I like to think that Im not the kind of person who gets obsessed by every small detail, but when I enter a new website and I see a statement like ?Over 78,000 happy customers since 2007 I simply cannot ignore it. It takes a lot of courage to make such a statement, especially in the replica business and when a replica merchant says such a thing I feel compelled to check it out further and see how truthful this statement really is. Join me as I turn this fake handbags website upside-down trying to confirm its legitimacy!

It seems that on the top menu bar there is room for only the featured brands which are Hermes, Prada and Fendi. The other luxury designer names are available on the left side menu bar which I must confess it includes a pretty large number of categories. Here you will find the best of the best, popular designs that throughout the years have won the hearts of many fashionistas. So whats going to beLV, Alexander Wang, Givenchi, Miu Miu or ValentinoThe offer is endless.

Your next perfect replica bag is just a click away. Browsing through the products is easy and smooth. This is possible due to the fact that the brands are divided into sub-collections, there is also a filter available so you can sort the replicas by price and there is also the option of choosing to view 20, 40 or 60 items per page. Considering how beautiful these models are, browsing will turn out to be a piece of cake; choosing just one purse to buy will be a real challenge.

These replica purses are very affordable. Very important, all prices are in GBP. The less expensive knockoffs are the imitation pochettes that cost about 40-60 GBP while the more expensive products are the bags that cost about 100-190 GBP. This is still very cheap for a fake designer bag and if the quality is good then it is definitely worth its price. As an observation, the prices vary depending on the materials used, on the bags size and on how popular a particular model is.

The product description page is written with rich details regarding the purses shape, fabric, hardware, interior design, pockets, sizes, accessories and authenticity documentation. Unfortunately there are a few pretty obvious and huge typing mistakes that ruin the overall professional look of this replica description.

Orders that exceed 50 GBP benefit from free delivery while orders that are less are subject to a 10 GBP shipping fee. This replica company is able to deliver packages worldwide with international carriers such as EMS, UPS and TNT. A tracking number is provided and it usually takes about 1-2 business days for the order to be dispatched. After the purchase is shipped the actual delivery takes about 7-14 business days depending on the destination country. The very encouraging thing is that if your goods are lost during shipping then the company will pay to reship the items.

The merchant provides a no questions asked refund policy. It is very reassuring to see that there are still companies out there that are fair enough to reimburse you as long as you respect their return requirements. asks you to send the item back within the first 14 days from the delivery. After the first 14 days only an exchange or repairs request will be accepted. All returns are at the customers own cost and the initial shipping fee will not be refunded. The best part is that each item is delivered with a 180 days warranty. During this time if you have any issues with the product you can either exchange it or repair it.

No doubt about it, this replica website looks awful. The top banner is unbelievably old fashioned and dull looking with its numerous brown tones top banner, paired up with a neon orange menu bar on the left. The promotional banner has a very poor quality and is colored in a highly unaesthetic color-mix. It just isnt the kind of website that suggests luxury, good quality and exceptional services.

On the Payment page it says that the replica company is able to process Visa, Mastercard and Werstern Union payments. All orders paid with Western Union benefit from a 5% discount. As on the replica market nothing that sounds this good and professional can be completely true, we find out upon Checkout that Mastercard payments are not supported. This does not surprise me as most replica websites are not able to process Mastercard, but it would help save a lot of time for every Mastercard owner if they just said the truth from the beginning.

All the pictures seem to be from only one source, but unfortunately this source is as the watermark from the images very well says. is an ex-replica website that was been shut down by Chanel. This raises an inevitable question: if its prior domain was closed what guarantees us that the same thing wont happen againWell, nothing and no one can guarantee this. We just need to make sure we buy a pretty good replica from them before anything like this occur. Judging by the high quality images, the products seem to be of very superior quality, with exact looks, materials, hardware, authenticity markings and accessories. can only be contacted by email and by contact form. The email address is an unsafe and unreliable Gmail account. No other types of contact channels are supported. This makes very difficult to get a direct and immediate response for Customer Service if we need their urgent assistance. seems to be a very good source of good quality luxury bags for various reasons: it provides very clear and detailed product photos; it offers a 14 days refund/exchange guarantee, a 180 days warranty, free shipping for orders over 50 GBP, plus it carries a very divers and wide collection of fake designer purses. The downsides are the poor customer service and lying about accepting Mastercard. Here you have it! All the Ups and Downs of this replica merchant. Simply put in balance all the pros and cons and this should help you make a correct and informed decision.

I am sure you are always interested in discovering new and interesting replica handbags stores where you can shop for beautiful designer purses. This is why I am also certain that you are going to adore This fake bags website appears to have some of the most popular models available on the market, models that will style up very nicely all your outfits.

Maybe the homepage doesnt look that cool, glamorous or stylish, but the store has much more to offer than what can be seen there. Behind those shades of grey, pixelated banners and dull menu there is a very wide selection of replica handbags, jewelry, shoes, watches and hats. This company is basically an online shopping mall where you can buy everything you need in a sensational wardrobe.

Today we will keep our focus on designer purses so lets discover the diverse collection of brand names available here! What mood are you in today- LV, Dior, Prada, Hermes or GucciThere are many others waiting to be discovered so dont waste your time and start browsing the collection. The top menu bar is pretty plain and easy to access. From here you can quickly go to the desired collection and view the available models. One thing though, there is no way of filtering the designs by color, fabric or price range. These can only be sorted by name or price, which is pretty inconvenient for those larger collections that have a couple hundred models available.

The prices vary from $140 to $300 per bag. These prices are influenced by the size of the replica purse, the fabric used for making it and the popularity of the design. From my point of view, the prices are pretty affordable. The authentic bags cost thousands of dollars so these fakes are only a fraction of the price.

The company isnt that preoccupied about providing a very detailed and accurate description for its replica handbags. From product to product, the consistency and relevance of the product description vary. Some purses have a more complete set of technical details while others have just a few generic info that arent sufficient to express the quality of these knockoffs.

I am very disappointed by the quality of the photos that uses for its replica handbags. Clearly, the pictures were taken in different studios and are of different quality. Some are clear while others are not. Also, the name written on the images is of a different company. It says instead of Sure, I can understand that the store has changed its Internet address over the years, but what I cannot understand is the lack of professionalism that stopped it from correcting the name on the photos.

The website can accept the following payment options: Western Union with 10% discount, Money Gram with 10% discount and Paypal which is actually written incorrectly on its page- PayPel. The strange thing about its available payment methods is that credit card isnt included. In my opinion, all reputable online merchants must be able to process at least Visa and Mastercard. ships packages worldwide with EMS and the delivery is a flat rate fee of $25. All packages are shipped with a tracking number and the estimated delivery time is 7-10 business days. This is a normal time frame for most international shipments. Also, when the package will be delivered at your address, someone will have to sign for it.

This replica handbags store offers a 14 days refund or replacement policy. This implies that you must contact the company before the first 14 days run out and notify them about your dissatisfaction. Afterwards you will be provided with the necessary details for returning the order and once the products are received, your refund or replacement will be processed. Please note that all the return costs must be paid by the customer, but the company is willing to compensate you for those costs. Compensating us for the money we spend on sending back the goods is a pretty cool thing as most merchants to not even bother to do this.

The company can be contacted only by email. It does not provide a phone number or a chat service. This is certainly not what I like to call a responsive customer service, but at least you know what to expect from it right from the start. Some websites have a flashy chat button on the page which is always offline or redirects you to the contact page, but never actually connects you to anyone. At least, is honest about what it can offer you. is, simply put, just another replica handbags store. It doesnt have anything more or less to offer than your average fake purses website. Its best qualities are a friendly and easy to use website, a wide collection of new and popular designer bags, very affordable prices, 14 days return policy, fast worldwide delivery and discounts for Western Union and Money Gram payments. The downsides are the lack of attention towards the quality of its photos and product descriptions, not being able to accept credit card payments and an unprofessional customer service.

Classicalhandbags is such an elegant and beautiful website. Its a real pity that the company cant out match the nice design with professional services. I am saying this simply because even though Christmas has long passed, on the Home page there is still a large banner with the holidays promotion. It ruins the whole design, which is actually pretty good: a clean and sleek white background, easy to use menu, colorful and modern banners. The looks of this replica bags online store has been very nicely constructed, but sadly the lack of attention to details affects its image greatly.

There are only 3 brands listed in the top side menu bar, but once you click on one of these buttons a new page loads. This page has a long list of designer names in the left side, well-known companies that have created numerous gorgeous purses over the years. So naturally, you feel tempted to browse the collection and discover its wonderful selection of best-selling bags. The categories are organized in many collections which makes it very easy for us to located the desired products.

The prices are pretty affordable and represent another reason meant to convince us that buying a fake purse is the most reasonable option for, us, regular people who arent rich, but still appreciate a beautiful purse. The prices start at $150 and go up to $300. The most expensive bags are the largest ones that are made from the most thick and difficult to craft leather.

The pictures of these replica purses are not made in the same photographic style. Some have a white background while some have a grey one, and others have a black scenery. This only points out that the pictures werent taken in the same studio. Still, all the pictures have the same company name. And even tough, each product has numerous images from various angles, these are not very clear. You cannot see all the important small details of these replica bags.

I like the fact that all the fake purses have unique descriptions that are written with the purpose of clearly explaining to any potential customer the quality of these knockoffs. The descriptions are detailed, but precise and manage to include all the important technicalities and specifications of these products.

The company claims to accept both Visa and Mastercard, but I am uncertain of how accurate this statement really is. When you go to the page where you can select the desired credit card option and enter your details, you see on the screen the message server unavailable. This puts you in the impossibility of paying for your order as no other payment options are supported by this website.

This replica handbags online store can ship packages worldwide free of charge. The packages are shipped with EMS and the delivery takes about 10 business days. Of course, a tracking number will be emailed to you once the package is dispatched so you can confirm its progress online at any given moment. Having a tracking number is very helpful, especially in unfortunate cases such as when your package is stuck in customs, gets lost during shipment or is delivered to an incorrect address. If this happens, do not hesitate to contact the store and ask them to reship it.

If you have received an order from, but you are unhappy with it and you wish to return it for a refund or replacement then be sure to do so within 15 days from the delivery. After this period expires, the company can no longer reimburse you or exchange the product. Also, you might want to know that the costs of returning the items need to be covered by you and a 15% restocking fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

You probably already know that when buying replicas online, it is very important to be able to contact the store easily. Without their help, there are many things that can go wrong with an order. This is why the shop must provide some professional communication channels such as phone number, chat or responsive email services. doesnt seem to realize all this because its chat button is just for show. When you click it, it directs you to the Contact Us page. Of course, no phone number is provided and the email address is an unsecure and unprofessional Gmail account.

If you have made it to this point of my review then you have already acknowledged the pros and cons of buying a replica bag from Still, I will sum up everything for you. Its strong points are: very low prices, a very diverse and large selection of beautiful designer bags, a 15 days return policy and free world wide delivery. The concerning issues are: the payment processing page doesnt work so you cant actually pay for what you want to order, it does not offer a professional customer service and the quality of its product pictures is pretty bad.


A woman can never have too many handbags. Who claims otherwise is either a man or a gal who hasnt yet discovered the lush feeling of carrying a chic and classy purse on her arm. Once you get your hands on a beautiful bag, you are forever bewitched by it. And why wouldnt you beIt is the perfect companion. It is always there for you to complement your outfit, to help you carry all your essential stuff and make you shine. What more could you ask from an accessory

Well, for starters, it could be affordable. The most exquisite bags are the ones created by designers and these cost a fortune. Our passion is indisputably dedicated to those models who wear the name of a famous brand, even though we cant quite afford it. This is why replicas are the next best things. An imitation purse has a very authentic design, is made from durable and fine looking materials and offers you the same luxurious feeling. Today, I came across and I want to share with you my opinions about this replica online store.

Obviously, looks is essential when you are buying fake products online. Unfortunately isnt that good looking. It has a plain design, awful banners and unreliable product pictures. The only thing I could say in its defense is that it is quite easy to browse. With a discrete top menu bar with links to the informative pages and a left side menu with the products categories, browsing through this page most certainly will not give you any troubles.

The store sells handbags, belts and sunglasses, but the largest part of the collection is dedicated to replica designer purses. Only the best and most appreciated brands are listed here and each one is divided into Women, Men, Wallets and Luggage. Of course, the Women category is the largest one and this is also organized into sub-categories that include in their name the print and fabric used for making it. This makes it pretty easy for us to identify the style which interests us.

The prices for these handbags vary between $100 and $250 depending on the size of the product and the material used for making it. Other variations that influence the price are the popularity of the design, complexity of the inside compartments and number of accessories it comes with. If we compare these prices with the ones of most online replica stores we see that there is no difference. These are the average prices available on the market.

If you take a look at the pictures of these replica handbags you discover that the products are presented from all possible angles, both at the inside and outside. The images are very clear and large enough to distinguish the essential aspects. The problem is that these appear to be gathered from at least 4 different catalogs. Some photos are a white background, some have a grey one, some are next to a window and some are taken on a fur rug. Most of them do not have a watermark, but a few have some Chinese markings. Considering all this, I am uncertain about the actual quality of these fake purses.

The descriptions for these replica bags are very nicely written and they pretty much tell us everything we need to know in order to understand the degree of quality and authenticity of these purses. is able to process payments by Visa, Mastercard, JCB and Western Union. The great thing about paying for your order with Western Union is that this grants you an additional 10% discount. Of course, no matter how wonderful the discount may sound, you should also consider the fact that credit card payments are the most secure way of paying online.

When you order fake purses from this website, you enjoy free delivery for your products- no matter the destination country. Of course, do not expect it to be overnight delivery. It will take about 7-14 business days for your package to arrive as this will be dispatched with EMS. If you need it faster, then you can pay extra and opt for DHL or UPS. But this will also take about 4-7 business days. offers a 30 days refund policy which covers any manufacturing defects that you may experience with your replica bag and a 7 days refund policy. This means that the first day from the delivery you should inspect your purse very carefully and see if there are any reasons to send it back for a refund or replacement. But please consider the fact that all the costs of returning the merchandise should be paid by the customer. The good thing is that I didnt see anywhere on the site something about a restocking fee.

The company can be contacted only by using the contact form from the site. On the page there is no phone number, email or chat button so you can quickly and easily reach their customer care department. The only thing it says is that their business hours are from 08:30 to 18:00, except weekends.

There are many things we want to find on an online replica bags store and these are: low prices, a large selection of beautiful purses and free delivery. Well, offers all these, but it still doesnt feel like a wise choice. Why is thisBecause it does not use its own product photos, the customer care department is hard to reach and the satisfaction of you order is guaranteed only for 30 days. After this time, there is no repairs warranty available.

The great thing about the Internet is that it can make all our dreams come true. Take for instance, our passion for beautiful replica designer handbags. We could never afford the original thing, but the e-market makes everything so much simpler. You can shop for the perfect imitation luxury purse with just a couple hundred dollars. This being said, we also shouldnt ignore the fact that not all replica websites offer the same degree of quality, services and prices. We need to be selective and choose wisely when we place our orders. Below, I will show you how I separate de reputable ones from the scams. is one of the online stores that promise to indulge our lust for exquisite designer bags with very authentic looking purses, affordable prices and excellent services. Judging just by its looks, its hard to believe that the site is such a great source for high quality imitation purses. Its design is pretty simple and dull. It has a white background, a plain top menu bar with just 4 brands buttons, a lot of text in the center of the page and lots of sponsored products. There is nothing too showy, too impressive or elegant. Still, due to its simplicity, it is quite friendly and easy to use.

The company doesnt carry that many handbags brands. It offers only 10 luxury designer categories, but these are very wide as some of them include about 3,000 different models. Plus, the site offers so many other types of replica accessories, not just bags. Belts, wallets and shoes are just a few of the fakes available here. Also, every category is organized into collections that have the same name as the original ones. This helps us identify quicker the model which interests us. has all its prices in GBP. My first impression is that these are very convenient. For instance, the smaller products like the wallets cost about 50-80 GBP. The purses are 100- 200 GBP while the travel bags cost about 200-300 GBP. This is not such a high price if we consider the fact that the genuine products cost 10 times more. If the quality is decent then it is definitely worth it.

When it comes to the product pictures, this website disappoints greatly. It does not have its own photos taken of its own merchandise in order to convince us that what we see in the images is what we will receive. Instead, it uses pictures copied from different sources, pictures that may or may not represent the actual replica bag sold by the merchant. Plus, the quality of the images is not that great. The photos are small and most of them show only the front and inside of the purse, but not the additional details.

When you order a replica handbag from you get free worldwide delivery by EMS. With this shipping option, your order will be delivered in about 7 business days and a tracking number will be provided for the package. If you want to receive the package sooner then you can choose to pay extra and get it with DHL. The shipping charge for DHL delivery is 28 GBP and the estimated delivery time is 3-5 business days.

The only available shipping options here are Visa and Mastercard. Besides credit card, there is no other method for paying for your order. I totally disapprove with this. I think that accepting only card payments shows that the merchant isnt that preoccupied about the needs and satisfaction of its customers. All reputable and liable companies should offer alternative payment options.

The company guarantees the satisfaction of your purchase with a 7 days refund policy and a 14 days exchange warranty. Like with any other online purchase, when you get a package from this store, you should inspect the product very well and see if it really is what you were expecting. If not then you should immediately contact the site and request the return details. But please keep in mind the fact that all return costs must be paid by the customer.

Unfortunately, disappoints us also when it comes to customer services. No matter how urgent your questions or problems may be, you cannot instantly contact the store because it does not offer chat and phone services. You can send a message by emailing their agents or using the Contact Form included on the page.

Every woman dreams of owning an LV, Prada or Hermes bag, but the stiff price tends to discourage us. Instead of buying the real thing we turn to replicas, such as the ones sold by This company has a very large collection of famous designer purses at very affordable prices, free International delivery and a 7 days refund policy, but the reasons why it doesnt convince me that it is such a great idea are the poor customer services, the unreliable pictures and the limited credit card options.

We, women need so many things when it comes to our wardrobe and style. We need fancy clothes, expensive shoes, shiny jewelry and of course designer handbags. Our look isnt complete unless we have on our arm a very luxurious purse signed by a very famous designer. The problem is that not all of us are rich. Most of us, regular gals, do not have a trust fund that allows us to indulge ourselves with exaggeratedly pricey bags. Instead, we choose a more practical and affordable solution- replica handbags.

The Internet is full of fake purses online stores like that sell numerous beautiful and popular models designed by very famous designers. And just like this merchant, they may not have one of the most elegant websites, but it serves its purpose. The page is designed as to look clean, fresh and friendly. It has a plain white background, a simple red menu bar, a medium size sliding banner, many sponsored products scattered across the homepage and an enhanced usability. Its white and red color scheme contributes to its appealing appearance. It invites you to start browsing the products and discover wonderfully stylish treasures.

By simply taking a look at the simple red color top menu bar you notice that the company doesnt carry just handbags. It offers so much more when it comes to fashionable designer accessories. also sells wallets, backpacks, watches, sunglasses, jewelry, gloves, scarves, iphone cases, belts, pens, hats, clothes and shoes. Practically, here youll find everything you need to look like a million dollars.

But as far as the handbags go, also has a pretty large collection of purses designers. It offers both men and women bags, but of course the one for ladies is far more diversified and wide. In this category we find designers like Hermes, Cartier, Prada, Dior, Mulberry and so on. And every single one includes a couple hundred different models that are organized into sub-collections. Browsing the products is really easy and simple. You honestly do not feel the need of an Advanced Search option.

The thing that strikes you right from the start when it comes to these replica bags is the fact that they are incredibly cheap. All of them cost $20-$30, not a cent more. This is very strange as most fake purses online stores sell these types of products for about $100-$400. The difference is enormous and the question is- whyWhy are these just a fraction of the markets priceAre they lower quality

The company does not offer such great product pictures. The ones displayed on its site are of very poor quality and not all the products have the same style of photographs. These were obviously taken in two different studios. The problem is that none of the replica bags has clear images or detailed photos so you can see all the important details of these products. Also, after taking a closer look at the purses from the images I have noticed that the design of the replicas is very different when compared to the authentic bags. No one would ever believe that these knockoffs are genuine. offers a very diversified selection of payment methods. The company is able to process payments by Visa, Money Gram, Western Union, Bank Transfer and Ria Money Transfer. But even though there are so many options available, I still insist that the wisest method you can use when you ordering replica bags online is credit card. I highly advise you to pay with Visa and be sure that your bank will guarantee the security of your money.

This fake purses online store does not offer free delivery, but it is still able to deliver orders to any part of the world. Depending on how much you are prepared to spend on delivery and how quick you need the package, there are three delivery methods available- Global Post Service for $10.80 with an estimated delivery time of 8-16 business days, EMS for $17 with an estimated delivery time of 5-12 working days and DHL for $28 with an estimated delivery time of 4-9 working days. Also, if you want to protect your package during shipping there is the option of insuring it for $1.99. Of course, no matter the delivery options you choose, your package will be sent with a tracking number that can be used to trace the shipment online. offer a 5-7 days refund and exchange policy. On the website it is stated that you have maximum 7 days from the day you receive the bag to inspect it and see if you are happy with it. If you think that there are any reasons why the replica should be returned for a refund or exchange then you should notify the company immediately. Do not forget that all the return fees must be paid by the customer and that all returns are subject to a 30-50% restocking fee.

On the contact page it says that Customer Service is available 24/7. Still, when I tried the chat button it directed me to a window that said to leave a message as the operators are currently offline. Of course, there is no contact phone number or another way of speaking live to the agents. The only thing you can do to get an answer to your questions is to send an email to their Gmail address and wait until they reply.

There is a huge difference between appearance and quality. For instance, has the decent appearance of any other friendly and affordable replica handbags stores, but the quality of its products and services is way different. This e-shop carries fakes that are very distinct than the original purses, the product pictures are awful, the customer care is very unresponsive and the return policy is very unfair. Because of these things I couldnt recommend the store to any replica designer handbags shopper.


What are the most precious women accessoriesA quick poll among todays fashionistas will reveal that there is nothing more important for the style and freedom of a modern lady than the right wallet bag. This chic duo is truly priceless. It is what completes our personality and image. And what if I would say to you that there is a place where you can find both at a very reasonable priceYour favorite designer wallets and purses are waiting on Care to come in and explore the collection

Like any wise e-shopper, before ordering replica designer products online we must find out how good this website and products are. And everything starts from the beginning. In this case we will take a look at the design of its website. This is basically an average looking webpage that didnt need that much creative work. The template is simplistic and easy to use. It features various tones of gray, beige and green, a plain menu at the top and another one on the left which features drop-down buttons. In the bottom of the page there are a couple of sponsored products. Its aesthetics may not make such a great impression on you, but at least the site is intuitive and easy to browse. takes it role seriously. This company is determined to offer an impressive collection of fake designer items, such as handbags, wallets, shoes, belts, sunglasses, scarves, card holders and key rings. You name it! Everything you could possibly need for completing your style is here. There are two menu bars that you can use to browse the collection and both include the same category buttons. The first and most important one is for Handbags. This one includes very famous and adored names like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Prada, Saint Laurent, Celine, Valentino, Moynat, Delvaux and Balenciaga. Every single one of these brands is divided into sub-collections and has its own price filter; thus making browsing a lot easier.

The really nice surprise about these replica handbags is that the prices are really affordable. The medium and large size purses cost about $100-$250. Only the very large and complex luggage items are pricier. These range of products cost about $300-$400. Oh, and in case you were wondering the wallets are usually less than $100. Considering these prices, anyone could easily afford the style and luxury of a Louis Vuitton, Hermes or Prada bag.

Theres no point in denying it; is a pretty resourceful website. This page contains only replica purses that have the original product photo as presentation image and big, but not high resolution pictures as detailed images.

One thing you should never ignore when you are buying replicas online- the available payment methods. The thing is that a trustworthy company will always be very careful at selecting and offering as many secure payment options as possible. This merchant accepts only Visa, Mastercard and Western Union payments. And the most unpleasant part is that the payment form page isnt encrypted with the https protocol. This means that the info you enter can be hacked by a third party.

These days, companies that offer free shipping all across the globe are not that unusual. In the desire of providing more and more attractive offers, most online replica stores have adopted the free worldwide delivery policy. Usually, they send the orders by using EMS or regular post and the delivery is slower than with a more expensive carrier such as DHL or UPS. In this case, the delivery is ensured by EMS and the estimated delivery time is 7-10 business days.

On the Return Policy page it says that they accept returns, but it does not give that many details about the return conditions. It does not say what are the number of days you have to send the product back, if there are any restocking fees and who will pay for the return shipping fees. I feel that this lack of information shows a great lack of consideration towards something that is very important in an ordering process- ensuring customer satisfaction. If you value your money then you shouldnt order from this store until you confirm all the details about its return policy.

This is one of the worst customer service I have seen lately at a replica bags online stores. is clearly not that preoccupied about answering to the questions and concerns of its customers as it does not offer responsive and professional communication channels. On the website there is only a contact form that you can use to send your messages. There is no contact phone number, email address or live chat service.

I dont care how affordable the prices may be or how attractive its free delivery may seem, there are things that I just cant overlook when it comes to And these things are: unsecure payment methods, the absence of any relevant information about its return policy.


These days, we tend to buy the brand and not the product. When we want to purchase something new we pay more attention to the name on the tag than rather to the design and functionality of the item. This is why, we are so fascinated by every handbag that was produced by a famous designer. We see these expensive purses everywhere- in advertisements, on TV and even on the arms of fashionable women on the street. So how could we not dream of having oneNo matter how impossible this desire may seem to be. The good news is that the Internet is full of replica sites that sell a wide range of fake designer handbags. All you need to do for buying a perfect imitation is to know from where and what to buy. Continue reading to become an expert in this artful job.

Take as an example. This online replica merchant looks very friendly and professional. It has that e-shop vibe. It feels like it could be a terrific source for good quality replicas. The homepage is pretty simple. It has a white and blue color scheme, a large static banner with an obvious message about their free delivery offer, easy to use menus and a clean layout. Judging just by its looks, it is the type of Internet store that knows how to attract and engage its visitors.

The website has two menu bars. One is located on the top side of the page and it includes buttons for 7 brands and an All Departments button. Funny thing, when you click on the All Departments button it takes you to a page that contains the same 7 brands displayed in the main menu. No other designer names are available. The homepage also shows a secondary menu in the left side of the screen, but this one lists only 6 brands. After browsing the collection, I have concluded that the selection of this site is pretty limited. It carries only 7 brands- Hermes, Celine, Prada, Givenchy, Miu Miu, Stella Mccartney and Proenza Schouler. To make browsing easier, every category is organized into sub-categories that have the same name as the original collections.

The prices tend to surprise you. Some fake purses are decent priced and cost about $150-$250, but others are outrageous. I think I could cope with the fact that some good quality replicas are $400-$600, but I simply cannot understand how in the world a fake bag can cost $1250. This is how much a Hermes Birkin 35 costs on this site. Maybe it is way less than the authentic one, but with this money I could buy an original designer purse of a different brand- like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Celine or Prada.

I am not very happy about the product pictures displayed on this website. My main issue is with their authenticity. I do not think these were taken in the companys studio or that they represent the replica bags that are being sold by this merchant. It appears that these photos were taken in several locations. Some have a white background, some have a gray one and some have a pink one while others are photographed over a bed or a carpet.

Incredibly enough, accepts a much diversified range of payment methods. In fact, the biggest surprise ever was to see on their site that they accept Paypal. I havent seen in ages a replica handbags site that takes this payment method. Of course, the company also offers the option of paying by credit card- Visa and Mastercard-, by Western Union, Money Gram and Bank Wire. There are also a couple of incentives for some of these payment choices. For instance, For Western Union and Money Gram you get a 10% discount and for Bank Wire you get 5% off.

As I was saying at the beginning of the review, the company offers free world wide delivery. When you choose to benefit from their free shipping promotion, your order is being dispatched with EMS. For this carrier, the estimated delivery time is 7-10 business days and a tracking number is provided. If you are in a hurry and you need to have your order delivered sooner then you can choose to pay extra for DHL delivery. The costs depend on the destination country and the usual shipping time is 4-7 business days. offers a 30 days refund, exchange and repairs policy. The funny thing about the refund policy is that you cannot request your money back if you just do not like the product. The only accepted reasons for returning a replica bag is if it is faulty and sent incorrectly. I do not think that this is fair to the customers. Also, the return shipping fee must be paid by you and the company will charge a 25% restocking fee for all returns.

I do not like the fact that this store does not offer professional customer services. The only way of contacting their representatives is by sending an email at their Gmail account. This feels very unsecure and unreliable. All decent online stores provide Customer Care by phone, live chat and a business email address. is a very confusing replica watches online store. It has many strong pros just as it has numerous concerning cons. The good things about this site is that it offers free worldwide shipping, guarantees the safe delivery of the products and offers numerous payment options, including Paypal. The downsides are that the prices are pretty high, the collection is very limited, the return policy is quite unfair and the customer services highly unprofessional.