I know you love handbags. I knew this from the first moment you set your virtual foot on my blog. Luckily for you, I am an even bigger fan of these fabulous lady accessories. I am addicted to anything that is fashion related and designer purses are my biggest thrills. The thing is that I tend to be smart about my money and I always find the best price-quality mix. This is why my replica designer bags are purchased only from the best sellers and are flawless in every way. And it all starts with a good review, just like the one below.

I guess, one could say that the purpose of an online replica store is to counter luxury, but naming your website Counterluxury is a little bit too much. Or maybe they were aiming for the over the counter luxury meaning. No matter how you interpret it, the thing that is certain here is that is one of my most recent discoveries. It is an e-shop that promises a lot and I am prepared to review it today and shade some light over all the questions we might have about it. So are you ready to find out if this is your next stop on the path of finding a new and sensational fake handbag

The homepage doesnt do the trick. It doesnt impress and convince us to look deeper. The appearance is dreadful. It lacks elegance, sophistication and that unique friendly touch that all good online stores should have. The design is dull and utterly uninteresting. On the top of the page there is the name of the site with big black on white letters, the center is reserved for a sliding banner with 3 images that sequentially say: Shop Valentino, Shop Celine, Shop Louis Vuitton- so I guess that this merchant sells only 3 bags brands. Then under the banner we see a very simplistic menu that confirms my guess. There are only three buttons- for Celine, Louis Vuitton and Valentino.

Im not going to lie. The usability of the website is not that good. The first issue is with the difficulty in finding information on the page. To a first time visitor, its not clear, how to browse the products. It takes a while until you understand that the banner serves as a menu that directs you to the brand categories and it takes even longer until you realize that when you click on one of the brands these are loaded on the bottom of the homepage and not on a separate page. And Im not done yet. The products are not displayed on pages that can usually be browsed by clicking 1, 2, 3 or next. There is a barely noticeable more button on the bottom which loads them gradually. This makes the whole browsing process very slowly and difficult. As you can imagine, there is no filter or advanced search bar to find the desired model.

Maybe you never pay that much attention to the product page and to the type of information that is included here, but you really should as this says a lot about the replica bag and about the companys professionalism. For instance, doesnt provide that much info about its fake purses. On the page of each item there is a generic text that resembles more to a short history for that model, but no actual details about its design, materials and functionality. Also, the product review sections seem to be empty for most of the bags which doesnt convince me at all.

I got to tell you, these replicas are anything but cheap. The prices start at $350 and go all the way up to $600. It is probably more than most people would be prepared to spend on a replica, but I honestly cant ignore the fact that usually higher prices mean better quality. And sometimes for some products it is totally worth the extra bucks, especially if you want it to look legit. I suppose, this is one of those cases.

Probably, the thing that I like the most about this website is the fact that it has very good quality photos for all of its fake purses. These are just those kinds of pictures that allow you to see how good the quality of the products really is. Each item has 6 detailed images that present the bag from all possible angles. Close-ups show the craftsmanship of the metal accessories, the finesse of the real leather, the flawless stitching and the functional interior. Honestly, if you werent convinced until now that these replicas deserve the slightly higher price then these photos will do the trick.

The shopping cart is very simple and clear. Besides the usual Continue Shopping, Update Basket and Proceed to Checkout buttons it has an Apply Coupon section that is quite useful for discount-hunters. There is no mention here about a delivery cost and, as you will soon find out, this is because the company offers free worldwide delivery which is terrific news for most of us. The orders are being shipped with two main carriers EMS and DHL. The packages that are being dispatched with EMS take about 5-10 business days to arrive whereas the ones sent with DHL are delivered in 3-8 business days. Also, there is a page on the website called Order Tracking that can be accessed with your order number and email, and it shows you everything you want to know about your package.

After seeing the excellent product pictures and finding out that the delivery is free I was really excited about this e-store, but things soon changed when I discovered that it does not accept returns. Apparently, the company can not issue a refund for your order if you do not like it or if you have changed your mind. They consider that the quality of the replica bags is very good and that you need to carefully make your choice before submitting the order. You are not allowed to change your mind regarding the color or style of the bag. The only thing they can do is replace the knockoff if it is faulty.

Its very interesting to see how things change when it comes to customer service. Not long ago, a contact phone number was crucial for ensuring good quality aftersales services, but now it is all about technology and even live chat is out of date. The most recent innovation, one that is available also on this site is live chat apps that can be used from a smart phone. Simple, cheap, but effective. WECHAT is the service used by and it is available via your mobile phone. Another way of talking to one of their representatives is by emailing your questions at [email protected] The only thing I do not like about this option is the fact that it is not a business email account, but an unprofessional Gmail one.

We cant counter the qualities of this online replica handbags shop. It has a nice selection of designer purses, very good quality product pictures, free delivery, friendly customer services and, also, it prefers to keep the superior quality of its bags by focusing only on three main brands- Louis Vuitton, Celine and Valentino. This and the fact that it has considerably higher prices makes a clear selection of its clientele and attracts only those people who dont mind paying extra for better imitations. But, of course, has some minuses that I just cant ignore: the design of the website and the usability are terrible, plus, the product specifications are not provided and a refund policy is not available.

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