All the roads lead to or, better said, this online merchant will probably do about anything to make sure that all our money trails reflect how much we love its replica purses. You never know where you will find your next hit bag so lets take a few minutes to check it out!

First things first, it seems that pink is never out of style when it comes to designer fashion accessories and this website surely is a pretty unique pink appearance. And I say unique because its rudimentary design is unquestionablypretty unique. A recurrent theme of pixelated pink rectangles is, in fact, the whole design of this webpage, this and a couple of randomly pasted pictures bearing the name of some of the available brands.

The left side menu bar is incredibly long and it does not include only buttons to the products which are thoroughly divided into brands. The same menu also includes links to informative pages such as Contact Us, Tracking and How to Order. From head to toe, this website is very poorly designed and constructed. It shows little consideration towards its esthetics and usability. Getting back to the products it supplies, I must admit that it has quite an impressive selection of replica handbags.? It provides the most renowned designer names in the world, plus a few of the ones that are less famous, but greatly appreciated for their extraordinary designs.

Browsing through the collections is a real nightmare. Just imagine, when you click on a brand like Gucci, for example, it displays some bag pictures with their sub-category name on the center-right side of the page. If you then click on one of them it shows, on the same description page and for the same price, all the available colors or fabrics of that particular purse, but there is no Buy button. Additionally, on the right side menu bar the sub-collections such as the ones of Gucci- Soho Medium, Tassle Hobo and so on- look and are listed identically as the main collections/brands, Gucci, Hermes, Prada. This creates a lot of confusion regarding where a category starts and ends.

As there is no way of sorting the products or to search for a specific type of bag using predefined criteria such as price, I had to browse the website for a very long time so I can determine the price range for these replicas. Basically, the prices start at $140 and, depending on the size and fabric, can go up to $280. These are very decent prices for replica purses and if the quality is good then it is definitely worth it.

What I absolutely do not like and find it unacceptable for an online store is the fact that you cant order directly on the website. You need to email them your name, country, name of the bag, brand and color you want to purchase. They will reply with the payment information. On the How to Order page where they explain this policy there is no word about the accepted payment option, there are only a couple of waving dollars images and a Visa and Mastercard logos. I have also searched throughout the whole website and I could not find details about its payment policy.

There is also not too much information about the delivery either. From what I have read on their page, all packages are shipped with EMS and a tracking number is supplied. Of course, it does not say how much time is needed to prepare the items for shipping and how long does it takes for the package to arrive. As expected, the shipping fees are not stated either. The only thing it does clearly say is that the customer is responsible for the safe delivery of the package and this is just because the order was sent with a tracking number. Apparently, they consider that by tracking it you can also prevent any unwanted events during shipping. This is quite an exaggeration and, frankly, a pretty unfair policy.

I honestly laughed when I read the second row of its Return Policy: Please Choose Carefully, As We Do Not Issue Refunds. ReallyGlad to hear it! This is basically the point where one should exit any e-shop that admits having this approach towards its customers satisfaction.? If your products are good then you do not consider the customers right of requesting a refund as a threat. You, at least, offer a 3 or 7 days refund guarantee.

The pictures do not impress me much. This is probably because for every design, it includes only one photo of each available color. The photo is a pretty common one showing only the front of the bag. It only provides a general impression of the product and it does not reveal any specifics or close-ups that can help you determine how accurate it really is. Also, there is no way of enlarging the images. The quality of the photos is an average one.

The only way of contacting this company is by email. No chat or phone number are provided. Honestly, after everything I have seen on this website I do not think that contacting them will be necessary. Their prices and their whole website clearly target end-consumers and not resellers. We cant risk giving our hard earned money to such an unreliable company. is an online supplier of replica handbags that I strongly do not recommend to anyone. It is a risky choice and, surely, not a road worth following by any fashionista looking to buy an extraordinary bag that will change her style completely. The first NO is regarding the fact that it does not supply a refund guarantee, next there is the fact that it does not provide any information about the payment and delivery policies, and, lastly, its whole image is the one of an unreliable, unsecure and unprofessional merchant.

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