If its in fashion, we all want to buy it! We all want to be trendy with a designer purse on our arm and we would go to all lengths just to fulfill this dream. Is the right online replica bags store for thisLets find out!

The company sells Shoes, Scarves and Bags, but we will focus only on the fake bags. These fake bags also represent the largest part of its replica products collection. On the bottom top menu bar we can observe the most popular purse designers around the world. Balenciaga, Chanel, Christian Dior, Prada or Louis Vuitton are just a few of the famous names that are being sold by Only nine handbags brands are included in the menu bar, but when you click on the All Brands button we discover fourteen other designer names. Surely, any woman passionate by fashion will find here a couple of dream bags suitable for styling up her outfits.

After clicking on one of the brand names, a list with all the available designers is displayed in the left side of the page. Each category is nicely organized in collections. This is a very good thing as it makes it easier for us to find the models that interest us. Additionally, there is a filter that allows us to sort the products by name, price, model or rating. I dont think that an advanced search is needed on this website as each brand category includes only a couple hundred models so browsing through all the items is not that difficult and does not require that much time.

The less expensive replica bags here start at $70, and the more expensive ones go up to $300. The average prices offered by most online replica companies are $200-$500, so I guess it is only safe to say that has really low prices for its imitation handbags.

As any self-respecting online replica company, offers a money back return policy. To be more specific, all customers who are not satisfied with the products can return them within the first 15 days and request a full refund. Within the same time frame, the replica purses can be exchanged with the same models or with different ones. is a pretty fashionable replica bags store. It has a very appealing look due to its whitish homepage with nice colorful accents represented by the wide promotional banner, the blue and orange live chat button and the blue and pink name logo. Wait a minute! ReplicasMall.comI thought that this replica bags store was called Still, if we access we see that both share the same wide banner and preferences for colorful accents. The only thing is that is a blog and not a shop. And judging the looks of it, it is a Chinese based blog promoting Chinese replica stores.

What I have noticed is that these replicas do not have an actual description. Their description page is a joke! The only thing it includes is the size of these fake purses. No other information is provided.

The company claims to accept the following payment options: Western Union and Money Gram with a 10% discount, and also Bank Wire without a discount. This is very strange as after checking out, the only available payment method is Cash on Delivery. Why state that you take certain payment methods when you do not even include them in the order form. Also, does not take any type of credit card payments. This is very strange. I dont find it pretty secure ordering from a company that isnt able to process any credit card transactions. ships packages worldwide and the delivery takes about 7-15 business days. The downside is that the company does not provide free delivery and the shipping is actually quite expensive. For example, to send an order to US is $47. It seems like a great deal of money just for shipping. The packages are shipped with EMS, DHL or UPS and a tracking number is provided. Also, it takes about two days to prepare an order for shipping and the company does not offer a lost package policy.

What I absolutely do not like about their return policy is that the merchant does not offer a repairs warranty.

The pictures are not the companys best asset. Some replica bags have only one photo- the presentation image- while others have additional and more detailed pictures, but these are of very low quality. Furthermore, from fake purse to fake purse, the background of the images varies. Some products have a whitish background; some have a grayish one and other have a blue one. None of these pictures is watermarked. The quality and discrepancy of the images show a tremendous lack of professionalism.

Customer service: Everything about the interactivity of this replica bags online site is as fake as it gets. It lists two contact phone numbers. These are both invalid. I tried dialing them with an USA and a China country code. Each time I got a message saying invalid phone number. On numerous occasions I tried the 24/7 Live Chat button and every time it was Offline. To top that, the customer service email address is a highly unprofessional and unsecure Gmail account: [email protected] Additionally, the buttons from the bottom of the page that should direct us to their Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google+ pages, do not work. Everything here is just for show. is just like fashion: it looks good and it may seem like a great idea, but in practice you may discover that its not that hot after all. Indeed, the company has very low prices, a pretty wide collection of fake designer purses, and worldwide delivery, but everything else tells us to stay away from this online store. The beware signs are: it does not accept credit card payments, it does not have a responsive customer service, the product photos seem to be copied from different sources, the shipping fee is a little bit high and it does not have a repairs warranty.

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