Nothing can top the feeling of achievement we have when we are wearing a beautiful luxury bag on our arm, even if it is as replica. As long as it is an exact replica bag, no one, except our wallet, will ever know the difference. Is capable of providing us this level of qualityLets find out!

There are two menu bars. The top one is meant to direct us to the informative pages such as New Arrivals, Weekly Deals, Return Policy, Shipping and Contact Us while on the left we have all the available handbags brands like Louis Vuitton, Chloe, Cartier and Lanvin.? There are not that many available brands, but enough to satisfy any city gal that loves luxury purses. Besides bags, the replica website also sells laptops, wallets, scarfs, jewelry, sunglasses and belts. Everything you need to put together a pretty stylish look.

The brands that include a considerably large number of models- like Louis Vuitton , Gucci, Prada and Hermes- are divided into sub-collections. These sub-collections have the same name as the original collections and manage to make browsing more smooth and easy. Luckily, there is also a filter that sorts the items by price and style. This helps us to save more time when searching for a particular model or when we are on a budget. Talking about money, what is the price of a replica purse sold here, at Top-Knockoffhandbag.comWell, it has affordable fakes and expensive fakes. The affordable fakes cost about $100-$500 while the expensive ones range from $500 to $1050. It all depends on the quality you are looking to get and on how much you are willing to spend.

I like the fact that these replica bags have a very detailed and easy to understand description. Each product page presents with just a few words a quite thorough description; it lists the design characteristics, hardware, sizes and handles length. Basically, the specifics you need in order to conclude if this is a good fake or not.

The company proudly states that it is able to complete the processing of all orders in maximum 24 hours. The actual delivery takes about 5-10 business days, worldwide. These are dispatched with EMS or DHL and a tracking number is provided. For quicker delivery you can pay extra and it will arrive at your door step in 3-7 business days. Very important: the replica company does not assume any responsibility if your package is lost during shipping, delivered to a wrong address or if any import taxes are charged for it. is a very retro-chic looking website that due to its purple and gray color mix tends to seem a little bit old fashioned and unaesthetic. Also the page isnt wide enough and because of this it looks very stuffed and crowded. The actual website covers only about ? of the screen, the rest being occupied by considerably large white margins. I do not want to sound too harsh, but it looks anything but top quality.

On the bottom of the page it says that the accepted payment methods are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Western Union. I didnt find any other information on the website about the payment options and this is why I submitted a test order online. I have to say that the available payment methods are very unclearly presented in the order form. There are only three options and these are: Visa-Mastercard2, Visa-Mastercard and Western Union. You simply check-in one of them and in the next step you are informed that the order has been already placed and that you will be contacted shortly by a customer support representative. You are not asked to fill in any credit card details or whatsoever. You are just asked to wait until they contact you for further details.

If you have received the product, but it has quality issues or it has arrived damaged then you can return it within the first 10 days for a refund or exchange. The replica merchant does not accept returns if you simply do not like the item, if you have ordered the wrong model or if the package was returned to sender. They will not reimburse you in these cases. Also, do not use the merchants address written on the package for returning the product as that address is invalid. Contact customer service and ask for the correct return details before you ship it back. The return fees are paid by the customer and the initial shipping fee isnt refundable.

The pictures are very good. For every product there are about 4-7 high quality photos that show various angles of the purses, like inside, base, outer fabrics, logos, handles, pleated sides, lining, pockets, snap buttons and charms. Everything is precisely illustrated and you even have the option of enlarging the pictures to have a better look of the finer details. It is my honest opinion that these images are property of and that they show the actual merchandise the company is selling. The companys watermark is also quite big and quite persistent, clearly showing that they take great pride in their pictures.

The replica merchant claims to provide 24/7 customer service on email, phone and live chat. Of course, it is easy to say something, but it is a totally different thing to actually do it. Proof of this is the fact that every time I clicked on the live chat button which said available, it did not connect to customer service. Out of my numerous attempts, none was successful. Each time it showed connecting, but nothing happened. I have also called both phone numbers, but no one picked up my calls. It got straight to voice mail, even though their customer service is supposed to be available 24 hours a day. is very far from what I like to call a top replica merchant. It doesnt look like one; and it surely doesnt have the policies or the services of a top-notch fake bags website. Its actual pros are the fact that it displays very good and reliable product photos; and that it provides a speedy delivery and a very smooth purchasing experience. Is this enough to convince a replica purse passionate woman that it is the best choice available on the marketWell, I guess this is up to you!


If its in fashion, we all want to buy it! We all want to be trendy with a designer purse on our arm and we would go to all lengths just to fulfill this dream. Is the right online replica bags store for thisLets find out!

The company sells Shoes, Scarves and Bags, but we will focus only on the fake bags. These fake bags also represent the largest part of its replica products collection. On the bottom top menu bar we can observe the most popular purse designers around the world. Balenciaga, Chanel, Christian Dior, Prada or Louis Vuitton are just a few of the famous names that are being sold by Only nine handbags brands are included in the menu bar, but when you click on the All Brands button we discover fourteen other designer names. Surely, any woman passionate by fashion will find here a couple of dream bags suitable for styling up her outfits.

After clicking on one of the brand names, a list with all the available designers is displayed in the left side of the page. Each category is nicely organized in collections. This is a very good thing as it makes it easier for us to find the models that interest us. Additionally, there is a filter that allows us to sort the products by name, price, model or rating. I dont think that an advanced search is needed on this website as each brand category includes only a couple hundred models so browsing through all the items is not that difficult and does not require that much time.

The less expensive replica bags here start at $70, and the more expensive ones go up to $300. The average prices offered by most online replica companies are $200-$500, so I guess it is only safe to say that has really low prices for its imitation handbags.

As any self-respecting online replica company, offers a money back return policy. To be more specific, all customers who are not satisfied with the products can return them within the first 15 days and request a full refund. Within the same time frame, the replica purses can be exchanged with the same models or with different ones. is a pretty fashionable replica bags store. It has a very appealing look due to its whitish homepage with nice colorful accents represented by the wide promotional banner, the blue and orange live chat button and the blue and pink name logo. Wait a minute! ReplicasMall.comI thought that this replica bags store was called Still, if we access we see that both share the same wide banner and preferences for colorful accents. The only thing is that is a blog and not a shop. And judging the looks of it, it is a Chinese based blog promoting Chinese replica stores.

What I have noticed is that these replicas do not have an actual description. Their description page is a joke! The only thing it includes is the size of these fake purses. No other information is provided.

The company claims to accept the following payment options: Western Union and Money Gram with a 10% discount, and also Bank Wire without a discount. This is very strange as after checking out, the only available payment method is Cash on Delivery. Why state that you take certain payment methods when you do not even include them in the order form. Also, does not take any type of credit card payments. This is very strange. I dont find it pretty secure ordering from a company that isnt able to process any credit card transactions. ships packages worldwide and the delivery takes about 7-15 business days. The downside is that the company does not provide free delivery and the shipping is actually quite expensive. For example, to send an order to US is $47. It seems like a great deal of money just for shipping. The packages are shipped with EMS, DHL or UPS and a tracking number is provided. Also, it takes about two days to prepare an order for shipping and the company does not offer a lost package policy.

What I absolutely do not like about their return policy is that the merchant does not offer a repairs warranty.

The pictures are not the companys best asset. Some replica bags have only one photo- the presentation image- while others have additional and more detailed pictures, but these are of very low quality. Furthermore, from fake purse to fake purse, the background of the images varies. Some products have a whitish background; some have a grayish one and other have a blue one. None of these pictures is watermarked. The quality and discrepancy of the images show a tremendous lack of professionalism.

Customer service: Everything about the interactivity of this replica bags online site is as fake as it gets. It lists two contact phone numbers. These are both invalid. I tried dialing them with an USA and a China country code. Each time I got a message saying invalid phone number. On numerous occasions I tried the 24/7 Live Chat button and every time it was Offline. To top that, the customer service email address is a highly unprofessional and unsecure Gmail account: [email protected] Additionally, the buttons from the bottom of the page that should direct us to their Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google+ pages, do not work. Everything here is just for show. is just like fashion: it looks good and it may seem like a great idea, but in practice you may discover that its not that hot after all. Indeed, the company has very low prices, a pretty wide collection of fake designer purses, and worldwide delivery, but everything else tells us to stay away from this online store. The beware signs are: it does not accept credit card payments, it does not have a responsive customer service, the product photos seem to be copied from different sources, the shipping fee is a little bit high and it does not have a repairs warranty.


We are all trying to find the replica bags store that has the lowest prices and the best quality while providing the best services and the highest degree of security. looks very fresh and stylish. For me, it has the appearance of the perfect replica bags online store. It is nicely designed in hues of brown and pink with cute floral motifs. It is clearly a website for women, for women interested in fashion and, overall, in exquisite designer purses.

The focus is on the upper part of the page where we have the main menu with the sponsored brands, and below it there is a sliding banner with four elegant banners presenting some of the most renowned designers: Hermes, Prada, Gucci and LV. In the left there is a more detailed menu with all the brands that are being sold here, at, so if you are really looking to buy some gorgeous purses then this is the right place for you to start.

The bags collection isn?Euro?t a huge one, but it is pretty big. The company includes almost 20 of the most popular brands around the world, brands that have conquered the hearts of countless fashionistas. Furthermore, each collection lists thousands of products and luckily these are organized into sub-categories that have the same name as the authentic collections. The bags carried by are so many that you will surely find your favorite purse model here!

I also like the fact that the website has a price filter that allows you to sort the products depending on the amount of money you are prepared to spend. The prices start at $80 and these refer to the wallets while the larger bags are considerably more pricy, $100-$500. For example, the luggage costs $500. The everyday purses are pretty affordable as most of them cost about $100-$250. Only some of the newer and larger models are priced at $250-$400.

The description page is very nicely done. It doesn?Euro?t miss a thing. It mentions all the parts of the bag and it details it by telling us from what material it is made and what functionalities it has. It manages to be the perfect indicator for the quality and authenticity of these replica purses.

All packages are shipped with EMS and the delivery takes about 5-15 business days. The shipping is free and a tracking number is provided. Usually, the company needs about 1-3 days to prepare an order for dispatch, and a signature will be required for delivery.

The company has a 15 days return policy. Within the first 15 days from the delivery you can contact the merchant and request a return authorization. states it is able to accept some of the most used payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Maestro and Western Union. Of course, this is not entirely true. The company can process only a few of these methods and these are: Visa and Mastercard. These are indeed very secure and reliable payment options, but I just cannot cope with a replica company that lies about the most important aspects of its business. Why not say the truth from the beginningIf it lies about this then what other things is it hiding

Even though, the free delivery is a pretty great thing, still, the company does not provide a faster delivery option and this seems like a huge disadvantage. Please note that there is no lost package policy.

You must know that the return shipping fees are not refundable. If you wish to get a refund then a 15% handling fee will be deducted from the refunded amount. It does not say what its policy is regarding exchanges and repairs, if it can exchange or repair the bags and if there are any costs involved with this process.

The pictures of these purses show the huge lack of professionalism this company has. Let me explain! The website has at least 4 different types of pictures, obviously, copied from at least 4 different sources. There are the ones that have a white or gray background and these are of very good quality and show all the important parts and details of the purses, including the inside; and then there are the ones that seem to be scanned from catalogues or made in their own warehouse with a regular camera- these are of very poor quality and do not show all the essential parts of the replicas. The product pictures do not have a watermark.

On the website we even find a user center where we can view our orders and even review products, but there is no option to contact an operator. There are also buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest, but these are not for following or liking their account. These are only for sharing their page on your profile. Also, there is no contact phone number, an email account or live chat option on the site. From what I see, this company does not provide any type of real contact information. It does not own an actual social media account, a phone number or email address. You can only send a message through a contact form included in the website and hope that you will eventually get an answer to your inquiry.

At first glance, seems like the perfect place to buy good quality replica purses. This is due to its elegant website, large collection of designer bags, affordable prices, nicely written product descriptions, free delivery and 15 days return policy. But, if you look closer you discover some huge disadvantages and these are: it lies about the payment options it can process, it does not offer a faster shipping option, it has a costly return policy, it does not have a repairs and exchange policy, the product pictures are copied from numerous sources and it does not provide actual contact information. All these convince us that is a risky choice.


If you love Prada bags then you will probably adore It is an online replica store where you can find all the best-selling models at very affordable prices. Wallets, backpacks, clutches and purses are just a few of the beautiful designer items that have been very carefully replicated so you can enjoy the same style and elegance as the countless Hollywood stars who do not miss a chance to show off their brand new Prada.

The website gets your attention right from the first moment. This is due to its extravagant use of red color- the left side menu bar, the center banner and most of the texts are in shades of red. Its overall appearance is a very glossy, elegant and sophisticated one. Its somehow fresh, friendly and alluring just like any e- fashion store should be.

Browsing the site is quite easy. Right on the top there is a very simple menu with buttons for the informative pages and for the Women and Men categories. And on the left side of the page there are the products, organized by gender and style. Each sub-collection includes only a few items. The largest one is the Tote Bags for Women. This section lists 107 designs so, naturally, searching for the perfect Prada replica on this site is quite easy and enjoyable.

I must say that the prices are very affordable, especially if we consider the fact that the authentic Prada bags cost a fortune and you need to be on a waiting list to buy one. Here, it is really simple. With just $100-$200 you can buy a very beautiful wallet or clutch and with $200-$350 you can purchase a medium or large size replica bag.

The images show the products from various angles, presenting all the essential particularities such as sides, front, bottom, zippers, buckles, lining and logos. The clarity is quite good and it suggests that the quality of the fake purses is superior. The problem is that the images are from two different sources. One it uses a plain white background while the other uses a white drape with artistic details such as a miniature of the Eiffel Tower, books, flowers and light houses.

The product description is awful. Some replicas have a short general description of Prada bags, some list only the size while other mention the color and material of the product. No detailed specs are available, such as optional buckles, type of hardware, logos, accessories or inside compartments and lining. offers two types of shipping options. One is free delivery which is available for most countries and it is completely free. The other costs $28 and it implies carriers such as UPS or DHL. Of course, the first one is slower as the package will arrive at your door steps in about 7-10 working days while the second one is much faster, about 4-7 working days. The difference is not that big, plus both options will provide you with a tracking number.

The website can accept only credit card payments and these are: Visa, Mastercard and JCB. There is no option of paying by Bank Wire, Money Gram, Western Union or Paypal. Of course, it is a well-known fact that credit cards are some of the most preferred and secure payment methods for online orders, but sometimes it is nice to know that the company where you are ordering is reputable enough to offer as many payment options as possible.

When you buy a Prada replica from this store you enjoy a 7 days return guarantee. If by any chance, you do not like the purse then you have the option of returning it for a refund or exchange. Simply contact the store and ask for the return info. Of course, keep in mind the fact that there is a return shipping charge and a 20% restocking fee to be paid. These two add up to a pretty significant amount so in the end it may not be worth all the hassle.

Im not too happy with its customer services. Needless to say, contacting the company from where you are buying your replica bags is highly important. And the best direct and quick ways of reaching customer care is by chat and phone. Sadly, does not offer these options. You can only send a message from its Contact Form and wait until they decide to reply.

Everyone loves Prada handbags. These purses are a symbol for style, elegance and wealth. Every woman wants one and for most of us it is just an impossible dream. In return we consider buying a god quality replica bag. Stores like promise authentic looking Prada fakes at very affordable prices, but before going through with the order, stop for a moment to consider its shortcomings- unprofessional customer service, unreliable product pictures and costly return policy.


High quality replica purses- this is what we are looking for. We want to own stylishly designed luxury purses at an affordable price and because this seems to be something truly impossible these days, we turn our attention to fake handbags. Why we choose to do soBecause these knockoffs are made from incredibly similar materials, have an identical appearance and offer us that super-glamorous feel that you get only when you wear a designer purse. The only trick here is to find a decent online store that carriers these ideal replicas. Today, we will focus on and we will find out how trustworthy it really is.

As always, when you first enter a fake purses website you pay attention to its looks. Design is very important as it tells you half of the things you need to know about a company. Is it professional, serious and friendlyThe appearance of its website should reflect all these things. For instance, has a very light, fresh and clean design. It doesnt tell you too much, it just invites you to discover its collection. The white homepage topped with a medium size banner of a gal surrounded by shopping bags and the black and red texts suggest an easy online purchasing experience.

On top of the page there is a very simple menu bar with just 5 buttons- Home, Handbags, Wallets, Belts and Shoes. And bellow the main banner there are a couple sponsored products. Nothing more. As stated above, the company carries a wide range of replica products. No matter if you want to buy a new Hermes bag, a Louis Vuitton wallet, a Ferragamo belt or Christian Louboutin pumps, here you will find everything you need to look fabulous.

Getting back to our first love- handbags-, the collection is pretty rich, but not overly impressive. carries Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Miu Miu, Celine, Chloe, Yves Sait Laurent and many others. Every brand lists numerous different models and the very large number of products makes it necessary to organize each category into sub-collections. Also, the replica bags can be sorted by name and price.

After a few moments spent browsing the products, you soon realize that these replica handbags are pretty fair. Compared to other fake purses the prices are pretty much the same. The smaller bags cost about $150-$250, the medium size ones are $250-$450, some of the larger models are even $500 and the big luggages are over $500. Frankly, if the quality is as promised then these beautiful fake purses are definitely worth the price.

What I absolutely do not like on this site is the fact that the handbags pictures are not property of How can I be sure of thisThats easy! If you browse a few collections you will notice that the pictures are very different. Some bags are photographed over a white fur carpet, some have a plain background, some are next to a vase of flowers and so on. There are at least 4 different sources for these products and this is really bothersome. It just shows how unprofessional the company really is and that we cannot trust that what is displayed in the photos is what will be delivered to us. can accept the following credit card payments- Visa, Mastercard, JCB and American Express. Unfortunately it does not offer alternative payment options. Western Union, Bank, Wire, Money Gram would have been really nice. Sure, no one can deny the fact that card payments are the most secure and recommended for ordering stuff over the Internet, but somehow there is nothing that makes a company more reputable than offering a large range of payment options.

As pretty much all the replica handbags online stores out there, is able to deliver packages to any country in the world. Not only that it ships packages worldwide, but it is also able to offer free delivery. In fact, there are two available shipping options. The first one is completely free and it implies that your package will be shipped with regular mail and that the estimated delivery time will be about 10-25 days. And the second one costs $28 and it means that the order will be dispatched with EMS and that the usual delivery time will be about 4-7 business days.

This is a first. Up to I havent heard of a 45 days money back guarantee. This is possibly the only replica bags online store that offers you the chance to ask for your money back within the first 45 days from the delivery. That is a lot of time for testing the product and deciding if you really like it. If you arent satisfied then you must contact the store and tell them why you wish to return it for a refund or exchange. Even if the return fees must be paid by the customer, the great thing is that there are no restocking fees whatsoever.

I know, you are probably hoping for really good customer services, but dont hold your breath yet. This e-shop doesnt have a clue of what customer service really means. For any professional and reputable online store, this basically implies phone, email and chat services. Unfortunately, can be reached only through a Contact Form.

What can I sayOrdering a replica bag online can be like playing the roulette if you dont do your homework right. Take for instance Highpurse.comeven though it has a very rich collection of replica handbags, affordable prices, free worldwide delivery and a 45 money back guarantee, it still leaves a lot of room for uncertainty. It does not offer alternatives to card payments and the product pictures are not of its own merchandise..


When you are looking for low prices fake purses there is no better place for feeding your fashion appetite than This online store is determined to become your number one source for high end imitation designer handbags, luggage, wallets and more.

Let face it. If you are looking to buy a replica purse then one of your main worries is looks. Yeah, for me appearance is crucial as well. I always judge a book by its covers. The same goes for this website. When I look at it I see a friendly, professional and trendy store. It seems like the kind of store where I would order replicas without worries. Its design suggests that this company has been in business for a while and that it knows a lot about fake purses.

The homepage has a black and purple color scheme that feels very fresh and girlie like. The menu bar is a little bit sophisticated as it has a main part with tabs for Handbags, Wallets and Luggage, and a second section where there are all the available brands like Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari, D G. Below the top menu bar there are a couple of sliding features- one is a medium size banner with images of very popular bags and one is a list of recent orders. In the left side of the page there are a couple of promotional banners and in the lower part there are a few sponsored products. has a pretty large and diversified collection of fake purses. This merchant carries most of the extremely popular brands and every single one of these categories includes hundreds of different models. To make browsing easier, these are divided into sub-categories, like Women Bags, Men Bags, Backpacks, Petite Bags and Briefcases. By organizing its products this way, it makes browsing a lot easier.

The pictures are not a good indicator of the company liability. On this website there are basically three types of photos. There are images that show the product over a white carpet, images that show them over a brown blanket and some that have a white background. By the looks of it, the store copies the pictures from at least 3 different sources and claims to be its own. This might be because it uses several different suppliers and it copies the product photos offered by the supplier instead of making its own. has just the kind of prices that you would expect to find on a website that sells Chinese made replica handbags. These purses cost about $139-$169 which is pretty affordable for a Louis Vuitton, Prada or Fendi bag. The wallets are even cheaper. Most of them vary between $29 and $50. Only some of the luggage items are pricier. From this category, some products can cost up to $400.

I was surprised to see that this merchant offers a pretty wide range of available payment methods. It basically offers you the chance of paying with one of the following options- Visa, Mastercard, Western Union or Bank Wire. Additionally, it offers a free wallet, jewelry or hat if you choose to pay by Western Union. From my point of view, credit card is the most secure option as no matter what happens, your bank will always make sure that your funds are protected.

Good news, girls! ships packages all around the world free of charge. Yes, you heard me right. It does not charge a delivery fee. It ships all its orders for free. I think that this is the best possible discount a replica store could offer. By doing this it lets you know how concerned it is about its customer satisfaction. The packages are shipped with EMS and the delivery takes about 7-10 business days. A tracking number is also provided.

The company offers a 14 days refund or exchange policy. If you have received one of its replica handbags and you are not happy with it then you should contact the store right away to request the return information. The only things you should know are these- there is a 30% restocking fee for returning a product, all the return costs must be paid by you and the package needs to have a tracking number. I didn see anything on its site about a repairs policy that would protect your investment even after the first 14 days.

Surprisingly enough, this online store offers pretty decent customer services. can be contacted by phone, email or live chat. Even though the phone number is from China, it represents a terrific way of getting an immediate answer to your inquiries while speaking to an agent. The customer service business hours are 8 AM to midnight EST, Monday to Saturday.

I think that is a pretty decent fake purses online store from many points of views- it has a large selection of very popular designer models, low prices, free worldwide delivery, a diversified collection of payment methods and an easy to reach customer service. The only things that make us doubt its liability are the unprofessional product pictures and the lack of a repairs warranty.


Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most popular women fashion items designers in the world. This company manufactures some of the most beautiful bags, jewelry, clothing and perfumes around. Its products are the object of desire for countless fashionistas across the globe. is one of the online replica stores that allure women with an elegant website, a splendid collection of luxury Yves Saint Laurent replica items, very affordable prices and free world wide delivery. But besides these very tempting features we should also check how reputable and decent the merchant really is. Below we are going to review this website and see if it is as trustworthy as it looks.
Its homepage is very nicely designed. It is a sleek combination between modern colors, neatly organized features and simple functions. On the top of the page there is a gray menu bar that includes buttons for some of the most important Yves Saint Laurent categories, such as Bags, Clutches, Purses, Best Sellers and New Arrival. There is also a second menu bar in the left side of the screen which also includes the available sub-categories. Furthermore, in the center of the page there is a medium size banner that shows a simple bag and talks about the free delivery and the huge discounts. In the lower part of the page there is also a list with the sponsored products, models from a wide range of styles and colors.
The collection isnt that impressive. carries only a couple of the best-selling Yves Saint Laurent models. Every category is divided into sub-categories that carry the same name as the original collections, like YSL Cabas Chys Bags, YSL Downtown Bags, YSL Ligne Y Bags and YSL Lulu Bags. As there are not that many models available, browsing is really easy. Here you will find only the most appreciated designs manufactured by Yves Saint Laurent, which is actually a good thing because it takes only a couple of minutes to find out if it is has what you are looking for or not.
The products are really affordable as the prices correspond to the ones available on most similar replica handbags stores. Basically, these are influenced by the size, materials and complication of every design. For instance, the smaller models cost about $100 to $140 while the larger ones cost about $140 to $270. The most expensive ones are the luggage models that vary between $300 and $450.
Unfortunately the pictures displayed on this replica handbags site are not that good as one may think. The main issue with the photos is that these appear to be copied from three different sources. Some of them have a white background; some have a gray one while others are photographed next to a pile of books and a red rose. Clearly, does not use its own product pictures and prefers to copy some images from other online stores or suppliers and uses them as if these were its own.
When you order Yves Saint Laurent replica purses from you can only pay with credit card. Unfortunately this merchant does not offer you the possibility of paying by Western Union, Bank Wire or Money Gram. You can only pay with Visa, Mastercard or JCB. I am not at all pleased by this as its payment processing page isnt secure. It is a regular http link that any third party can access to use your information fraudulently.
This fake handbags e-shop is able to dispatch orders to any country in the world. When it sends packages it uses one of the following shipping methods- EMS or Fedex/DHL/TNT. EMS is the slowest option available as it usually takes about 7-10 working days for the package to arrive. The good thing about it is that it is completely free. The second option is also the fastest one available- it takes about 4-7 business days to get the order, but it costs $28.
When I first accessed the Shipping and Returns page to read about its policies I was surprised to discover that this page didnt have any such info. It had only an error text that said Shipping sample text. Apparently, there is another page on the site called Return and Exchange that includes the information which interested me. Here it says that all orders are subject to a 7 days refund guarantee, but that there is a $40 restocking fee applied for all packages that are being shipped back. Also, there is a 30 days exchange policy that allows you to exchange the product with a new one if it has any defects. For this there is a 20% restocking fee applied. And lets not forget the fact that the customer is responsible for all the return costs.
Unfortunately, does not provide the kind of customer service that makes you trust a company. Instead of having a professional and easy to use customer care, it offers assistance only through a Contact Form. It does not have an email address, phone number or live chat available. This is a huge downside as in this line of business you can trust only the merchants that are easy to reach. is something that I like to call an average replica handbags online store. At first glance, it may convince you that it is a great choice due to its beautiful designed website, low prices, free world wide delivery and 7 days return policy, but once you take a closer look you start discovering the worrisome things about its business- such as the unsecure payment processing form, the error Shipping and Return page, and the lack of a repairs warranty.

For a stylish city gal heaven is where all her favorite designer handbags are. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermes, Gucci and Chanel are just a few of the brands that amaze us every season with extremely gorgeous new purses. But no matter how much we love these luxury products, most often these are too expensive for a regular paycheck. As an alternative, there are hundreds of replica handbags online stores that offer very beautiful imitations at a fraction of what the original item costs. is one of the online shops where you can indulge yourself with your favorite purses. But before getting carried away, lets see if it is the right place for ordering replica bags online.

The homepage of is a little bit too overwhelming. The color scheme is white and dark red- colors that are defining for the LV brand. There are also numerous promotional banners and sponsored products. The actual visual problem is with the numerous promotional banners in all sizes and colors that are included on the page. These create the impression of a very unprofessional website that is incredibly difficult to use and browse.

The menu is located on the top of the page and it has a very simple design. It is slim, colored in a brownish-red and it includes buttons only for the most popular brands available. Judging just by the menu, it seems like this company does not offer that many replica bags names, but once you click on one of them a new page loads where you have the full list of brands. The offer is pretty inclusive and diversified, but Louis Vuitton seems to be its main category as it includes over 1,600 different models. Unfortunately, browsing this category will turn out to be an impossible task as there is no Advanced Search available. The brand is only divided into sub-categories.

These replica bags are decent priced. For instance, the wallets cost no more than $100, the small bags like clutches are about $100-$150, the medium size purses are $150- $250 and the larger products cost over $250. The prices are influenced by size, materials, complexity and popularity of the design.

You dont have to be an expert to realize that the pictures posted on this website are not taken in the companys studio. The quality of the images is terrible. Plus, these are obviously taken from numerous different sources. From product to product, the quality of the image, the background and the photographic style varies. Some photos have a white background while others use a carpet, a table, a curtain, flowers or books as dcor. This only makes me think that the merchant is highly unprofessional and that you cant believe that what is shown in the images is what will actually be delivered to you. offers 3 payment choices to all of its customers. These options are announced from the shopping cart where it says that when you pay by Western Union you get a Free LV Mini Pochette Trunk Bags, when you pay with Moneygram you get a Free LV Mini Pochette Trunk Bags and, naturally, for card payments there is no offer available. While you are still on the shopping cart page, you are asked to select the desired payment method. Funny thing, I tried selecting credit card and it did not work. It kept asking me to choose a payment method; Only Western Union and Money Gram could be selected. Also, it did not say which credit card types are supported.

The company is able to deliver your package to any country in the world for a flat rate shipping fee of $20. The delivery company used for dispatching the order is EMS and the estimated delivery time is about 7-14 business days. A tracking number is available for following the status of your package. Unfortunately, on the site there was no option for Express delivery like UPS, FEDEX or TNT. For me, 7-14 business days feels like a lot of time for waiting for your replica bags order.

Every time you are considering buying a product online you first need to check the stores return policy. You need to be sure that in the event you are not fully satisfied with the purchase you can at least send it back for a full refund. Luckily, offers a 14 days refund guarantee, but this policy has its ups and downs. For instance, they will accept the order if you simply do not like it, but all the return costs must be paid by you and there is also a $30 restocking fee. It doesnt say a thing about having a repairs warranty or anything that would protect the satisfaction of your purchase after the first 14 days run out. isnt the kind of replica bags online store that knows how to ensure customer satisfaction. I say this because in this line of business, communication is everything. If you cant get a hold of the company that sold you a product then how can you fix whatever problems you may have with itUnfortunately, this merchant does not offer phone, email or chat services. You can contact its representatives only by sending a message through a form included in the Contact Us page.

As with all fake purse e-stores, you cant get everything right. There are pros and there are cons. In this case, allures us with decent prices, a large collection of replica bags, special promotions and a 14 days refund guarantee. Sadly, the negative sides are too many to be ignored- product pictures copied from numerous other sources, not working card payments and expensive return policy.


All the roads lead to or, better said, this online merchant will probably do about anything to make sure that all our money trails reflect how much we love its replica purses. You never know where you will find your next hit bag so lets take a few minutes to check it out!

First things first, it seems that pink is never out of style when it comes to designer fashion accessories and this website surely is a pretty unique pink appearance. And I say unique because its rudimentary design is unquestionablypretty unique. A recurrent theme of pixelated pink rectangles is, in fact, the whole design of this webpage, this and a couple of randomly pasted pictures bearing the name of some of the available brands.

The left side menu bar is incredibly long and it does not include only buttons to the products which are thoroughly divided into brands. The same menu also includes links to informative pages such as Contact Us, Tracking and How to Order. From head to toe, this website is very poorly designed and constructed. It shows little consideration towards its esthetics and usability. Getting back to the products it supplies, I must admit that it has quite an impressive selection of replica handbags.? It provides the most renowned designer names in the world, plus a few of the ones that are less famous, but greatly appreciated for their extraordinary designs.

Browsing through the collections is a real nightmare. Just imagine, when you click on a brand like Gucci, for example, it displays some bag pictures with their sub-category name on the center-right side of the page. If you then click on one of them it shows, on the same description page and for the same price, all the available colors or fabrics of that particular purse, but there is no Buy button. Additionally, on the right side menu bar the sub-collections such as the ones of Gucci- Soho Medium, Tassle Hobo and so on- look and are listed identically as the main collections/brands, Gucci, Hermes, Prada. This creates a lot of confusion regarding where a category starts and ends.

As there is no way of sorting the products or to search for a specific type of bag using predefined criteria such as price, I had to browse the website for a very long time so I can determine the price range for these replicas. Basically, the prices start at $140 and, depending on the size and fabric, can go up to $280. These are very decent prices for replica purses and if the quality is good then it is definitely worth it.

What I absolutely do not like and find it unacceptable for an online store is the fact that you cant order directly on the website. You need to email them your name, country, name of the bag, brand and color you want to purchase. They will reply with the payment information. On the How to Order page where they explain this policy there is no word about the accepted payment option, there are only a couple of waving dollars images and a Visa and Mastercard logos. I have also searched throughout the whole website and I could not find details about its payment policy.

There is also not too much information about the delivery either. From what I have read on their page, all packages are shipped with EMS and a tracking number is supplied. Of course, it does not say how much time is needed to prepare the items for shipping and how long does it takes for the package to arrive. As expected, the shipping fees are not stated either. The only thing it does clearly say is that the customer is responsible for the safe delivery of the package and this is just because the order was sent with a tracking number. Apparently, they consider that by tracking it you can also prevent any unwanted events during shipping. This is quite an exaggeration and, frankly, a pretty unfair policy.

I honestly laughed when I read the second row of its Return Policy: Please Choose Carefully, As We Do Not Issue Refunds. ReallyGlad to hear it! This is basically the point where one should exit any e-shop that admits having this approach towards its customers satisfaction.? If your products are good then you do not consider the customers right of requesting a refund as a threat. You, at least, offer a 3 or 7 days refund guarantee.

The pictures do not impress me much. This is probably because for every design, it includes only one photo of each available color. The photo is a pretty common one showing only the front of the bag. It only provides a general impression of the product and it does not reveal any specifics or close-ups that can help you determine how accurate it really is. Also, there is no way of enlarging the images. The quality of the photos is an average one.

The only way of contacting this company is by email. No chat or phone number are provided. Honestly, after everything I have seen on this website I do not think that contacting them will be necessary. Their prices and their whole website clearly target end-consumers and not resellers. We cant risk giving our hard earned money to such an unreliable company. is an online supplier of replica handbags that I strongly do not recommend to anyone. It is a risky choice and, surely, not a road worth following by any fashionista looking to buy an extraordinary bag that will change her style completely. The first NO is regarding the fact that it does not supply a refund guarantee, next there is the fact that it does not provide any information about the payment and delivery policies, and, lastly, its whole image is the one of an unreliable, unsecure and unprofessional merchant.


So, ladies, where do we find the best replica pursesHow do we locate those beautiful imitation handbags that take our breath away without completely emptying our pocketsI came across a new online store of designer bags and I invite you to discover together if it has what it takes to become our number one source of luxury replica purses.

First of all, when you try to access it redirects you to is an Internet handbags store that seems to have a nice and soft design, with white, grayish and red accents. The whole layout, color scheme and banners are coherent and manage to put together a pretty lovely appearance. It has just the right look for appealing to the uncontrollable fashion sense of any purse passionate woman while maintaining the basis for a professional and formal online store.

The company features only the best of the best: Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Gucci, Hermes, Miu Miu, Burberry, Fendi Versace and DG. With just nine available brands I guess it is safe to say that the collection is actually not that rich.? At least, this makes the whole shopping session a lot shorter and easier. You either find what you were looking for or you dont! It would have really been this easy if the website had worked correctly.

On the numerous different occasions I tried to browse this online store I have experienced serious problems regarding the very long loading times. Furthermore, the pictures did not load every time I tried to access a category or a product page. Sometimes the images would load instantly and sometimes it wouldnt load at all. It was like a lottery. I was very disappointed by this. How are you supposed to buy something online when the website isnt working properlyI mean, you cant even see the pictures of what you are trying to buy! I really hope they are doing something for fixing this problem.

All categories are divided into sub-collections to make it easier for us to find the model we are looking to buy. ?Still, on the website there is no filter or advanced search option to sort the items according to our preferences. After going through the categories and reviewing the prices, I have concluded that these vary from $100 up to $250 depending on the fabric, size and design of the bag. According to the descriptions, makes its bags from PU, canvas or real leather. Naturally, the leather ones are the more expensive products from the menu.

On the bottom of the homepage you can see countless of logos for card payments, one for Western Union and another one for Paypal even though on the FAQ page it says that the only accepted payment options are Visa and Mastercard. At this point I was very skeptical about the whole payment policy and I needed to see on my own which method was really supported on the Order Form. It turns out that after you Check Out from the Shopping Cart you only have one option of paying for your purchase and this option is Visa. I honestly feel very hesitant about entering my card details on a replica online store and wouldnt recommend anyone doing something like this.

Orders are being shipped with EMS or DHL. Additionally, the company claims to provide FREE worldwide delivery. Well, this is not true. On the Order Form you are asked if you prefer to have your package delivered with EMS for $20 or with DHL for $30. The usual order processing time is 1-2 days and the delivery time varies on the destination country. Orders sent to Europe take about 5-7 business days to arrive while orders sent to USA, Australia and other major countries take 10 business days.

Refunds are accepted within the first 14 days from the delivery no questions asked. So if you are not happy with the items you have purchased then immediately contact customer service and make sure you send it back before those first 14 days are up. Please note, the return costs are the customers responsibility and the refund will be issued only after the returned package is received. And most important, the initial shipping costs are not refundable. An exchange can be processed only if the merchandise is defective or damaged in which case you also must return it within the first 14 days from the delivery and face all the shipping costs associated with this. What I absolutely do not like is the fact that it doesnt say anything about a repairs warranty and frankly I think that if the item breaks after two weeks of receiving it then you are stuck with it.

The pictures are of high quality as on some of them you can even see scratches, glue or other imperfections. There is no point in arguing this; the clarity of these images is indeed very good. The problem is that on the photos listed by for its bags you will find the following watermarks:, or None says or This only shows that the images were copied from other sites and that these are not of the merchandise being sold here. To be honest, I seriously doubt the legitimacy of this website: aka

The company can be contacted by Contact Form and by email at [email protected] It doesnt provide a contact phone number or a live chat option. Additionally, it claims to provide around the clock customer care, still it adds that emails are usually answered in about 24 hours.

We all know that buying replicas online can be very tricky. Maybe, risky is a better word for it. There are a lot of scams out there and we need to be careful. After reviewing all its policies, its website, pictures and services I must say that doesnt inspire me any confidence. I just dont feel that I can trust a company that uses copied products photos, has serious issues regarding the functionality and responsiveness of its website, lies about its accepted payment options and about providing FREE delivery, doesnt offer a repairs warranty or reliable customer services. MY advice is to stay away from this company.