Balenciaga Classic City (Metallic Edge) Replica Bag Review

Hey everyone! So last year as part of my bi-annual replica bag haul I scored a Balenciaga Classic City in taupe gris with the metallic edge detailing. The real bag retails for $2,490 on Barneys and is completely sold out on Balenciagas official website. The bag is super luxe yet very functional at the same time. The shoulder strap the bag comes with makes it a no fuss bag in the sense that you can simply throw it on your shoulder and go out. Ive always personally had a soft spot for bags with shoulder straps since they make carrying the bag so easy, and help add a nonchalant vibe to your overall look as these celebs showcase while carrying the bag:

Celebs carrying different Balenciaga bags

Another aspect of the bag I love is all the small details starting with the braided handles. I think that the braided handles add such a defining touch to all of Balenciagas models and really think it is one of those signature touches that can help you easily identify the brand. The braided handles add a beautiful sense of femininity to an otherwise very tom-boyish bag in my opinion. Another defining feature of Balenciagas classic bags are the tassels. There are tassels on every zipper of the bag (on the top and the front) and this is another signature design feature which screams Balenciaga to me.

The bag retails for $2,490 on Barneys New York site.

Balenciaga bags are also very slinky. The bag does not stand up easily on its own since the leather is so supple, and it slouches quite easily. I really think that the slinkiness adds to the overall carefree vibe that exudes from the bag. The leather on the particular bag I chose is chevre which is goatskin. I have to say this is the first chevre leather bag I have ever owned and the grain on the leather is magnificent. The texture is matte with a drop of shine, and looks stunning in person (pictures cant really justify the look or supple feel).

Overall I have to say that the Balenciaga City bag is a very thoughtfully designed bag that really makes you appreciate the overall art of handbag design. I think that the bag is really functional for use on a day to day basis and have personally been using it as my go to bag for weekend shopping when I am going for a no-fuss experience. Here are more pics of the bag for you to judge:

The bag came wrapped beautifully with protective packaging around the metallic hardware to prevent it from being damaged during the shipping process.

The braided handle details are absolutely stunning and my favorite design feature of the bag.

The pull-out mirror is also a neat little feature. Even though we live in the age of digital tech. where you can pull out your phone to take a quick selfie or use the camera as a mirror (I dont do this personally but I have seen others guilty of this act), its nice to have an old-school leather clad mirror available on hand in your bag!

The interior of the bag is made with a black fabric lining.

A view from the back of the bag where the detailing is visible. Also I think this picture does a great job of showcasing the suppleness of the leather!

A close-up of the zipper hardware. As I have mentioned over and over on the blog the hardware, zippers, and stitching usually point to how well a bag is made. This is what often separates a good fake from a bad one. As the picture above displays the stitching, and hardware are all on point.

The strap comes in super handy if you want to simply wear the bag as opposed to having to carry it. The strap is a bit longer compared to its authentic counterpart, however this is a minor difference I can live with.

The interior tag inside the bag that is stamped with the Balenciaga logo.

As you can see there is a serial number on the back of the tag that correlates with Balenciagas authentic serial # system. Made in Italy is also stamped in the bag!

The interior zipper of the bag is pull out on both sides make it easy to access the top zipper.

Another closeup showcasing the beautiful grain of the chevre leather as well as the lovely stitch detailing.

This picture shows a top view of the bag where you can see the tassels on the top zipper as well!

Overall I love this bag, and it is an excellent replica in relation to leather, stitching, hardware quality, and overall craftsmanship (9.5/10). However if I were to share one gripe about the bag it would be that I went with the metallic edge detailing. It is very fun and really stands out, especially when you consider the contrast between the leather and hardware, however if I were to pick again Id go for a black bag with all black hardware or silver hardware which would have more of a subdued look. A new Classic City bag is actually on my 2018 bag wishlist so Ill have to order one and let you guys know how it turns out!

Fabulousaaa Review (User Submission): LV Damier Graphite and Epi Mens Bags

Hey guys,Here is a review a kind reader named Cris has sent in with lots of details pics for the site The website is run by Joy who is a very well known replica seller. I personally have not ordered from them because I can see certain quality flaws in some of the pieces, but just wanted to share this review for anyone else out there interested in shopping with them. Thanks for the review Cris and if anyone else has a review for any site feel free to email it in with pics to [email protected]-Angie

Hi?Angie,Ive placed an order on fabulousaaa.comIt was a LV Damier Graphite Tadao tote bag N51192 ($114) andthe LV Epi Leather men bag N59092 ($105).Shipping was $55 dollars which I recommend ordering more than one item as its much better deal.The package came exactly a week via usps right when Ive placed and paid for my order.I will forward you like 14 pictures.My overall experience has been pretty good and the products are very very close to the real thing.Theres no way your can tell its a fake by looking at the exterior and I believe the tote was almost the exact mirror replica and?the Epi bag itself is exact mirror replica while their leather tag was closeif only they would print the leathers a little lower?and the strap is thinner than the real one. and they do not come with authenticity card or booklet.The only I dont know is how they stand over time..Let me know if you need more pics.thanks,Cris

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Pursevalley = Spotbags = Scam

Hey guys heres a quick review about Pursevalley a reader sent in:

Wish I had seen all the negative reviews about pursevalley before I made a $650 purchase. First of all, their shipping is horribleit has been almost a month since I placed an order. I ordered stuff for an event coming soon and its taking forever to ship out to me. I tried to contact customer sevice and they are either very rude (one hung up on me!) or they dont reply to the couple emails I sent. they wasted no time at all getting my money. (Should have not send it through western union because??I cant get refunds nowwish I had done some fact checking before buying). I was deceived by Eva Knox from spot bags because of all her false reviews, no one who does not work for the??company will have such high praises

Here is another Pursevalley review emailed to me by a different blog reader:

I really really wish I had been a more careful shopper and vetted Pursevalley before shopping with them. Their website looks so professional so it is hard not to fall for their tricks. I ordered a few Louis Vuitton bags??that arrived late and damaged. Why did I buy so many the first timeBecause of the discount they give and I also paid through a web transfer since I also got a discount for that payment method. I knew it was too good to be true but sometimes common sense doesnt kick in I guess. Can you please post this so anyone out there can see and have a fair warning before shopping with them.

Stay away from Eva Knox and the Pursevalley circus unless you want to face trouble! As I have mentioned before what irks me and many others out there is not even the fact that Eva Knox owns Pursevalley (which actually does irk me because it is so deceptive) but more so the fact that she cant run her business properly and keep her customers satisfied. This isnt the first time she is doing this either! Eva used to own a different website and deceive people under the name Sofia Nolan.

If you have any experiences with Pursevalley,, or Eva Knox feel free to comment and share your stories below whether they be positive or negative! CLICK HERE to read a previous discussion where many blog readers weighed in on their experiences with Pursevalley and Iposhmoda!


Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Replica Handbag Review

Hey guys! So I bought the LV Soft Lockit in the darker beige/camel-ish color tone (not sure of the official name) from Designer Discreet (their website is and it turned out beautiful! The leather is very soft and you can definitely tell that the quality is up there in terms of replicas. The interior is actually genuine suede as well, and the stampings are generally on point! The only thing I will say is that the hardware (as with all replicas) is not as substantial as my authentic bags but nonetheless this is not something that you can really spot visually, and is more of a weight/feel thing. I have yet to see ANY replica bag that has hardware comparable to the authentic except one C****L bag I bought a while ago which was a lucky shot I guess. Anyways I have posted the photos below. Let me know what you guys think of the bag in the comments!

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So You Want to Buy a Louis Vuitton Replica? Tips for Snagging as Close to the Real Deal As Possible.

We all love Louis handbagswe cant say enough about its timelessness or general chicness. But when you are in the market for a used or replica Louis Vuitton bag there are certain dead give aways that you need to truly be aware of before you make a purchase in order to avoid the fake starea term I have dubbed to describe the leering eyes of those who have trained themselves to spot a fake a mile away and give a smug look to the owner once they have done so. It is a horrible feeling but oh so preventable if you educate yourself on what to look for when shopping for that perfect LV (whether it be a Neverfull, Palermo, Tivoli, Speedy etc.). The following are key tips I recommend:


This is a fake LV handbag. The Ts are touching one another giving away that it is fake right away to any discerning eye. Please watch out for this if you are after a handbag that looks exactly like the original. If you are not willing to give as much scrutiny then you need not mind this post.??


If the handbag says made in France it is correct. If it is written in caps MADE IN FRANCE the handbag is a fake and this a deadly giveaway to anybody who knows anything about LVs. Please be careful about this ladies as this is one thing which is easy to miss yet so important! However do keep in mind that LV does not only produce their handbags in France but it can also be stamped with a different countrys name such as the US or Spain. As long as it is not in all caps you are safe.


Looking for a handbag, and found a color you have fallen in love withThat is fine my darlings but please make sure the color is part of the official color collection by LV otherwise it will certainly be a dead giveaway indicating your handbag is fake. So please doubleand maybe even triplecheck to make sure the color is an official color. This will save you a LOT of embarrassment when you are asked about it by others.

The official LV website is an amazing tool which is free and at your disposal. There is an endless supply of information there which you can use to your advantage when looking to make a purchase! USE IT PEOPLE!


Louis Vuitton has recently released more variety in their classic Monogram Canvas Neverfulls in that the interiors are available in other colors including the fuschia and mustard yellow we can see here. These are called the Neo Neverfull bags. I personally love the mustard yellow interior. Which one do you preferI need to get my hands on a good replica of these and share with you guys!

If you are buying a piece from the Monogram collection please ensure that the inside is the same lining color as the authentic Monogram Canvas collection (brown interior) and not the deep red like the Damier Ebene collection. There is nothing that screams fake as much as an incorrect interior does. Remember that when it comes to buying a designer handbagthe inside is just as important at the outside. It is all about vanity at the end of the day, and it would be a horrible injustice to own a handbag from a manufacturer that couldnt even respect the basics elements of design of the brand they are seeking to mimic. Let me know if I missed anything important in the comments below and I will update the post!

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Louis Vuitton Artsy MM Monogram Canvas Replica Review

Hi guys! I am not sure if you have already seen my review on the Neverfull Damier Azur I ordered in an MM size but I had a bit of a Louis Vuitton replica haul this month (I mean who can resist when you get so many bags for the price of one authentic model ) so I wanted to also share a review of my gorgeous Artsy MM I also received. In case you dont know the sizing code for LV the MM refers to the medium size usually in a particular model, just the PM usually represents the small size and the GM the larger size. The bag is a counter quality replica which I have spoken the importance of many times to look for when shopping for replica bags as this is what the sellers use to refer to the highest quality of bags which exist on the market! The Artsy is a really fun bag which has a bit of a slouch to it when you carry (as you can see in the photo above where the bag is being carried). I have always wanted the Artsy because I think it is so easy to both dress down and up, and I always love having versatile pieces in my wardrobewhether it be clothing or accessories!

I am truly in love with this Louis Vuitton replica, and love love love the braided portion at the top of the bag which the replica manufacturer (DD) got right in terms of detail, since I think on the Artsy the easiest thing to mess up is the braid on the top handle of the bag which would make the replica look completely awkward if it were done wrong! My replica also came with a suede interior lining which is awesome and is genuine suede to touch which is another sign of a high quality replica (as opposed to much of the cheap stuff you see for sale online usually). Take a look at the photos I have added below (sorry I forgot to remove the protective plastic but I just like to keep it on until I actually use the bag for the first time!) and let me know what you think of my purchase in the comments below.

A front shot of my new Artsy replica bag!

A shot of the tag on the inside of my bag as well as the lining which you can clearly see is authentic high quality suede here!

The bottom of my bag which includes the criss crossed sewing details and studs to help prevent the bottom from getting dirty (when I use it of course!)

Finally a top shot of the interior of the bag as well as the lovely braided handle.

The Complete Guide to Hermes Leathers

Who doesnt love the unique leather types and styles that Hermes has to offerAt times it can get a bit confusing as Hermes offers more variety of leathers than any other luxury brand. So in order to ease the headache, Ive created this complete guide to help you guys navigate and understand more about the types of leathers Hermes uses to build their legendary iconic bags.

Here we go


Made from smooth calf skin. Originally used for Hermes horse saddles. This leather type is both water and scratch resistant.


Made from calf leather which is smooth and glossy. More prone to getting scratched and scuffed up, however the technique of buffing can rejuvenate the leather to its original form. Frequently used in vintage models, and not rain friendly.


Made from water buffalo. This leather is soft, pebbled, and water resistant. May look spotted as a result of the dye gathering more towards the center of the pebbles.


A matte rendition of the box calf. This leather is smooth and shiny, but not water friendly.


Made from soft goat leather, which is light-weight and scratch resistant.


Much like the Chevre De Coromandel this leather is soft goat leather that is light and scratch resistant. The only difference is that the grains are more refined.


Made from the hides of baby bulls and is one of the most popular Hermes leathers. This leather is scratch resistant, heavy, soft, and not rain friendly. It also has a matte-like finish.


Classic suede leather. Keep away from moisture.


This leather is scratch resistant, durable, and lightweight. It is also easy to clean.

To be continued

Another Disappointed Customer From (Email Review)

Hey guys I got this email recently and wanted to share with everyone another disappointed customer from Pursevalley. They advertise everywhere so it is hard for people not to see them when buying replicas or thinking of buying replicas but the more we can spread the word about their shady business the better. Here is the email I received with photos to follow:

Dear pursequeen,

I have order from pursevalley 2 order one speedy 40 and another keypall 55. First the package took so long before they ship out. Second when package arrive was a mess damage broken. But I was ?took a picture before event sign the name to mail man. Package was wet and broken ripped all over I couldnt event identified if this was worst money almost $800. Then I get in to the phone right away call their customer service and notify them with photo and complain. Then I didnt event touch or open the package bjt I have send another email to customer service and told them however what should I do because package was bad and anxious to open it. They told me to go ahead to open it. I did but I actually have my sister taking photo as the same time of opend the package. ?After open the first package tthe item speedy monogram 40 I notice the hardwear look very cheap. The gold bass hardwear was none weight ?material itself very light no weight look like PVC not letter like They discript. Opening to chheck inside is worst more shoulder straps was misskng the keys lock was missing. I only got carecard in an envelope that all accessories I got. I have own authentic speedy and I know this was bad quality replica comparer to the price they charge. All hardwear gold bass was cheap cheap.Second package is keypall 55 after began open package the item was ok the letter and quality of material was exceptible the bass gold hardwear was exception and have much weight on it. But buy comparer between speedy hardwear totally different material side by side by far I can tell. Then start to open inside the item I was very mad cause all accessories that suppose to come with this luggage was missing. No shoulder straps no key lock but funny I got little box that first I was assuming will be the box for the key lock. Open it little box was empty only 2 keys no Lock key. No Name padlock card ?to attach with luggage. None of accessories didnt come with item. I only got care card and 2 keys but none lock key.After found your Blog and began to read the review comments I very upset cause I know I will never be able to return the item and I will lose my money. That was bad. Please help kmed lead to an honestly trust worst website replica LV purse that hight quality and very reputation small price and good quality.I have attach some photo to you as well. By the way please let me know what the best solution. And what your opinions of this 2 items.Thank you.Kate.