Prada Saffiano Replica Wallet Review

Hey guys its been a while since I have posted! I got super busy with work and life, but my purse and designer addiction never left me and I have been collecting more beauties (both real and fake) to add to my collection! Ill be sharing them all with you guys over the next little while and wanted to start with a wallet that I am completely in love with right now. I am a hot pink girl. I knowa lot of people are not into pink, but I embrace it. Especially during the fall and winter seasonsI think it really adds a nice color pop to an otherwise boring or neutral outfit (which is how I tend to dress when the weather is chillier).

A view from the front!

A shot from the backI missed the black speck on the wallet so it came through in the picture so dont mind it!

A shot from the sideyou can see the zipper lining and quality is very high as wellyou just have to know what to look for when shopping for a replica!

A closeup of the logo plate. I feel like the picture doesnt do it justice in terms of portraying its actual quality, and it definitely looks at lot better in person!

A super close-up of the saffiano leather and stitchingboth well done!

As you guys probably already know I have seen a lot of very very bad saffiano replicas out thereboth in terms of bags and walletsbut this wallet has all the check marks of a good replica Prada as it a) has the exact same leather standard (often a very big giveaway when it is poor); b) it is put together well (there is no point of paying top dollar for good leather when the manufacturers cant sew it together wellbut luckily this replicas manufacturer did); and finally c) the hardware is heavy and very close to the original/the same (this is another big giveaway as often times plastic-y hardware is used that has a weird shine to it and can be spotted a mile away).

The retail price of this wallet on the Prada estore is about $665 USD, and I snagged it for about $179killer savings right considering the quality is basically identical to the real deal

So what do you guys thinkLet me know in the comments below and I absolutely cannot wait to share the rest of my purchases with you guys in upcoming posts!

Ps. Since this is probably my last post before the XMAS celebrations, Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate!

Speak to you soon dolls!


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