Ladies, upgrade your style cause there is a new replica designer bags store in town! encourages us to suit ourselves with some of the most glamorous purses models on the market. Louis VuittonPradaHermesWhat will it be, gals

On the homepage we find an elegant and youthful design that excites us and provokes us to discover more about this online store. It is a user friendly and simple website that is easy on the eye in the most pleasant possible way. The middle section is dedicated to a very wide banner that features a collage of bags photos. On the top there is a plain brands bar and on the upper right corner of the page we find the functional buttons such as Sign Up, Currency, Shopping Cart and the Live Chat button. I like the overall aspect of this online replica store as it is simplistic and stylish.

Even though on the upper menu bar we only find three available brands, after we click on one of them we are redirected to the selected category and a longer brands list appears in the left side of the page. There are exactly 15 designer names that are being sold at this online store. Believe me, you dont need more! Especially if we consider the fact that here we find all the important replica purses brands around the world.

The prices for the bags vary between $150 and $250 depending on the brand name, materials, size and style. This is basically the average price we find on the market for replica designer handbags and I must say that it is a reasonable price if we consider the fact that the purses look just like the real bags. offers a 15 days money back policy. This means that within the first 15 days from the delivery of your replica bag you can send it back for an exchange or for a refund. If you are not happy with the fake purse, the first thing you need to do is to contact the company and request the return details.

The company ships packages worldwide and the delivery for most major countries is free with EMS. If you request for your imitation purses to be shipped with a different carrier then you can pay for the price difference. The order processing time is about 3 business days and the delivery time with EMS is about 7-10 business days. All packages are shipped with a tracking number and for the delivery a signature is required.

Every category from the menu is divided into sub-collections with the same name as the original collections. This simplifies the whole process of browsing through the products, but it cant really compensate for the fact that there is no advanced search available. This means that for some larger sub-categories such as Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas you will have to search through at least 5-10 product pages. Honestly, an option to sort the purses by price would have been really helpful.

The description page is not so well made. It is too brief for my liking. It does state all the important details of these replica purses, but it does not explain the particularities in a comprehensive manner. You can clearly see that the company does not pay that much attention to the needs of its customers. If it did then it would have presented all the important product details in a more professional and descriptive way.

If we believe what it says in the bottom of the page then we are supposed to think that the company accepts payments by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and JCB. This would have been too good to be true. Nowadays, there are not that many replica websites that are able to process such a wide range of payment methods. This can also be confirmed by simply Checking Out of the Shopping Cart. After you do this you will see that the only available payment option from the Order Form is Visa Card. As they say honesty is the best policy so why lie about itIt only makes things worst. It shatters any possibility of building a trustworthy image for your company.

Please note that the shipping charges involved with returning an imitation handbag purchased from need to be paid by you, a 15% restocking fee will be deducted from the refunded amount and the initial shipping fee isnt refundable. The companys warehouse is in China and in order for your refund or exchange to be completed you must ensure that the replica bag is safely delivered at their facility.

What I have read on their shipping policy and considered as very unfair was the fact that if the package is lost or damaged during shipping then the company does not assume responsibility for this. In other words: they do not guarantee the safe delivery of the package.

The pictures are not of an impressive quality. These are not clear or detailed enough. Whats even worst is the fact that the images differ from product to product. Some replica bags are photographed over a white background while others are photographed over a grayish or black background. So probably, these pictures are from more than one source. The fact that the photos are not property of also checks up when we take a closer look and we see that the watermark they carry is of a different website:

If at first I was delighted to see that the company has a live chat button on the upper right side of the page. Sadly, after clicking it I was reminded that I am only dealing with an ordinary replica online store, one that is only supposed to look decent and professional. You have probably already guessed this; the live chat button is just for show. The only way we can contact is either by Contact Form or by email. is nothing more than a pretty appearance. Even if the website looks professional and friendly, the company is actually highly unreliable and unreachable. Things like having a difficult to browse website, badly written product description pages, copied product pictures, unfair shipping policies, numerous additional costs for returning a product, lying about the accepted payment options and about the customer services it provides- all these prove that it is an online replica store that shouldnt be trusted. So buyers beware!

If you are looking for gorgeous ad affordable replica bags, faithful copies of purses freshly launched on the worlds most famous catwalks then you may probably want to check out Is it a trusted fake handbags companyKeep reading this review to find out! is a replica website with such a simple and nice design! It has a black and grayish color scheme, retro-chic large sliding promotional banners, a few sponsored fake luxury bags and a basic top menu bar. It is a very user friendly online store that invites all fashion passionate women to indulge their lust for exquisite designer purses.

So what shall it be, galsLouis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, Prada or FendiIf these are not your top favorite brands then do not despair! This merchant has many other brands available. Just click on one of the top menu buttons and a long left side list will be displayed showing all the much sought after designers of high end handbags. Of course, the possibilities are endless as each category reveals hundreds of best-selling models, models that have conquered the appreciation of countless fashionistas.

After you select one of the brand categories, you will see all of its available collections. Indeed, this very thorough segregation of the replica handbags offered for each designer makes it a lot easier for us to find our dream purse, but it still is incredibly complicated to browse some sub-categories such as the LV Monogram Canvas. This inconvenience could be very easily resolved by including an advanced search or a filter to enhance the functionality of the website.

The replica bags carried by are for all type of budgets. From the most affordable fake Hermes purses at 100 GBP to the more pricey Prada handbags at 400 GBP. Depending on the amount you are willing to spend and on the quality you are looking to buy, here you will surely find a knockoff able to meet both your desired price and degree of authenticity.

The company ships packages all over the world and they do it for free! is able to ensure a no cost delivery for all of its orders by using the following International carriers: EMS, DHL, FEDEX or UPS. Usually, packages take about two business days to be ready for dispatch and once these are sent out, the tracking numbers are sent to the customers by email. The estimated delivery time depends on the destination country. For example, replicas shipped to Europe take about 3-5 business days to arrive while replicas shipped to South America take 4-7 business days. Good news! There is also a lost package policy. This implies that if your package isnt delivered in four weeks then a new one will be reshipped free of charge.

Funny thing about the return policy: it states that it provides a 180 repairs warranty that covers any manufacturing defects and that it does not cover water damages. Because of this we are strongly recommended to not swim, dive or surf while we have the bags on. SeriouslyI wonder, who would ever swim, dive or surf with a Hermes Birkin on her handThats just ridiculous! On a more serious note: if you wish to return the purse for a refund or exchange then you can do this within the first 14 days from the delivery.

Unfortunately the domain name of this website does not match with the name-logo displayed on the top of the page: I really do not know why this is, but it does not inspire me any confidence. is a website that has been shut down. Still, if is its new domain then why did they not just change the name-logo to prevent such concerns from potential customers

The description page isnt that good. The first thing that strikes you is its deficient English language. Next there is the fact that it does not supply any relevant information about the key characteristics of these fake?bags. It only mentions things like gender, materials, handles and that it comes with IDs. It does not say anything about the hardware, logos, serial numbers, inside pockets, lining or tags.

If by any chance you too have noticed the payment logos from the bottom of the page showing Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Delta and American Express then dont get your hopes up! Thats not entirely true. Not all these payment options are supported, but only Visa and Mastercard. The really bad part is that you find this out only after entering all your delivery details. Only after spending a considerable large amount of time browsing and choosing from their wide collection you are informed that their options are that limited!

Please note that all the costs involved with sending back the merchandise are paid by the customer and that there is a $20-$40 restocking fee that will be applied to all refunds or exchanges.

Indeed, the pictures may be very clear, detailed and well made, but these fail incredibly in convincing us that they represent the replica bags carried and delivered by All the photos are watermarked with the name So which is, or LuxuryRex.netWhich one is the real identity of this company and how could we ever believe that what we see in the images is what we will get

Another huge disappointment from this company is its customer service, if we can call it customer service. There is a Live Chat button on the webpage, but relax! It doesnt do a thing. Its just a pretty decoration meant to make the website look nicer. When you actually click on it, it takes you to the Contact Us page. There, you are informed that the customer service is available 24/7, it mentions that you can contact them by email, but no email address is supplied. Only a Contact Form is included. No other communication channel is available.

There are certainly no UK replica bags at this online store. Even if it may seem like a nice website with a wide collection of beautiful replica bags at very decent prices, is nothing else but an unreliable merchant that deceives customers with its multiple identities, false- supported payment methods, costly return policy, unreliable product pictures, and unprofessional customer service.


For those of you who are anxious to enrich your wardrobe with a new designer replica handbag, I have really good news. There is a new online store on the block. It is called and it promises to offer the greatest luxury fake purses at very affordable prices. Is that really soLets find out together!

If you have read a couple of my reviews then you surely know how picky I am when it comes to ordering from a replica bags Internet site. From my point of view, this is a good thing. You dont want to trust your money out there with fraudulent companies or stores that dont deliver what they promise. has a friendly looking website, one that is very easy to browse and that has a pretty interesting design. The background is completely white. The main menu is very discrete- it lists just its main product categories and brands. And the slider features pictures of designer products and its current offers. And below all this, there are pictures of its sponsored products.

As the name of the website also suggests, this company carries mostly Celine products. It has Celine bags of all shapes, sizes and colors. If you are a fan of Celine handbags then this is surely the right place for you. And guess whatWhen you click on the buttons from the main menu for Prada, Chloe, Hermes and Yves Saint Laurent, it takes you to other websites that sell just these brands.

From my point of view, this is a pretty great thing as when a store carries just one brand it is very committed to offering the best quality available on the market for that particular designer. Browsing through the collection of Celine replica bags is really easy as the main collections and styles are included in the menu bar- Classic, Boston, Belt Tote, Clasp and Luggage Tote. Plus, each collection includes only a maximum of 30 Celine models so, naturally, a filter or Advanced Search bar isnt really that necessary for finding the style you want to purchase.

The prices of these Celine replica bags are quite affordable. The smallest purses are the ones that have a clasp closing system and these cost about $200-$250 while the larger ones vary between $250 and $400. This is a rather fair price considering the fact that the replicas are made from real leather and that judging just by the pictures, these are very good clones. Besides, most fake bags sites offer the same price range.

For me, it is very important to find an online store that has very good product pictures. Product pictures are the best way of determining how professional the merchant is and what quality he offers for its merchandise. I was very disappointed when I saw the photos that uses for its fake purses. These werent all taken in the same studio. From what I see, these are copied from at least three different catalogs. My suggestion here is to ask the website to send photos of the actual product they carry before you submit the order.

The company offers two choices for delivering the order. The first one is completely free and it uses EMS to dispatch the packages. The usual delivery time for this is about 7 to 10 working days. The second choice is by DHL, UPS or FEDEX and it costs about $38. When you opt for this, your package will be delivered in about 4 to 7 working days. I dont think that the difference in the delivery time is that big so if it were me, I would pick the free delivery option. accepts only credit card payments and the supported credit card companies are Visa, Mastercard and JCB. Sure, credit cards are the safest way of paying online because your bank always has your back, but there is something about a company that accepts only card payments that I simply do not like. It makes me think that it isnt that interested in providing the best possible payment option to its customers. There are people that do not feel comfortable about putting their card info on the Internet, especially on a page that does not have a security certificate- like Its payment processing page isnt secured so anyone could hack your card info.

The company is very keen on guaranteeing the satisfaction of its customers. This is why it offers a 7 days refund or exchange policy. This implies that any customer can return the replica bag-no questions asked- if within the first 7 days he feels that the product doesnt meet his expectations. Of course, all the return costs must be paid by the customer. The only case when the company will cover these costs is when the product arrives defective.

As you very well know, when you buy something online it is essential to be able to easily contact the store. There are so many questions you have, so many unexpected situations that need to be resolved only by talking with the company that the lack of the proper customer services may mean the disaster of your purchase. This is why I think that should reconsider its Customer Care services. You can contact the merchant only by using a Contact Form. There is no phone number, email address or chat on the site.

At first glance, seems to be a pretty good replica bags online store. It has numerous beautiful Celine fake handbags, decent prices, free delivery and a 7 days satisfaction guarantee. But if you take a look closer you discover a few unpleasant things, such as the unprofessional product pictures, the lack of proper customer services and not offering alternatives to card payments.


If you are reading this then you are clearly one of us, one of the modern chic women who are addicted to everything beautiful and fashionable- bags, in particular. We adore these very useful, clever and lady-like accessories that look so stylish and pretty. Designer purses are the best option for our office or party outfits, are luxurious and functional.

Its hard not to love them considering all the satisfactions they bring to our personal style and comfort. Of course, there is always a downside and when it comes to famous brands the price is what stands between us and our dream purse. However, when theres true passion there is always a way. Internet stores such as offer us the perfect alternative- buying a clone of the original designer handbag, but at a more affordable price.

Everyone knows that a real Prada, Louis Vuitton or Gucci costs a couple thousand dollars. Hermes bags are ever more expensive and you need to be on a waiting list in order to buy one. When you consider all these aspects, there is no wonder that purchasing a replica bag sounds like a more reasonable option. For a couple hundred dollars you can order your favorite model online and get it in about a week. As long as you pay attention to all its quality and aesthetic details, you are sure to get an authentic looking purse that will complement your style fabulously. is just that type of online store that offers fair prices for their replica handbags and the promise of excellent quality. If you are looking for your great next bag then this may be it. The homepage is the perfect reminder of what we adore about these products- their luxurious feeling. Clean aesthetics, well organized layout and alluring banners are just a few of the things that make this website very friendly looking and easy to use.

Here you will surely find everything you need to look super stylish when you go out. Handbags, shoes, scarves, belts, jewelry and sunglasses are just a few of the replica products they carry. And the designer names featured in the list are also very impressive- Fendi, Celine, Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, LV, Prada and many others. The brands are very nicely organized into sub-collections which are quite easy to browse. Only the most popular and representative models are included on this online store so be prepared to be allured into buying at least a couple of them.

Depending on the complexity, fame and workmanship of the replica bag, the prices vary between $150 and $500. The wallets and clutches are the less expensive products featured in the collection, the medium size imitation purses cost about $150-$250 and the larger designs are $250-$500. In my experience, these are the average prices available on the market for these replicas and for the quality and degree of authenticity they offer, it is definitely worth the investment.

All the fake purses have numerous pictures that clearly show how accurate and intricate their design really is. Not all online merchants pay attention to these details, but seems to be very aware of the fact that a shopper needs to see the stitching, the metallic parts, the handles, inside lining, pockets, the tags and logos in order to be convinced that the quality is good and that buying a knockoff from here is a wise choice.

In case you were wondering what are the accepted payment options then rest assured. This company accepts credit card payments- Visa and Mastercard. As you already know the most secure and reliable payment option for buying stuff online is credit card. I always pay this way because no matter where and what I am purchasing, I can always trust my bank to protect each online transaction I make. is obviously a company that has customers all across the world. A confirmation of this is the fact that it ships packages worldwide with some of the most reliable shipping carriers- EMS, UPS, FEDEX and DHL. The usual delivery time is about 5-10 business days and a tracking number is assigned to all packages. Another thing though, shipping isnt free. There is a flat rate delivery fee of $40.

Before ordering a replica bag online you should always check the stores return policy. This site has a pretty fair satisfaction guarantee. In 10 days from the delivery date, you are advised to inspect the purse very carefully and see if there are any reasons for returning it. If you notice any problems, contact the company and they will provide you with all the instructions for sending it back before the first 30 days from the delivery date run out.

Of course, customer care is essential when you are ordering products over the Internet. This is why my recommendation to you is to first contact the agents and discuss all your worries regarding the quality, shipping process and after sales services. Only after you get all the right answers it is ok to place the order. This is what I always do and so far it has turned out great. This website offers customer service by email only so dont waste time. Send them a message right away and find out everything that concerns you.

Believe it or not, replica handbags can amaze you with very authentic looking design, superior materials and extended durability. You just need to know where and how to find the right one. seems to be just the perfect place for indulging our passion for designer replica bags. It has fair prices, a nice return policy, good pictures and worldwide delivery. The only suggestions I have for this store are- more responsive customer services and lower delivery rates.


Thats right girls. We are all dreaming of luxury handbags. We want them so badly that we would go all lengths just to make sure we carry on our arm an exquisite Prada, LV or Hermes bag. We would even buy a replica. Sure, we dream of having the original product, but the exaggerated price determines us to purchase a fake instead. is the ultimate dream store for luxury goods, or at least this is what it wants us to believe. The truth is that it is up to us to prove whether it is trustworthy or not. Below I have included a very thorough review of this online replica store and of the products and services it offers.

The homepage looks pretty good, but it isnt at all impressive. The e-shop has a white background, a very slim menu bar with the main product categories it sells, a large banner in the center doubled by advertisements for some of its most popular collections and products. In the bottom of the screen there is a very large section dedicated to the featured categories and models. The site is airy, fresh and easy to use, but somehow it fails to look elegant and professional.

A quick look at the top side menu bar shows us that sells a wide range of replica products. The company lists the following categories in its menu- handbags, watches, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, wallets, neckties, scarfs, belts and key rings. For every single one of these categories it organizes the models into sub-collections to make browsing easier. Still, what stirs our interest today are the replica handbags it sells. These are divided by type, like briefcases, messenger bags, chest bags and travelling bags, or by brands. Famous brands like Prada or Hermes include about 1,000 so it is understandable why the company needed to include an Advanced Search option on its website. These products can be filtered by material, gender, type and color.

The products being sold here, at, are a little bit over the average price available on the market. The less expensive purses are the smaller ones, like the clutches which cost about $130-$200 depending on the model. The medium size bags cost about $150-$300 while the luggage items are about $200-$400. Sure, some of these replicas may seem pretty expensive, but if the quality is as good as they promise then it is definitely worth it.

The product pictures make me doubt that what I see in the photos is what I will receive. This is because these appear to be taken from many different catalogs. Some replica bags are photographed over a white background, some over a gray one and others on beds, carpets or wooden furniture. Probably, the merchant uses different suppliers and takes the images directly from them. Still, listing pictures as the ones from this site shows that the quality of the replicas cannot be trusted. accepts the following payment methods- credit card( Visa and Mastercard) and Western Union. The best thing about Western Union is that all the orders paid with this method enjoy a 5% discount. My opinion is that no matter how tempting the 5% discount may sound, when you order products online the most secure payment method is credit card. Then if you are unhappy with the products you can always ask your bank to give you the money back.

Of course, the company delivers its replica bags to any country in the world. It actually offers two choices for shipping. One is by Regular Mail which is completely free and it implies a 14-20 business days estimated delivery time. The other one is by EMS which takes about 7-10 business days for the package to arrive and costs $39.69. For the first one you get a tracking number that is updated once or twice a week, and for the second one the tracking information gets updated daily.

The return conditions stated by this merchant on its website are really absurd. Apparently it offers a 7 days refund policy. Everything good so far, but for sending back the goods you need to comply with some restrictions. For instance, you can no return it if you do not like it, if it is in a different color or size then they will not issue a refund. The only acceptable reason for getting your money back is if the product is defective. The same thing goes for replacement or exchanges. Also, there is no word on the entire site about a free repairs warranty.

As expected, the Customer Services provided by this company arent as professional and easy to reach as one may think. It is actually pretty difficult to get a hold of its agents. The main reason for this is the fact that the live chat does not work. When you click it, it loads a new page that says that this chat account does not exist. Also, there is no contact phone number. There is only an email address where you can send your questions. is totally different than what one may consider as a luxury dream. This fake bags website carries a wide selection of replica purses, but the prices are a little bit over the markets average. Furthermore, it has very unfair return policies. Its positive aspects are related to the free delivery and diversified payment options.


Needless to say, when it comes to handbags we all want quality, affordable prices and exquisite design. The problem is that with luxury designer purses this is really impossible. These products are usually extremely expensive, something that we regular gals will never afford. To take advantage of our passion for beautiful handbags, replica merchants have outdone themselves by crafting very authentic looking purses and selling them at decent prices. In consequence, we are constantly looking for online stores like where we can indulge our lust for fabulous bags.

Almost in all cases you can tell if a replica merchant is reputable or not just by taking a look at its website. The looks of its e-shop is everything you need for determining whether it is professional and reliable. From what I can tell, is nothing different than the rest. It has a very simple homepage that features a white and red color scheme, a plain top menu bar, a common wide promotional banner and a couple of sponsored products. There is nothing too special or too attractive about this site.

The company does not sell just handbags. It is the type of merchant that impresses with a very wide selection of replica designer products, like wallets, belts and shoes. It tries to offer you a broader range of fashion items, ideal for a stylish look. To browse them, you just start from the top menu bar that includes links for the most important products categories. Regarding the bags, the store carries a limited, but inclusive collection of famous designers like Hermes, Fendi, Celine, Prada and Louis Vuitton. There are about 2 dozens of different designers available on this website, and every single one is divided into sub-collections. Plus, there is a price filter included on the website to make browsing a lot easier.

Some of the products are very affordable while others are very pricy. For instance, there are many replica handbags that cost about 150 GBP-250 GBP. These are mostly smaller size models with a simplistic design. But there are also a few that range between 250 GBP and 400 GBP. And there are also exceptions, like the Hermes Birkin 35CM 30CM Tote Bag made from original gray leather that costs 525 GBP. Thats a lot for a replica purse!

The product pictures Ive seen on this website do not inspire any confidence. These are the clear proof that this merchant isnt professional and reputable. The problem is that the replica handbags are photographed in different locations. Some images look like professional studio photos with a white background while other look like amateur pictures. The latter ones show the products on a sofa next to a metallic horse head, on a white fur carpet, on the arm of a lady or on a wooden floor next to a furniture piece. I really cannot trust that what we see in the pictures is what we will receive if we order from this store. is able to process only credit card payments. It does not accept alternative payment options like Western Union, Money Gram and Bank Wire. On this website you can pay only with Visa, Mastercard, JCB and Maestro. Sure, there are very popular and trusted payment methods, but the real problem is that the payment page where you are supposed to enter your card info isnt secure. This means that your details can be accessed by hackers.

The company offers two choices for dispatching our orders. One is the much appreciated free delivery that in this case doesnt sound that tempting. The main issue is with the very long delivery time. Apparently, it takes about 10-25 business days for the package to arrive at your address. The second option is by EMS and it costs about 17 GBP. For this method the estimated delivery time is about 4-10 business days. I do not know about you, but I for one prefer to pay extra and get the package in a reasonable time frame. offers a 45 days money back policy. This is one of the most impressive refund guarantees I have seen online. Basically, you have one and a half month for returning the products and asking for a full refund. The only thing that you should know is that you need to pay for all the return costs and that for a refund the products must be in original condition. Otherwise they will just replace the replica handbag with the same model or with a different one.

Now, if you were expecting excellent services from a replica handbags online store, do not hold your breath yet. is not that type of company. On is website there are no details for contacting its agents by phone, email or live chat. The only option you have for sending in your questions is by using the Contact Form included on the Contact Us page. This proves how unreliable and unprofessional this merchant really is. is not the ideal replica purses online store. You may be tempted by its large selection of best-selling purses, low prices, the 45 return policy and free delivery, but there are so many other things that turn it into a very unwise purchasing decision. These things are- the unprofessional product photos, the unsecure payment processing page and slow delivery optio.

Today, we will again focus on the art of imitation. is one of those replica bags stores that claim to offer high quality knockoffs and not just any type of high quality, but a 7 stars one.? Because any smart shopper will first look at the facts and afterwards consider the promises, I invite you to join me on a thorough review of this company and see what kind of products and services it really offers.

As far as design goes, has a very complex website. It is right at the limit between elegant and over-crowded. Its homepage is stuffed with all sorts of menus, buttons, sliding banners, static banners, featured products and bulky texts. It takes a while to get used to it and visualize the important information. Because of these things, it is not very friendly or easy to use. Also, even though it features several luxury brands, the home page is reminiscent for LV bags. The colors, the pictures and promotions are all about Louis Vuitton replicas.

The menu bar is located right at the top and it is very simple and discrete. It features buttons for 10 brands and one for Arrivals. ?As you have probably seen on many other replica websites, after you click on one of the buttons, it loads a new page that has in the left side of the screen a very long list with all the available designer purses- more than in the main menu.

The collection is very large and diversified. It basically includes most of the very popular luxury brands. The Louis Vuitton category manages to impress with over 1,500 different models. When you see such a large collection, your first instinct is to be grateful that you have plenty to choose from, but when you find out that there is no filter or advanced search option you immediately change your mind. You just have to go through all of the items until you find the perfect one. Luckily, the replica bags are organized into sub-categories.

The prices are quite affordable and these range between $100 for the smaller bags and $350 for the larger ones. The luggage collection which includes bigger products with many pockets, zippers and belts are pricier. These usually cost about $300-$500, depending on their size and the choice of materials. There is also a wholesale discount available, for bulk orders you get a 50% discount.

The pictures on a replica handbags website are really important because these certify the quality and design accuracy of the products. This is why all companies should invest in their own photos. For instance, does not appear to have its own product pictures. On the site there are several types of images- some with a white background and some with a gray one. Both types are very clear and show the fake purses from all possible angles. Plus, you can also enlarge the photos. But all these do not mean a thing if the pictures were copied from other catalogs.

When you order a replica handbag from you have the option of paying by credit card or by Western Union and receiving a free Louis Vuitton wallet. Yes, maybe the free wallet offer may sound good, but I do not know if it is really worth it. Western Union transfers are less secure than credit card payments and all these transactions are usually charged a fee that varies between 5% and 20% of the amount you are sending. Better opt for credit card payment and pay for the wallet if you want it that badly! does not offer free delivery no matter how many products you buy or where you want them shipped. The company charges a $20 flat rate shipping fee and is able to deliver your order worldwide. This shipping rate isnt that expensive and the packages are shipped with EMS. If EMS delivery isnt available in your country then they will use DHL, Fedex or UPS. The usual delivery time is about 7 business days and the store also needs a couple of days to prepare the products for dispatch.

The company offers a 14 days replacement or refund policy. This policy has a condition though. If the reason why you are requesting the return is related to the quality of the replica bag then they will compensate you for the return shipping fee and send the new one at their own cost. If the reason is not related to the quality then you will have to pay for the shipping back costs and a $30 restocking fee. ?Furthermore, it does not mention a thing about offering a repairs warranty. If the bag breaks after the first two weeks, what happens then

On the website, the only options you discover for contacting customer service are by chat or by sending a message through the Contact Form. A phone number and an email address are not provided. Regarding, the contact form- it says that in 24 hours all questions will be answered. I highly doubt that. I also tried chatting with an agent. I clicked the chat button that said Online and Ive waited for more than 30 minutes for someone to take my chat. This did not happen.

Just like many other replica bags online stores, specializes in selling Louis Vuitton purses. Even though it carries various other brands, LV represents the largest part of its collection. If it wasnt for the poor customer services, unreliable product pictures and unfair return policy, it would be the perfect website for those who are looking for a new Louis Vuitton purse. Still, the company has some pros as well and we should mention them- affordable prices, worldwide delivery, credit card payments and a diversified selection of beautiful knockoffs.

Bags Vista

There is something about bags that is purely irresistible to us, women. Every time we see a beautiful handbag our world is shaken to its core. We instantly know that we need to have it. In the rush of things, we imagine the infinite possibilities of styling up our favorite outfits with this amazing purse and then we suddenly realize that we dont actually afford a Prada, Hermes or a Louis Vuitton handbag. Sure, these look stunning and probably are worth every single penny, but, still, $2,000 for a purse is a bit too much for the average gal. This is where Bags Vista store come in. Honestly, it is the most practical and reasonable solution for such a dilemma. You get your dream designer purse for a price that you too can afford.

Now, finding the right online replica handbags store is never easy, but if you put a little effort into it you will discover that it can be extremely rewarding. The Internet is full of e-shops that offer bestselling designer purses at decent prices. is one of them. This website invites us to explore its rich and diversified selection of replica purses. It tempts us with iconic brands at prices that are just a fraction of how much the original ones cost. But before going even further we must know if it is also a reputable company, a good place to buy online. Well, just keep reading and I will tell you all about it!

You got to appreciate a website that knows how important it is to keep it simple. Simplicity is the key element for the design of its homepage. A white background, contrasting red menu with black elements, elegant and suggestive pictures, creatively positioned offers and a modern vibe are the first things that appeal to us. I, personally, like the fact that everything looks friendly and intuitive. It only takes a moment to get from the homepage to the right sub-collection so you can browse the styles you like.? If you are in a hurry and dont like time wasters then you will surely appreciate its great usability.

I think its time to talk about the really important things here, about the replica handbags that this store offers.? The collection is fairly big and varied. By taking a look at the main menu we notice that there are 6 major brands available for purchasing: Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Prada, Celine, Christian Dior and Gucci. For easier browsing, these are organized into sub-collections and there are also a couple of filters included on the left side of the page. My impression is that the site has a rather selective offer of best-selling models. It doesnt go over the top by having a huge collection of brands and products, but, instead, it plays it safe by providing only iconic designs that are very popular. Honestly, sometimes it is better this way because you can concentrate on the style of bags you are actually interested in than get distracted by the countless other products that are exotic and eye catching by nature, but do not match your preferences.

Price is a sensitive topic for all of us and also the main reason why we decided to get a replica in the first place. You dont want to pay for a fake as much as you would pay for an authentic and less famous brand bag, but at the same time you know that if its a superior knockoff then it cant come cheap.? This is why the average price for a high quality replica bag is about $200-$350. You cant seriously expect to find a real leather authentic looking LV or Hermes fake for less. Quality and looks come with a price. A quick look at its products shows that Bagsvista? positions itself among the majority of online imitation purses stores by having average prices. There are only a few bags that cost less than $200 and also a couple of exceptions that dare to go above $300.

I probably do not have to remind you how important pictures are. These make all the difference in the world. If an online store has bad pictures then it doesnt matter how good the quality of its products is because the online shopper will never be convinced into buying them. Only clear, elegant and detailed pictures have this power. These are the much needed preview of the replica bag you are buying. I do like the photos that Bagsvista? has for its knockoffs. These are very clear and beautiful, plus, the white background makes it easier to focus on the design of the bags. But I wish there were more. There are about 2-3 photos for every bag. These usually, show the inside, outside and, maybe, the base or side of the purse. But experienced replica buyers like me always need to see more, to know more about the products they are considering buying.

The merchant offers International delivery. It doesnt say where it ships from, but it can ship orders worldwide. There is a flat rate shipping fee that is calculated upon checkout depending on the destination country. A flat rate shipping fee is always a good thing because you dont have to stress about how many items you add to your order or about the weight. No matter what you order, you pay the same for shipping. Apparently, it takes a couple of days to ship out the products and these are delivered by EMS. The estimated shipping time is 7 business days and a tracking number is provided. A very interesting mention I read on the delivery page is that the package is guaranteed to clear customs. If not they will reship it, free of charge. offers a 10 days return policy and reminds us in bold letters that this policy is the best guarantee that what we see is what we get. Thats pretty much what we all really want when we order a replica bag online: to get exactly what was advertised in the photos. This is why it is nice to see that there are still websites that offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. No matter what the reason might be, if you do not want to keep the product then you simply return it before the 10 days are up and you claim your refund. Well, from this point of view, I totally agree with this shop and I would encourage all replica shoppers to buy only from companies that offer a money back guarantee.

There is another thing that is important when ordering fake bags online and thats customer service. If you dont have the certainty that your questions will be always answered and your problems resolved then youd better go for a different e-shop. Thats why I never buy anything from the Internet before I speak to someone from their customer care team. This seller can be contacted by email and I have sent a couple of inquiries to see if they get answered. It was a nice surprise to see that it has friendly and helpful customer support. I got replies to all my messages and in a timely fashion. Overall, I was pleased with their services.

Bagsvista.cos got potential. There are some things that I find pretty good about this store. These mainly refer to the 10 days money back guarantee, affordable prices, International delivery, friendly customer service and easy to use website. On the other hand, there are also other things that need improvement, such as extending their collection with more brands and models and offering more product pictures from varied angles. Since Ive got this beautiful Louis Vuitton Neverfull replica from Bags Vista, I am convinced that it is a reputable company and I would definitely recommend this store.