Replica Bags on IOFFER How NOT to Buy Replicas from Them!

Hi yall.

I received an email review from a lovely blog reader named Helen who had her first replica shopping experience on IOFFER and lets just say it didnt turn out pretty. Helen is a novice shopper and this was the first time she ever bought a fake or replica bag. At first she was impressed with her replicas when she got them even going as so far as to recommend IOFFER to other readers on the blog. But a few months in things started to fall apartliterally her bag and wallet turned out to be replica duds and Helen has some words of wisdom to share with her fellow replica shoppers (including you and I) out there! Here is what she had to say (with photos to follow):

I paid $50 for the bag and $10 for the wallet, in this case I got what I paid for.? This is the epitome of what a fake really looks like. Made out of cheap smelly material. I dont remember where I answered someones question about wanting help in finding a good site to buy a good quality LV bag and I answered by recommending ioffer. Big mistake I take back my recommendation in purchasing womens LV bags from this site. Im hoping the question was from your blog and if so I hope she reads this comment.

Helen followed up with a second email to send me photos and had this to add on:

Hi Angie,

I am going to start all over and send you 13 photos again because I dont know which ones you received and which ones you didnt and last time I did it through my phone but this time Im going to send it through my computer which will be better in sending photos.

I had bought several LV bags from ioffer but from 2 different sellers. The photos I am sending you the LV Metis and the double zipper wallet are both from seller: gagamall. I had also bought mens wallet and the set of 4 cosmetic bags from this seller but those werent too bad for the money spent. I had also bought another LV Neo bag from a different seller from ioffer but havent gotten that bag yet but from this experience not going to expect a good quality bag Ill let you know how it turns out as soon as I get it. Even though there are allot of different sellers on ioffer, I think they are all using the same stock photos from someplace other than their own photos. In other words the photos you see of all LV bags are fake on ioffer.

The photos speak for themselves so I am not going to comment on them, but the moral of the story here is be very wary when shopping on IOFFER and a low price replica = a low price replica; the quality will not be comparable to what a top quality or top tier replica bag is and in my opinion it is a waste of money to buy a bag that you know will fall apart so quickly just to save some money! If you have any reviews to share please email me at [email protected].

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