These days, we tend to buy the brand and not the product. When we want to purchase something new we pay more attention to the name on the tag than rather to the design and functionality of the item. This is why, we are so fascinated by every handbag that was produced by a famous designer. We see these expensive purses everywhere- in advertisements, on TV and even on the arms of fashionable women on the street. So how could we not dream of having oneNo matter how impossible this desire may seem to be. The good news is that the Internet is full of replica sites that sell a wide range of fake designer handbags. All you need to do for buying a perfect imitation is to know from where and what to buy. Continue reading to become an expert in this artful job.

Take Ebrandbuy.com as an example. This online replica merchant looks very friendly and professional. It has that e-shop vibe. It feels like it could be a terrific source for good quality replicas. The homepage is pretty simple. It has a white and blue color scheme, a large static banner with an obvious message about their free delivery offer, easy to use menus and a clean layout. Judging just by its looks, it is the type of Internet store that knows how to attract and engage its visitors.

The website has two menu bars. One is located on the top side of the page and it includes buttons for 7 brands and an All Departments button. Funny thing, when you click on the All Departments button it takes you to a page that contains the same 7 brands displayed in the main menu. No other designer names are available. The homepage also shows a secondary menu in the left side of the screen, but this one lists only 6 brands. After browsing the collection, I have concluded that the selection of this site is pretty limited. It carries only 7 brands- Hermes, Celine, Prada, Givenchy, Miu Miu, Stella Mccartney and Proenza Schouler. To make browsing easier, every category is organized into sub-categories that have the same name as the original collections.

The prices tend to surprise you. Some fake purses are decent priced and cost about $150-$250, but others are outrageous. I think I could cope with the fact that some good quality replicas are $400-$600, but I simply cannot understand how in the world a fake bag can cost $1250. This is how much a Hermes Birkin 35 costs on this site. Maybe it is way less than the authentic one, but with this money I could buy an original designer purse of a different brand- like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Celine or Prada.

I am not very happy about the product pictures displayed on this website. My main issue is with their authenticity. I do not think these were taken in the companys studio or that they represent the replica bags that are being sold by this merchant. It appears that these photos were taken in several locations. Some have a white background, some have a gray one and some have a pink one while others are photographed over a bed or a carpet.

Incredibly enough, Ebrandbuy.com accepts a much diversified range of payment methods. In fact, the biggest surprise ever was to see on their site that they accept Paypal. I havent seen in ages a replica handbags site that takes this payment method. Of course, the company also offers the option of paying by credit card- Visa and Mastercard-, by Western Union, Money Gram and Bank Wire. There are also a couple of incentives for some of these payment choices. For instance, For Western Union and Money Gram you get a 10% discount and for Bank Wire you get 5% off.

As I was saying at the beginning of the review, the company offers free world wide delivery. When you choose to benefit from their free shipping promotion, your order is being dispatched with EMS. For this carrier, the estimated delivery time is 7-10 business days and a tracking number is provided. If you are in a hurry and you need to have your order delivered sooner then you can choose to pay extra for DHL delivery. The costs depend on the destination country and the usual shipping time is 4-7 business days.

Ebrandbuy.com offers a 30 days refund, exchange and repairs policy. The funny thing about the refund policy is that you cannot request your money back if you just do not like the product. The only accepted reasons for returning a replica bag is if it is faulty and sent incorrectly. I do not think that this is fair to the customers. Also, the return shipping fee must be paid by you and the company will charge a 25% restocking fee for all returns.

I do not like the fact that this store does not offer professional customer services. The only way of contacting their representatives is by sending an email at their Gmail account. This feels very unsecure and unreliable. All decent online stores provide Customer Care by phone, live chat and a business email address.

Ebrandbuy.com is a very confusing replica watches online store. It has many strong pros just as it has numerous concerning cons. The good things about this site is that it offers free worldwide shipping, guarantees the safe delivery of the products and offers numerous payment options, including Paypal. The downsides are that the prices are pretty high, the collection is very limited, the return policy is quite unfair and the customer services highly unprofessional.

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