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Your first concentration with a site usually would?be the ridiculous price. when this?comes to price ofen?refers to a high number. In this case it is the way too low! Okay?If somebody tells you they`re going to sell you a excellent?quality replica bag for $23 you might also?ask if they`ll throw in a stolen car for another fifty bucks. may be frank about the real value of their Coach imitation designer bags, but I would say that does not change the fact that they?are?no use.

About The Quality

The quality is in perfect balance with the priceterrible, entirely bad. I did not expect too much for?it . In fact I expected a nightmare, just have a look, that`s what I have got. I bought a rediculous Coach Madison Tote, belongs to which is a lovely bag in reality, and I have been on the hunt for one for a long while. When I found one here for 21 dollars I nearly fell over, and for the sake of the comment, I just ?went ahead with it,that is what I decided. Handbags Comment Handbags Comment


Frankly speaking, who really caresIf all the Coach imitation designer bags are $23, that means they are worth, but what$5Do you really care if there are 10 or 5000 bags whicht are worth $5Not just a?single one is about to be worth buying, unless you are willing?to buy a lot. They have pretty much all the possible kinds of items?which you can get in replica, from bags to clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry and wallets.That is true. Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

Please have a look.The logo was upside down,terrible mood.?How in the worldThe staff in the factory must have glued a hundred abd thousand of these on that day, So sad about this.

The canvas leather is really cheap, the leather not good,?the zipper was bent and flimsy, the inner is ugly, and with an upside down logo and a crappy signature Coach pattern, there is no way?to redeem this handbag,I must say.


Shipping came from China in a very odd?and mysterious parcel. It took two weeks for the?arrival. As for the shipping policy, there is not one! There is no text whatever on the site.

Return Policy

There is not one of it! Now that`s do not ever hear?of. On the site there is no claimed return policy, that?if the handbags were not only $23 would completely rule out all?purchase orders. It is not like you are taking a large?riskWhen I called and asked, the poor guy had terrible English, and he seemed to adcise?that yes, you could return a damaged bag, but how, he even can?not explain how tp return. He told me to send email.

Site Usability

The photos?of their Coach imitation designer bags are too small, and there`s only one picture for each bag, which makes it terribly?difficult to get the?sense of them. The headline and layout of the site is fine, butso lack of information, either in terms of the features of the bags is not complete, or the return and shipping policies is?not ?really reasonable.


They meant well, I assumebut that`s not good enough. The staff was an absolute headache to get a hold of and they barely understood anything I was saying. I am honestly not the kind of person that feels it is ok to slack someone simply because they`re not a native English speaker, but when it comes to customer service world wide, it is absolutely essential that you be able to communicate. If you`re going to receive credit card payments especially, it is not a question.

This is My Humble Conclusion

The ?reason I would notice?somebody?is going?to purchase?one of these bags is that if they were having a large costume quantity and everybody wanted to dress like a candy store . You could get all decked out in the clothes, watches, bags, wallets, shoes, sunglasses, head to toe in bad?quality replica and have a fun?time. If you plan to?taking your purchase serious.


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