Zbag.co.uk is identical to the website www.usreplicabagstore.com that I have already reviewed.?? After some extensive browsing and reading I have confirmed that all the information and all the products posted on both webpages are exactly the same. Just the domain name is different, but both online stores belong to the same company. Another proof to support this statement is the fact that these two e-shops use the same email address, [email protected]

My main concern regarding this retailer was the fact that it uses photos that do not belong to him. All the pictures have the watermark of bagthee.net on them. The Bagthee.net website is a functional online store that sells a wide range of replica handbags, watches, clothing, shoes and accessories. Not posting photos of its own merchandise and using stolen pictures can only suggest that Zbag.co.uk does not have an actual stock. The next possible conclusion is that it is a scam site and that we should stay away from it. Anyone who orders from this place risks having his money taken and not receiving anything instead.

So no matter how much we need to buy a certain replica handbag, no matter how beautiful it looks in the pictures or how low the price is, we need to be careful how we choose the online store from where to order it. Zbag.co.uk and Usreplicabagstore.com are the best example for a possible fraud website. At first, it seems like the perfect supplier for high quality designer purses and it hypnotizes us with an impressive selection of glamorous models- just the right pieces for enriching our bags collection-, but after browsing through the website, reading its policy, noticing the stolen pictures and the unreliable customer care services, we clearly understand that there is much more to this merchant than meets the eye. It has all the signs of a scam page and from my point of view you should avoid purchasing something from this place. Of course, unless you have some strong recommendations for it from people you know who are satisfied with the products purchased from this company.

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