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I was very super excited when this lovely woman from England contacted me last week asking if she could send me her comment of the Mulberry Alexa Clutch bag she bought from Do not get me wrong I love to rattle on but there is nothing I love more than when someone else does the talking for once! Here is what she had to say:

I wanted to speak up about the Mulberry Alexa Clutch bag because, A) it is totally, amazingly, fabulous, and B) nobody ever says much about Mulberry, which I think is a shame (being a Brit for one!). But really, Mulberry is totally on top of things. There is just no one like them. They have amazing designs. I dont like much of the crazy colours and logos and tassels, and tricks that you see on so many designer bags lately-too busy! That is why I totally appreciate Mulberry.

So, first thing: the replica Alexa bag is incredible. This is the first time I bought from this site, but its totally not the first replica purse Ive bought.i have got loads. I am so impressed by the leather. Ive been several times into the Mulberry store in London and theres really no reason why you couldnt stick this bag on the shelf in there and sell it for a grand. Really!

I was waiting for this handbag forever because I read all about the origin, how Alexa Chung carried an old mens briefcase style Mulberry bag, and the designer saw it and based a womens handbag on the old mens messenger style, then named it after Alexa. I really adore Alexas items, so I knew this bag was going to be for me. Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

Anyway, I ramble~~~I got the clutch version because I do not have enough clutches and I am so glad I did, though now I just want the larger shoulder bag too! The leather is fabulous. All the zippers and metals and the logos as well are all perfect. I love the canvas on the inside and it even has the little Mulberry trees in the exact good as the real one, is it Handbags Comment Handbags Comment


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