realize that doesnt provide professional and responsive customer services. On the website there are only the options of contacting the agents by Contact Form or a Gmail address. There is no phone number or live chat option which is a huge shame as, for customers; these are the most effective ways of contacting an online store. is one of the replica handbags Internet stores that want to impress us with a very diversified and large collection of products, low prices and free worldwide delivery. I got to admit that the good quality pictures, 14 days return policy and 180 days free repairs warranty are also very appealing, but I simply cant ignore the fact that it doesnt offer professional customer services and alternatives to card payments.


If you are keen on finding a new beautiful replica purse for this season then maybe you should check out This store looks very professional, has a very diverse collection of fake bags and very low prices. Judging by these things, it feels like a great place for buying your favorite imitation purses. But is it really a reputable sourceLets find out. makes a very good first impression. With a very simple and elegant appearance it manages to steal your attention right from the first moment. The homepage is clean and tidy- a whitish background, lady-like embellishments and text font, a beautiful banner with colorful LV bags and discrete menu are what impresses us right from the start.

Browsing the site is very easy and intuitive. There is only one menu bar and this is located on top of the page. It includes just 3 brands- Prada, Louis Vuitton and Hermes. When you see this, you are tempted to believe that the company sells only these three designer bags when; in fact, carries so many other brands. After you click on one of the buttons from the menu a new page loads with a list of available designers in the left side of the screen. Here, there are over a dozen very famous brand names and each one includes at least a couple hundred different designs. The collection is really wide and diversified. The very large number of products makes it very easy to find the style which interests you. There are more than 10 pages of items for each sub-category and no option of filtering or sorting the products by your desired criteria. This is a huge downside for the usability of the site.

The prices for these replica bags vary between $100 and $300. The small pochettes, clutches and wallets are on the lower price range while the medium and large size purses are on the upper one. Other things that influence the price are the material, type of inside compartments and popularity of the design.

A quick look around the categories shows us that this company does not have its own photos for its merchandise. A professional replica store invests time and effort into taking photographs of the products it offers. Pictures are important because these are your best indicator for the quality of the product you are buying. If you cant see a photo that actually proves how good the replica bag is then how can you be sure that what you see is what youll has pictures that were clearly copied from many other catalogs. Before you order a purse from this place, ask them for actual photos of their products.

The description of these replica bags arent that elegantly phrased, but at least they are detailed and very suggestive. In just a few words, all the essential specs of these knockoffs are mentioned and explained.

The delivery is free. The company ships packages all across the globe without charging a dime. It claims to use EMS, DHL and UPS and that the estimated delivery time is 3-5 working days. I am sure that delivery costs are some of the most important things you consider before submitting an order online. Everyone wants to enjoy free shipping for its replica bags and when we find such a store we are thrilled by this significant incentive.

If you try to submit an order online, you will see that on the page it says that the accepted payment options are Visa and Mastercard. The thing is that after you click on Submit Order so you can go to the page where you are supposed to enter your card details, you see an error message where the Payment Form should be. For some reason, their payment processing page doesnt work correctly. I was highly disappointed by this huge error.

After you receive the order, you have 15 days to inspect it and decide if you want to return it for a refund or replacement. After this period, no complaints are taken into consideration. Another important thing you should know is that the costs of returning the goods will be covered by the customer and that there is a 15% restocking fee charged for all refunds or replacements.

Unfortunately, the website does not offer proper Customer Service. If you have questions about their products, services or policies you can reach the agents only by using the Contact form or their Gmail account. Even though they have a Chat button on the homepage, when you click it nothing happens. It only directs you to the Contact Us page where theres no option to chat live or a phone number. All these things are highly disappointing.

Before buying a replica bag online you should always check the website very carefully. One of the best ways of determining its reputability is to contact customer service. If you cant reach them then you should reconsider your purchasing decision. Indeed, has very low prices, free delivery and a wide selection of replicas, but the fact that its Payment processing page does not work, and the unprofessional product pictures and customer care should make you really doubt its trustworthiness.


Admit it, ladies! When it comes to our passion for fashion and style, handbags have a very special place in our wardrobe. These super-chic accessories have the unique ability of totally transforming our look while offering sophisticated solutions for carrying all our daily essentials. Its no wonder that women are so fascinated by the idea of owning luxury purses. We want refinement, quality and a breath-taking design, and these are usually the key characteristics of a designer bag. The only thing that stands between us and our dream bag is the ridiculously high price.

Fortunately, the Internet is full with offers for very authentic looking luxury replica bags at very affordable prices. As long as you invest a little time into research you can get your very own Louis Vuitton, Prada or Hermes purse with just a couple hundred dollars. For instance, is one of the online stores that promise to offer superior quality, authentic looking design and affordable prices to all those women out there who are in the search of the perfect fake designer handbag. But words are no guarantee so we must find out by ourselves if the company is really that good so follow me as I review

First of all, the website looks very good. It is that kind of page that is very airy, elegant and friendly without trying too much. It has a simple white background, a wide sliding banner, a plain white top menu bar and a few sponsored products in the bottom of the page. Normally, from the beginning you are tempted to believe that this is a professional company and a very good source for beautiful handbags. Plus, the simplicity of the site enhances its usability. doesnt carry just fake bags. This store has many other types of accessories in its collection- both for women and men. Some of its important product categories are bags, wallets, shoes and belts. With just 11 available designer brands, the company manages to offer us a very diversified and inclusive collection of luxury accessories. Here, you have pretty much everything you need for complementing your style with elegance and sophistication.

Each brand category is organized into sub-categories, such as Women Handbags, Women Wallets, Men Bags, Men Wallets, and each one of these sub-categories is divided into collections that carry the same name as the original ones- Monogram Canvas, Damier Canvas, Monogram Vernis. Plus, there is a simple search filter that allows you to sort the products by Category and Price. All these make it so much easier for us to find the style of bag which interests us.

I consider the price of these replica bags a little bit high than the average price available on the market. For example, the wallets cost about $100-$150. This is a pretty staggering price for just a wallet. There are numerous other stores where you can buy a bag with this money. On a different note, the purses here cost about $160-$500. The handbags range from $160 to $300 while the travel bags are priced at $300-$500.

The website has very nice product pictures for all its fake handbags. The images are very clear and beautiful, but there are only 2 additional photos per knockoff. I consider that it would have been nice if it had more additional pictures so we can see all the important design details of these luxury fake purses. ships packages to any country in the world. And there are two shipping options available- Free Shipping with regular mail and a 10 to 25 business days delivery or Standard shipping with EMS for $25 and a 4 to 10 business days shipping time. I, for one, prefer to pay the $25 and get the package sooner than get free delivery and wait a month or more to get something that I have already paid for.

Regarding the available payment methods, the company takes credit card payments by Visa, Mastercard and JCB. I have to admit that I always prefer to pay with my card when I buy stuff online, but I just dont feel that secure about ordering from a company that takes only card payments and no alternative methods, like Western Union or Bank Wire. offers a 30 days money back guarantee for all its replica handbags. There are only a few companies out there that offer such an extended return time so we really got to appreciate this policy. In 30 days you have a lot of time to inspect the product and see if it is what you were expecting or not. If it isnt then you should contact the company and request the return details so you can send it back for a refund or exchange.

Unfortunately, this replica handbags online store does not know what good customer service is all about. A self-respecting company should attend the needs of its customers by phone, email and chat. This site does not offer any of these communication options. It only has a Contact Form on its page from where you can send your questions and wait until it replies. is one of those fake purse sites that impresses with a professional design, a large and diversified range of products, a 30 days money back guarantee and free world wide delivery. Still, there are some reasons of concern when it comes to its products and services, like the poor customer services, the limited array of payment options and the slightly higher prices.


What do you do when you want to make it obvious that you are selling replicasThats easy! You name your store Yes, thats right, girls. There really is a fake handbags website out there named like that. Talk about lack of imagination! Still, when it comes to buying our favorite designer purse online, there are many things we should consider, things that go beyond the companys name and promises. This is why today I want to review and determine just how trustworthy it is and what type of quality and services he offers. Keep reading to find out!

I will start with the design of the website. This is very important because it tells us how friendly the site is for those potential customers who enter the page for the first time, just as the structure of the site determines its usability. A quick look on the homepage unveils a very elegant, feminine and airy website. The color scheme is gray white with orange color accents. This gives it a very pleasant look that is appealing for any women interested in style and fashion. Unquestionably, the page is very friendly and easy to use.

At the top of the page there is a simple white menu bar which includes a couple of the most popular designers and a button for All Brands. There are about 30 luxury names available in this collection so I guess it is safe to say that caries an impressive range of fake luxury bags. The real challenge is to browse through these products. You cant search for a specific style by using an advanced filter or search option. The replica purses brands are indeed organized into collections, but there is no way to sort them.

The prices feel a little bit higher than the ones available on other replica bags online stores. For instance, the wallets cost about $120-$180. Thats a lot! Usually, a replica designer wallet costs $60-$90. These prices are twice times more. Also, the regular bags have prices that range between $250 and $400. Indeed, when it comes to better quality I am always prepared to pay a higher price, but this store has yet to prove me that it does offer that superior level of quality. Lets take things further and see what these knockoffs are really worth.

The product pictures are a mess, actually a huge mess. Not only that there are at least 3 different types of styles for the photos- thus meaning that the images are from 3 different sources-, but for most of the bags there are no additional pictures, there is only the main one, and some have blurry images where you cant see a thing. Instead of proving that the quality of these fake purses is good and the company is professional, the photos manage to shatter our trust. accepts payment by Visa, Mastercard and by Western Union. All orders that are paid with Western Union enjoy a 15% discount. I know when you hear about the discount you feel completed to pay this way, but it is not the most recommended way. Even though, Western Union is a worldwide used money transfer option, it implies some serious commissions and it is not as safe and reliable as card payment. As you probably know, your bank monitors each transaction you make and if anything goes wrong you can count on them to make things right.

No matter where you want the package to be delivered, there will be a flat rate shipping fee of $35 that must be paid. Comparing this delivery charge with what other companies ask for most major countries, I must say that it feels a little bit hefty. The packages are dispatched with EMS and the estimated delivery time is about 7-10 working days. Yes, a tracking number is provided, but this shipping price is almost as much as what DHL, FEDEX or UPS charge for a 2-3 days delivery. offers a 7 days refund guarantee and a 15 days exchange policy. If you got a replica bag from this store and you are not completely happy with it then do not lose time and contact the company to request the return info before the above mentioned number of days run out. All the costs generated by the process of returning the goods are not refundable. You have to pay for those. Plus, if you request a refund then the company will deduct a 5% fee and not reimburse the initial shipping fee. Another thing that I do not like is the fact that it does not say on the site if a repairs warranty is available.

The only available options for contacting is by sending an email to an Outlook account or by messaging them through the Contact Form. I dont find these two options very professional. From my point of view, any self-respecting online store must be reachable by phone and by chat. If these two options arent available then how can we solve the urgent matters concerning the replica purchaseSome of the things regarding the payment or delivery process need to be fixed on the spot and not 2 or 3 days later. has a very beautiful and friendly website, it offers delivery all around the globe, takes both card and Western Union payments, and offers a return policy, but in so many other aspects it fails to convince us that it is wise to buy one of its replica bags. And these aspects are- the high prices, the expensive shipping rates, the costly return conditions and the unprofessional customer services.


Its all about the brand. When we shop a new handbag for our style and carrying needs, we first check out the brand written on the product and after this we consider the rest. These days, a luxury designer purse is what every fashionista desires. It is the ultimate accessory for completing a super sophisticated look. Unfortunately, not all of us are rich so it is almost impossible to own such an expensive and extravagant item. Thankfully, the replica purses industry is more offering and diversified than ever. It has pretty much everything you could possibly need to look gorgeously stylish. knows that brands count. Obviously. And it has prepared for us a very impressive selection of uber- popular designer bags at very tempting prices. Judging by the homepage, the company knows how to impress. The site is simple, but feminine. It has a nice balance between airy, breezy sections and clustered and dark colored ones. The layout is perfect. On top of the page there is the menu bar which features buttons for its best-selling brands, like Michael Kors, Hermes, Prada, Dior and so on. There are only 6 buttons that direct you to very large and varied categories where you will pretty much find your desired model. In the left side of the page there is also a longer list of available brands. Of course, you cant have a homepage without a wide banner and this site has a very nice sliding banner with 2 elegant images of Louis Vuitton bags. In the lower part of the screen there are a couple of images with sponsored products. And this is basically the homepage. It is fresh, sophisticated and intuitive.

I do not like the fact that the company doesnt organize its categories into collections. This would have helped us locate the style of bag that interests us. There isnt even an Advanced Search option or a basic price filter. The categories are quite large, but you just need to browse every single one of them page by page until you find the bag you were looking for.

Regarding the prices, these arent very high. After going through most of the categories I could conclude that the smaller handbags cost about $150-$250, the medium ones about $250 to $300 and the larger ones about $350. This is acceptable if the quality is that good as the company promises. After all, lets not forget that the original purses cost a couple thousand dollars. Getting the same look and feel for a fraction of the price seems like a piece of cake for me.

I was shocked to see that this company has product photos that were copied from the original Hermes website. Probably, many other brands categories include pictures taken from the original catalogs. The Hermes knockoffs are just some of the ones that still bear the authentic watermark. I just cant accept this. I cant understand how a replica merchant can expect to convince potential customers to buy its product when it doesnt even have its own product pictures. Instead, it uses photos copied from the original designer website. I, for one, wouldnt order knockoffs from such a store. is able to process credit card payments, such as Visa, Mastercard and JCB. This is good news for those who own one of these cards, but obvious very bad news for those who do not. Unfortunately, the company does not offer alternatives to the above mentioned methods. I advise you to contact the store before you order and ask if they are able to offer you the choice of paying with something like Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Wire.

You have to admit that there is nothing more rewarding than reading on a website that it offers free worldwide delivery. Yes, youve guessed it! This merchant is able to deliver your order to any country in the world free of charge. The packages are usually shipped with EMS or regular mail and the estimated delivery time is 7-14 business days. They will also email you the tracking number when the order gets shipped out so you can follow the progress of the shipment online. If you feel that this option is too slow for you then you can ask the store if they have a faster one available and pay extra for it. offers a 7 days return policy. Within the first 7 days from the delivery, if you decide that you dont want to keep the product, you are advised to contact the company and ask for the return details. You can choose to have the order refunded or replaced. It does not say a thing about restocking fees, but obviously you will have to pay for all the return shipping fees. Also, I did not read anything about a repairs warranty. I dont know what happens if the replica bag breaks after the first 7 days.

I was very disappointed to see that the website does not offer actual customer service. Indeed it has a chat button, but this does not do a thing. When you click on it, it directs you to the Contact Us page where you only have a Contact Us form. There is no phone number, email address or any other option of contacting its representatives.

I know how difficult it can be to find a reputable and decent replica purses online store, but unfortunately I honestly do not think that is such a good idea. Even though it has a wide collection of fake bags, affordable prices, free worldwide delivery, a 7 days return policy, I simply cannot ignore the fact that it does not have its own product pictures and a repairs warranty.


Women love the great feeling they have when wearing a new designer handbag, but as any luxury item it doesnt come cheap. It costs almost a fortune and the best possible solution for anyone who values her money is to purchase a replica. This being said, we must find the most reputable merchants and while adventuring ourselves in this quest we also stop to review

The website has a pretty nice design, quite elegant and modern. Still, the big glossy pictures, perfectly chosen color scheme and sleekly appearance cannot mask the discrete mistakes, such as writing in the menu bar HERME instead of HERMES or the fact that the Search box covers a big part of the Contact Us button. It is all in the details. Even replica merchants arent spared from the negatives of not paying attention to this very important aspect.

The upper menu bar shows only four available brands, but as expected after you click on one of them, you will see on the generated page that on the left side there is quite a long list of designers. Some of the most famous purses brands are available on this online store. Additionally, each category is divided in sub-collections to help you find faster and easier the model you were looking for. It is a real shame that it does not have an option to filter the items by price because the selection is quite large and if you are limited to a certain amount of money then you will have to go through all the products regardless how relevant it is for you.

The prices of these bags vary from $80 to $320 depending on the fabric and design of the product. Basically, here you will find purses for any budget. Just so you know what you are buying, each item has a clear and inclusive description stating the size, fabric, inside/outside details, markings and hardware. This helps you greatly to understand the quality of the purse and what to expect from it. It also serves as a good guiding mark when comparing these products with similar ones from the same merchant or even from a different one.

There is no information on the website saying what type of payments it supports. The only reference it has is on the bottom of the homepage where we can see the logos for Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and JCB. Because of this I have placed a test order to see what payment options I am given. Surprisingly enough, the only available payment choice was Visa. This makes me doubt the legitimacy of the company. Why cant it just state the fact that it only takes VisaBeing transparent about your business will always help you gain customers not the other way around.

The company ships packages with EMS and the delivery is free worldwide. Furthermore, your package will reach its destination in about 7-14 business days and the order processing time is of 3 days. Of course, all orders are shipped with a tracking number which can be used to follow the progress of the shipment. So considering the fact that the delivery is free, everything else about the shipping policy sounds pretty fair to me.

All orders enjoy a 15 days return and exchange policy. This means that within the first 15 days from the delivery you have the right to send the item back if you are not happy with it, but please note that for this you first need to contact Customer Service and request the appropriate return details. Also, the costs of returning the items plus a restocking fee of 15% will be supported by the customer. Another important thing is that the refund will be issued 2 weeks after the merchant receives your returned package. So before deciding to send a product back you should really put in balance the Pros and Cons to see if it is worth the hassle.

The pictures available for these replica handbags are quite good. The quality of the image isnt very impressive, but overall the numerous photos showing the various angles and parts of the bags manage to summarize the important specifications of the purses. You can see the front, inside, bottom, handles, pockets and hardware of the products. Basically, everything that is important. The downside is that you cannot enlarge the images. Oh, I almost forgot! The name watermarked on the pictures is which is the name of another functional replica bags website. This means has stolen the photos and we cannot trust that when purchasing something from this store we will actually receive it.

The Customer Service is also a hokes. The chat button redirects you to the Contact Us page where the only available contact information is their email address, [email protected] The fact that it does not provide a reliable contact channel and that everything about its customer support is shady and not trustworthy makes you wonder what will really happen if you receive a faulty item or if you do not receive a product at all. is an online replica seller of designer handbags that provides a wide range of luxury models perfect to suit the needs of any woman passionate for fashionable purses. The reason why I doubt its liability and the existence of its business is that its pictures are copied from another store and it does not offer a reachable Customer Service. This being said I do not recommend it to anyone unless you have some friends who have bought and received products from this store.


All online replica companies praise themselves as having good bags and is no exception. Especially because of this, we, educated e-shoppers have to turn its products, policies and services up-side down until we are positive that is a trustworthy supplier of high quality replica handbags.

I do not know if someone took even five minutes to think about a coherent image, message and design for The whole appearance looks cheap and unprofessional. There are banners with Asian writing on them, surely Chinese, and the logo is an Eco sign with something in the middle that resembles to a bottle, bullet or even worse.? Judging just by its design I really cannot say that it does any favors to its products. I think it is a cheap looking website and they should really do something to make it look more professional.

The left side menu bar is quite simple and it lists only eleven brands. Indeed, these are ones of the most loved brands in the world and, probably, the replica companies that everyone is looking to buy. From my point of view, the collection isnt that inclusive. Furthermore, it doesnt list Chanel which is one of the most sought-after bags manufacturers. Also, there is no filter or Advanced Search option on the site so you can sort the products. This is because there are only a few dozen items per collection, just Miu Miu and Prada have a couple hundred products or more and need to be divided into sub-categories.

The prices for the bags are about $200-$300. This is basically the average price on the market available for replica handbags. The products are advertised as being made from genuine real leather and if this is actually true then, indeed, the prices of these purses are fair. The description is a reinforcement of the fact that the products are correctly priced. Each detail is clearly explained as for anyone- expert or not- to understand the quality and design particularities of these items. Fabric, handles, strap, hardware, logos, snap buttons, pockets, lining and sizes. Everything is stated so you know exactly what you are getting.

On the Payment page there are- on the very top- large logos of the accepted payment methods and these are: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Western Union and Bank of China(surely Bank Wire). Additionally, in the bulky text included on this page it also says Money Gram. As I was curious to see which one of these many options is actually supported I placed a test order. Surprise, surprise! Only Visa is available after Check Out. And people wonder why no one ever trusts replica websites. will need about three business days to prepare your order for shipping. All packages are shipped with EMS, UPS and DHL and a tracking number is provided. The usual delivery time is 5-8 business days, but if by any case your order does not arrive after more than 45 days then they will reship it free of charge. Also, on the Shipping page the company claims to charge a $25 shipping fee for each item you order, still when I tried to submit an order I was charged $30 per bag. This is another incoherence in their policies which discourages me badly from trusting this replica merchant.

The company only accepts returns if you receive an incorrect item or a defective one. Reasons such as not happy with the quality are not accepted for exchanges or replacements. The good part is that there is a 30 days return policy. This means that, in case the bag breaks, you have almost a month to test it and figure out its quality and actual product value. Very important: shipping costs and a 5% restocking fee are not refundable so you should consider these costs before deciding to return an item. There are many additional costs and hassle involved with returning a bag to China so think very well before getting caught up in something that you might end up really regretting later.

The pictures are simply awful. There is only one image per handbag and that image is of very poor quality. Looking at over a dozen products I have found: blurry pictures, pictures with other website names or chines email addresses or even pictures that do not match the description. Clicking on a photo will only open it in another tab. It will not open a picture gallery for that purse. I was very disappointed of this serious lack of interest towards providing photos of its real merchandise. This only raises some serious questions. Does it actually have a stockIs it a legitimate companyOr is it just a fraud who has gathered information from the Internet to mix and match it in the hope that it will look like an actual online store

The only way of contacting the company is through the means of a Contact Form available on the website or by email at [email protected] The use of only these two communication channels and not of a phone number or a chat option shows a low liability and attention towards customer satisfaction. I strongly advice you that before placing an order on this online store you first contact Customer Service and you make sure they answer every question you have. is your typical Chinese replica company. It shows off with an impressive collection of beautiful expensive designer replica handbags in order to get your attention and make you blind to other important aspects such as the incoherence of its payment policy, the considerable shipping costs, the disadvantageous return policy, the obviously copied product photos, unreliable customer service and doubtful trustworthiness. I honestly do not recommend that you submit an order on this website unless you actually know people who have bought handbags from here and they were in all ways satisfied with their purchases.